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    by Published on 26 February 15 20:00

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    Attention Tankers!

    Itís been a little over a month since World of Tanks (WoT) became a semi-supported game under the Vanguard [VAN] Regiment in Black Widow Company (BWC) and things look promising.

    World of Tanks Trainings (BTI-1 and BTI-2) are typically offered on Saturdays at approximately 15:00 OpServ time. A description of the current WoT trainings can be found HERE in the Master Training Guide. WoT Operations occur during both EUR and US prime times during the week and weekend. Be sure to put WoT and your jacket and check OpServ to join the next training and/or operation.

    by Published on 13 February 15 22:00

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    The Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) regiment is launching their next Cartel Assault Campaign (CAC) in Galactic Starfighter (GSF)!

    Galactic Starfighter (GSF)
    is a unique game mode in SWTOR where players enter into an arena style combat area (IN SPACE!!!) and fight over objectives to the last pilot. The exciting thing about GSF, especially for new players, is that your character's levels, gear, and class from the ground game do not matter -- only your skills with a starship. GSF gameplay is simple enough to jump right into and play, while still being more complicated than other similarly styled games such as Star Conflict. Even if youíve never played SWTOR or GSF before, this new campaign will make you an ace in very little time!


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