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    by Published on 17 August 15 12:30

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    Welcome back to Black Widow Racing in Star Citizen!

    Over the next several week, starting
    Saturday, August 22nd, the second alpha phase of Black Widow Company's (BWC) Black Widow Cup racing challenge will begin around the Old Vanderval race track
    (course one). Participants and spectators alike agree that the Black Widow Cup is the premier racing challenge in this quadrant.

    The Black Widow Cup racing challenge is where the excitement of Star Citizen racing, the truest spirit of competition, and the pursuit of gaming excellence in BWC shifts into its highest gear! All Black Widow Company members, especially Star Citizen primaries, are invited and encouraged to embrace the excitement of the race track and increase their skills as a pilot!

    Alpha Season Two of the Black Widow Cup will be approximately FIVE weeks long. Here is the schedule:

    • Week One - 12:00 Aug 22 - 11:59 Aug 29
    • Week Two - 12:00 Aug 29 - 11:59 Sept 05
    • Week Three - 12:00 Sept 05 - 11:59 Sept 12
    • Week Four - 12:00 Sept 12 - 11:59 Sept 19
    • Week Five - 12:00 Sept 19 - 11:59 Sept 26

    Operations, held by SC C&S and designated operation leaders, will last approximately one hour and be scheduled at approximately the same time each week. Pilots may compete in multiple operations flying in difference classes. If a pilot competes in multiple operations, only a single time/results from one class (their declared class) should be submitted for points. In each operation there will be some time to warm up, race the classes present, then execute some additional races or other game modes (as decided by operation leader) as time permits.

    By participating in the Black Widow Cup, BWC members and pilots will be able to increase their flight capabilities as they prove their mettle against other pilots. It's all about the points! (Read more below)

    by Published on 10 August 15 07:00

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    Black Widow Company's (BWC) Arma 3 Regiment began a new campaign in July called: Operation Occupational Hazard
    [OOH]. Learn more about the story and see (watch) the OOH update below.

    OOH Campaign Story

    In January 2014 the peace of the Afghanistan was shattered as the local tribes began to defy their national government due to a decade long issues concerning tribal rights and poor representation. The spark that set off the recent violence occurred when police forces shot and killed a local tribal leader in the Kandahar Province while forcefully gathering tax income.

    Immediate uprisings followed and within the month the national government was practically disassembled and all organized trade with the country ceased. Multiple powers began vying for control of the nation and the situation worsened -- famine and unrest are widespread. Villages and cities are subject to bandits and local insurgents. The United Nations (UN) decided to engage in some humanitarian efforts by deploying a peacekeeping force of about 2,000 but they were immediately withdrawn due to to guerrilla attacks. Then, the world watches on in horror as UN personnel and civilians are executed. These include an American Journalist and a British World Corporation News Crew.

    A world summit is held and Joint Task Force (JTF) 'Arrow' is created and comprised of 6,000 US Troops, 3,000 British Troops, and 2,000 German Forces. The JTF creates Operation Occupational Hazard. The goal of OOH is to stabilize the region and re-establish a national government within 3 months. It fails. (Continue Reading...)


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