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    Star Citizen


    January 17, 2013

    Star Citizen (SC) has been in development for over 3 years. You may remember those earlier development days in the winter of 2013 when the stretch goal of $7.5 million was approaching and $100+ million seemed impossible. Can you remember that? If you are a more recent convert to Star Citizen, can you imagine it? The 2.1 Alpha patch to the LIVE servers has infused new excitement into the game once again with more content for the PU and more ships that are hangar and/or combat ready.

    2015 was certainly a big year for Star Citizen with many anticipated thresholds surpassed very recently. Before we look at a few of those most recent accomplishments and consider the exciting things which are yet to come in 2016, let's wander back three years to this day in Star Citizen development history. Doing so will allow us to appreciate how far everything has developed and it will remind us of the great things that were being shared then. (Continue Reading...)

    by Published on 12 December 15 10:30

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    Join the 2016 One Team One Fight Campaign!

    One Team One Fight (OTOF) Campaign is an annual BWC campaign that begins each year with Veteran's Day. Meaning: previous campaigns end on the 10th of November every year and the new OTOF Campaign starts on the 11th of November. This year BWC hosted a Legendary Operation (LegOp) to honor Veteran's Day/Veterans and celebrate the crossover of OTOF campaigns. 2016's campaign has started!

    The OTOF Campaign seeks to provide an incentive and reward for BWC members to expand outside of their primary game and play/lead different BWC supported games through trainings, FTXs and operations. All BWC members are eligible for the campaign! All you have to do is stay active in your primary game AND expand your gaming enjoyment to other BWC supported games. In doing so, you will earn some highly coveted honors. See details below.

    Playing new games with new people helps to build the BWC team!

    For the OTOF Campaign, each award level is progressively worth more points. A BWC member who earns the highest award badge will have earned a total of 250 promotion points during the annual campaign. There are different participation ribbons/badges awarded for each year. The first two levels of the OTOF awards are ribbons and the second two levels are badges. See below for more award information.


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