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    by Published on 17 November 15 13:00

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    Calling all Black Widow Company (BWC) Tankers!

    A new chapter is upon the Vanguard [VAN] Regiment's World of Tanks Platoon! You are invited to join!

    On Friday, November 20, 2015 at 19:00 there will be a World of Tanks (WoT) All-Hands Meeting. At the meeting, detailed information will be shared about upcoming developments regarding the WoT Platoon. There will be an in depth discussion about Strongholds and Clan Wars along with a quick Q&A session with the WoT Platoon & Wargaming Battalion C&S. This will be an important meeting and all BWC tankers, hence the "All-Hands Meeting" title, are being asked to attend.

    New training courses and new awards are among the new developments and changes that are incoming. (Continue reading...)

    by Published on 12 November 15 17:00

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    The ARMA 3 Regiment, thanks to the continued development and implementation efforts of Phalanx, as well as the success of Season 1, will be launching Season 2 of its Fireteam tournament on November 14th @ 18:00 EST and November 15th @ 15:00 EST. See the OpServ events DAY ONE and DAY TWO.

    What is Fireteam? Fireteam is a team-based tournament where a 4 person team competes against increasingly desperate odds. When the carnage clears and the dust settles after the final scenario, the best team of operators in the regiment will be revealed.

    Do you think you're worthy? Prove it!

    Players will be able to create their own fireteam of 4 players OR join an existing fireteam if there is an open team seeking members. Be sure to ask around on the forum, in PMs and on TeamSpeak.

    If you would like to create a fireteam, then one member of your team needs to reply to this topic
    HERE with the following:

    • The name of your Fireteam**.
    • The names of every member of your Fireteam.
    • Confirm that they have responded to the event on OpServ.

    NOTE: The name of the Fireteam must be suitable for streaming in accordance with the BWC SOP.

    In order to participate on a fireteam, all players need to have ARMA 3 listed on their jacket, so they can see and register for posted FIRETEAM operations -- an easy check box in OpServ. You do not need to join the A3 regiment.

    All fireteam formation, recruitment, organization, and practice must be done before the tournament begins. This allows the team time to practice and work together. (Continue Reading...)

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