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    by Published on 26 July 16 15:00

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    ARK Boss Battles - The Broodmother + Megapithecus

    On Saturday, August 6th at 20:00 EDT, a new threat will awaken. Survivors from all walks of life are encouraged to group up to take on the greatest threat yet. Join us on BlackWell Initiative for our first boss battle(s): The Broodmother and Megapithecus.

    ARK is home to gorgeous scenery and deadly animals. Come and experience both. Prepare NOW, join BWC to learn and level. Have fun and get ready for battle!

    Steeped in mysterious lore, the Broodmother is the first and original boss. Few have tried to take her on; fewer still have survived the encounter. Minions of scorpions and spiders obey her every beck and call. Danger lurks around every corner.

    Joining The Broodmother in the arena will be another boss, the Megapithecus, the largest gorilla ever seen, putting even King Kong to shame. With him he brings angry hordes of hungry monkeys and damn, dirty apes, hell-bent on bringing ruin and destruction to any survivor who dares challenge the behemoth.

    Will you answer the call?

    In honor of the impending battle, experience rates will be boosted for the week immediately before the boss battle on the BlackWell Initiative server. Please, see one of our ARK admins (
    Baron, Elddric, SargentoCh3s3, Tarlo, and Nerzul007) for server info and password.

    Only the strong will survive!

    Sign up on OpServ HERE.
    by Published on 12 July 16 09:00

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    Armored Warfare (AW) is hosting its first internal tournament -- an EPIC Operation for all BWC members!

    The team running AW here in BWC has some words and information they'd like to share with you below.

    We are excited to host this EPIC Tournament that starts on 2016-07-21 and ends 2016-07-31. You will be competing against other BWC members in this up and coming tank shooter supported by Vanguard. It doesn't matter if you have never played the game, played a small amount, or are a hardcore Armored Warfare Fanatic. The tournament have been designed with all of this in mind and the tournament has three divisions based around actual game experience. This means that you can download the game and be able to compete in the tournament as soon as you have completed the in-game tutorial.

    In the tournament you will compete as an individual against the other BWC members that have signed up for the same division that you have. The fighting environment will be against AI opponents in the game's cooperative mode. You compete by getting the highest base reputation which is based on your actions during each PvE battle. It is highly encouraged that you form a platoon (in-game group) with other BWC members that are competing in the same division as you since working together as a team significantly increases your chances of surviving.

    You can view up to date tournament details about rules and awards HERE.

    So what is Armored Warfare?

    Armored Warfare is a Tank Shooter that focuses on tank battles between modern era tanks. It features two game modes, Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE). Each of these comes with different challenges, yet share some basic characteristics such as Situational Awareness, Accuracy and target prioritization as well as the need for working together as a team. These shared game mechanics might look very basic at first, but they provide a refreshing depth to the game when you discover the finer points of its mechanics, making this a very fun game to get into.

    Here is what a few of our seasoned Armored Warfare veterans have to say about the game: (Continued Reading...)

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    ARTICLE: ARK players will be embarking on a couple BOSS BATTLES on August 6. Only the strong survive. Join them!

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    ARTICLE: BWC Armored Warfare is hosting a week long EPIC PvE Tournament, starting July 21, open to ALL members. Get signed up!

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