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    by Published on 31 January 15 21:30

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    PAO is pleased to bring you the very first N4U (News For You) piece on the front page. The hope of every N4U article will be to provide brief announcements, updates, FYIs, and/or reminders that educate and engage the BWC community.

    BWC is first and foremost a gaming Company. We have a proven history of teamwork and leadership. The activities and successes of our gaming regiments are obvious, but what might not be obvious, especially to newer members, are the tireless efforts of our -- at times -- understaffed, yet never wavering, BWC Staff.

    Today's inaugural N4U article celebrates the ongoing efforts of the BWC Staff in ORDO, PAO, S-1, and S-6. Ever supporting the BWC community, our staff shops are always working to strengthen the structure of Black Widow Company.

    PAO: Public Affairs Office

    • PAO is Recruiting! Check out the announcement HERE.
    • Regular and relevant content (like this article) is coming to a Front Page near you! Be sure to always check/read our "Home Page" as well as the BWC ALCON for the latest article/announcement. Instead of bookmarking the forums, bookmark the home page! Contact the PAO Services Officer, Gyun, for all of your front page article development and scheduling needs.
    • A new streaming handbook is in the works.
    • A PAO Handbook is being written.
    • Sexy new artwork has been rolled out for not one, not two, but three new rank structures.
    • PAO is seeking footage (from our streamers) in order to create some new videos to drive interest and recruitment in BWC.

    S-1: Administration

    • Great News! With the recent changes to both OpServ and the S-1 Chain of Command and with the filling of the last Adjutant billet (for now), S-1 is once again a fully operational battle station!
    • We have been finishing the implementation, on the S-1 side, of new training operation procedures in OpServ. For example, procedures went into place early January that allow the tracking of attendees at trainings -- those who passed, failed and observed. Updated procedures allow trainer to create operations for trainings which they are specifically qualified to lead and they now allow S-1 C&S to quickly see who can teach what in OpServ.
    • Leave of Absence (LOA) Post Changes have been implemented. Read the details HERE.
    • A new coding system has been written for the Recruiter's Office to help recruits and recruiters know "at a glance" the status of an application.
    • A great deal of effort over the past months has been devoted to the re-writing and now implementation of the new OpServ training class! Be sure to check out the BWC-All operations in OpServand join us!
    • We moved the usually outdated Decorations forum sticky post from the Orderly Room into a new interactive (and as up-to-date as you can find) part of OpServ (click the "Decorations" tab!).
    • We helped S-6 implement the new rank system.
    • We worked with S-6 to change the way billets (specifically their permissions) work to make transitions easier and a tad less painful.
    • Always busy investigating and cleaning up invalid operations.

    "Our evil S-1 minions are hard at work making sure your meta-game and other OpServ-related experiences are as pleasant as possible. We always welcome feedback, so stop by the forums and let us know if there's anything we can do for ya!" - Mischief

    S-6: Information Technology

    • S-6 is recruiting! We are looking for 1 or 2 Adjutants who can help Arisaema address forum requests. Please speak with Avaleon or Necrophyte if you are interested in helping.
    • We will be having an "Open House" S-Shop meeting in early/mid February. Check BWC-All Operations for the exact day/time.
    • We'er working on an amazing new Black Widow Company Wiki (the-bwc.com/wiki) which is currently unavailable to general access. Right now, we are integrating OpServ permissions into the Wiki.
    • There are always ongoing customization and tweaks being done to OpServ to provide better functionality, especially by making daily routines easier.
    • We are adding more features to the BWC forum Calendar(which is currently disabled). This idea started originally as a test, but it is now seeing some implementation.
    • OpServ will soon be mobile accessible/friendly. This enhancement will occur once OpServ has most of its new features online and working properly.

    ORDO: Outreach & Resource Deployment Office

    • ORDO does the donations tracking and financial reporting for BWC.
    • Go HERE yo see the financial report for BWC from October 2014 through December 2014
    • ORDO does what ORDO does.

    The recent and ongoing hard work of these vital elements in our Company help fuel the BWC war machine, so if you see an s-shop, PAO, or ORDO member, know that they're keeping the lights on, and consider joining their volunteer efforts yourself.

    One Team One Fight!
    by Published on 23 January 15 19:00

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    PlanetSide 2: Enlist and Engage

    The PlanetSide 2 (PS2) regiment offers both new and long-time BWC members an opportunity for some organized and intense gaming fun. The regiment fights for the Republic on the east coast server of Emerald.

    Everyone in the PlanetSide 2 regiment is always willing to help existing/new players improve their skills as well as their enjoyment of the game. Like all regiments in BWC, the PS2 regiment strives to be an open and welcoming group who teach what they know. Some players specialize in certain areas so they will be better able to help others in those areas. As you play, if you need guidance, don't hesitate to ask for help. If present, someone with the requisite knowledge will certainly step up to assist.

    There are many ways to be involved in PS2: (See details below)

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