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    by Published on 22 September 14 17:54

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    We've gone on for months now about how excited we were to be sponsoring 25 WWII and Korean War veterans and their guardians and medical support staff for an Honor Flight. We've shouted from gamer rooftops how proud we were that one of our own, Brent "Russolini" Russell, had volunteered to be a guardian on this flight. People traveled from Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and the frozen wastelands of Canada to be here. We arranged hotels, cookouts, lasagna making, trips to the Smithsonian, wrangled all the moving parts, all anticipating a truly Legendary event.

    And it was.

    The day spent with these heroes was amazing and made a lasting impression on both them and the BWC members in attendance. The reactions to the various memorials and to the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery was staggering in its impact. The stories they told us, the moments of intense personal terror, pain and joy they shared with us, all combined to make the time spent in the company of these amazing men and women priceless and something we'll remember forever. Our partnership with the Conyers Honor Flight Hub has been strengthened into a solid and lasting friendship and our goal of sponsoring another flight established as a result.

    While some of us were running around DC, you were here. Supporting this event by engaging in the themed Ops BWC Regiments set-up to commemorate this accomplishment by BWC. Make no mistake, this was a significant accomplishment. We sponsored 100% of the cost for every single hero on this flight. All of them, plus their guardians and support staff. Possible because of the generous nature of our industry partners and the strength of character this community represents to industry and to other gaming outfits.

    Every single member of BWC should take pride and ownership in what we accomplished with this Honor Flight. We provided men and women with their last and only chance to see the depth to which their nation has honored their service, and we also provided a reminder to them as people, as human beings, that we will never forget, never neglect and never diminish the heroic accomplishments of the past that allow us to live free today.

    You did this.

    I don't have the words to put how proud I am to be a member of BWC and how proud I am of each and every one of you into perspective here. It makes every scrap of Internet drama we deal with pale by comparison and truly insignificant in the face of what we accomplish when we embrace One Team, One Fight both in and out of the games we play.

    Bravo Zulu.

    Thank you all for making BWC the outstanding community it is each and every day.

    by Published on 08 September 14 12:26

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    Thank you to all who participated, who watched and donated, and who were involved in the planning of the Labor Day is Child's Play Epic Operation! This op was a HUGE success. Our coordination with the Angry Joe Army, AoD and our many other allies resulted in some great numbers in our AO's, Leader Chats, and Stream! We had well over 100 viewers for a significant portion of Friday's main events, and our total collected donations reached over $1700!

    The full donation has now been made to the Child's Play Charity. I would like to thank each and every community member who was able to participate, either live or otherwise.

    The Black Widow Company brought together the majority of outfits in the Emerald TR; between the thousands of AoD/AJA members and the BattleGroup Emerald Allliance, we were able to control the battlefield to an unprecedented level. We chose great fights, and we went up against some of the most numerous and tough opponents the server has to offer. Times got a little tough when we were up against both enemy factions, but when we applied our forces, we tended to prevail. Throughout both nights of gaming, we pushed lanes, fought in fantastic battles, and had a blast.

    PS2 Regimental Team is extremely happy with the results of the operation, and we can't wait to see you all for the next one!


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