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    by Published on 20 October 16 22:42

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    Action stations!

    Black Widow Company’s Vanguard Regiment is proud to host epic operation “Britannia Rule The Waves”, celebrating the introduction of the British Royal Navy Fleet cruiser line in World of Warships. The epic operation will start this
    Friday at 17:00 and will end on Sunday midnight.

    BWC members who have added World of Warships on their jacket and who play during the weekend-long operation will earn bragging rights and a shiny new ribbon to add to your collection. We will be focusing on grouping up in divisions, helping new players get accustomed to the game mechanics and providing support to grind up any ship line in the tech tree.

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    by Published on 19 October 16 21:47

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    Greetings MechWarriors, the Huntsman is now en-route to the MechBays of eligible MechWarriors. While the Huntsman traveled a circuitous route to creation, it has amply filled the original vision that inspired its design. Its excellent balance of speed, armor, and firepower has made the Huntsman a highly-regarded and extremely potent Medium OmniMech, prized for its flexibility against a wide range of opponents and battlefield conditions.

    In addition, Terra Therma is the latest map to undergo a design and beautification pass. The changes to Terra Therma are significant; while the name remains, Terra Therma is almost entirely a new map and experience. The content featured as part of the 2016 Appreciation Program is releasing in this patch to all eligible MechWarriors. PGI's art team also continues their work on Pattern retrofits for the remaining 'Mechs without full Pattern Support. In this patch all variants of the Blackjack, Firestarter, Highlander, JagerMech, Quickdraw, and Victor 'Mechs now have full Pattern support. Rounding out the patch we have a comprehensive optimization pass for connecting, loading, and performing actions within MechLab, an array of new Cockpit Items for purchase, a set of 23 new Decals with which to customize your 'Mechs, and much more. You can read the full patch notes

    Looking ahead to December the dev team continues to work on bringing you the long-awaited revamp of the Assault Game Mode, a brand new Quick Play game mode, new features for Faction Play, a ground-up rework of the Skill Tree system, and more.

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    ACTION: PGI is having a "Haunted and Hunted" long event for MWO in-game, packed with challenges and prizes to celebrate the release of the Huntsman and the approach to Halloween!

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