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    by Published on 29 August 16 22:06

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    Charge forth Champions of BWC, for now is the time to drive the Burning Legion back into the nether once and for all!

    With the official launch of Legion today, our WoW regiment has started the second of our dual Legion
    Epic Operations. From Aug 30th to Sep 5th, all combat units will take the offensive and cleanse the Broken Isles. To accomplish this, Regimental C&S has designated the mission plan to include afternoon leveling Ops and prime time dungeon clearing Ops.


    BWC has an established in-game guild as part of the Horde faction on the Kil'Jaeden server. Our C&S heavily promote both hardcore and casual raid progression, ardent PvP action and casual fun operations that encourage participation.
    Interested in joining or have questions? Be sure to check out the WoW forum HERE and look for WoW C&S in TS. See you in the game!


    World of Warcraft is a fully supported regiment and offers all BWC members many great opportunities for increased gaming, team building and event participation. Attend a WoW operation, training, and/or FTX and earn credit in the 2016 "One Team One Fight" (OTOF) Campaign. Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.


    by Published on 23 August 16 17:00

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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege (R6)

    I picked up a Uplay Key for R6 and for the Season Pass a few days ago on Gamesplanet.com. (Remember to always add ?ref=bwc at the end of those purchases!). I have been intrigued by the game since Ironhide wrote a Gametime review in May, 2016 about it HERE on the BWC front page. Since then, Sujitsu has been seeking R6 become a supported game. You can add your support to those efforts and learn a little more about the game HERE. You also can check in and team up with other BWC members on Uplay by locating their account name HERE on Tarak's Google doc. R6 is currently a featured game for our Stream Team.

    With all that said, I have played through most of the opening Situations trying to learn the game. Let me tell you, since these games are not really my forte, the AI can be a bit tough even on NORMAL mode (My twitch skills are rusty, dammit!). Each of the situations take you through Operators and their skills, using different weapons and tactics. We are talking hostage rescue, defending objectives, and eliminating targets by sniper, breach, and other methods. I streamed a few of the Situations and my valiant (and often repeated) attempt to clear them. I seem to not be able to complete these, most of the time, with my health above 50 which is a points earning feat. I am sure some rinse repeat would allow me to do so. For now, I have tried to breeze through them to simply check out the game.

    So far, I love the game. The graphics, movement, and obvious needed tactics are amazing. Below you can see my final 30 minutes of efforts to clear the Situation "No Intel." I still have two Situations to clear, so I'll do that (maybe redo a couple) and be back streaming with some group action in a couple days. You can find my "No Intel" video below or on BWC Broadcasting (Be sure to subscribe!). The first hour of streaming with other Situations, before a sever disconnect, is view-able on Twitch. [Continue Reading...]


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    ARTICLE: Check out the first Stream Team review of Tom's Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Join the Stream Team! Play games. Have fun! Help promote Black Widow Company!

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    ARTICLE: Rally champions, for the time of reckoning is now! The Burning Legion has come to destroy us all. Join the WoW regiment in dual EPIC operations starting August 23.

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    ARTICLE: The Noble Battalion of the VAN regiment invites you to attend a World of Warships EPIC operation [8/19 - 8/21] celebrating the release of German Battleships. Action Stations!

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