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    by Published on 23 April 15 22:30

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    This weekend is Black Widow Company's 12th Anniversary Birthday Bash (and Raffle!)!

    BWC 12th Anniversary Birthday Bash is a Legendary Operation designed to help raise money for the BWC Operating Fund. During the LegOp, BWC members will prove their gaming excellence across several games. There will be some fabulous prizes given away. And there will be a great amount of hilarity and camaraderie. Surely, every BWC member is committed to keeping the lights on at the BWC HQ. We want to keep the forums well-hosted, the TeamSpeak tricked out and our servers running strong. All of this is made possible by the generosity of our members.

    by Published on 16 April 15 21:00

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    What is Operation Helping Hands?

    Operation Helping Hands(OHH) is an opportunity and avenue for BWC members to help other BWC members. OHH’s mission is to lend assistance to BWC members who have had or are facing a sudden, unwanted, catastrophic hardware failure. OHH also desires to assists BWC members who are not in a financial position to acquire needed computer hardware to continue playing the games we all love.

    OHH is seeking donations of recent-generation/gently used computer hardware. These may be parts and pieces you no longer use or need that are collecting dust or boxed away in a closet. They might be exactly what another BWC member requires to get back into gaming. Are you interested in making a donation or have additional questions? Ketheptis is your point of contact.

    Basic Hardware Donation Guidelines

    • GPU: NVIDIA 600 series or better, AMD 7000 series or better
    • CPU: Intel i5/i7 2000 series or better, AMD FX 8320 or better
    • RAM: DDR3 1600 or faster
    • Mobo: Case by case
    • Case/Fans/Accessories: Case by case

    Based on need and circumstance, donations of new hardware purchases and/or cash donations are also welcome. Make contact with Ketheptis to ensure proper coordination of your new hardware/cash donations. We want to make sure it accurately matches a need and benefits a BWC member.


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