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    by Published on 26 May 16 14:00

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    After almost 100 days in various hospitals, Bonita Springs, Florida’s (and Black Widow Company’s) Jake "Rath" Booth is set to return home in less than 24 hours.

    Booth, a 35-year-old Army vet, former sheriff’s deputy and Star Citizen primary, was placed into a 42-day medically-induced coma in February after a bout of bronchitis turned into a life-threatening double pneumonia. After several weeks, experts recommended that Jake be removed from life support, but after being transferred to an acute care facility in Fort Myers at his wife Jasmine’s request for one last chance, Booth miraculously awoke less than two days later on April 3rd.

    And this is where the story goes viral. After recognizing his wife and two young children, Jake in true gamer fashion requested Taco Bell. Posted on Reddit by his friends, the story went viral and has resulted in continuing coverage of his plight (and culinary desires) not only in his home state but globally. Playboy, USA Today, the New York Daily News, Inside Edition, Fox News, Time Magazine, The New York Post, The Telegraph and many more have covered the story. The Wake the Jake GoFundMe has topped $16,000 of its $50,000 goal. An early May video of Jake eating Taco Bell has more than two million views. And of course Taco Bell, in a fit of excitement probably not seen at their Headquarters since the movie Demolition Man was released, not only has gotten behind Jake in all sorts of ways but just this week delivered a package with 102 individually written wishes for a complete recovery from Taco Bell corporate employees.

    BWC will continue to update you on this story as milestones appear, but we'd encourage you to keep an eye on the Wake the Jake website, Facebook page and, if so inclined, to help out Jake and his family via their GoFundMe page as they have a long and expensive road left to travel.

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your wonderful family, Rath! One Team, One Fight!
    by Published on 23 May 16 23:00

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    Hello and welcome to another edition of IronHide's Gametime -- Rainbow Six: Siege edition. The following are some of my thoughts about the game, how to play, and what makes it fun.

    RainbowSix: Siege is a game about tactical Breach and Clear game play on both Attack and Defenders sides. There are three possible objective type game modes:
    hostage rescue, bomb defusal, or securing a biocanister. Players will be going into these 5 v 5 missions as either an Attacker or Defender. The attackers objective is to breach and secure the objective or eliminate the defenders. Attackers can equip bulletproof shields, assault rifles, and breaching charges to assist them in getting the job done. Defenders are not without their own assets. Defenders can bring explosives, Smg's and wall reinforcements. There are many unique characters coming from a range of nation's special forces.

    Operators hail from USA SWAT, French GIGN, German GSG 9, Russian Spetsnaz, and British SAS. Additional DLC Operators come from Canada's JTF2 with more on the way. Each operator brings their own unique abilities to the table. For the Attacker side one of my favorite operators is Montagne, a French GIGN operator with a bulletproof shield that can expand to provide cover to your team mates.

    On the Defenders side I recommend Castle, a FBI SWAT operator that can make three doors or windows bullet proof making it more difficult for Attackers to breach. Other very good operators are Thermite, an attacking SWAT operator who can breach through even reinforced walls and can equip grenades or additional breaching charges. Another of my favorite defenders is the French GIGN Operator Rook who lays out protective body armor for his team to use.


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