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    by Published on 18 May 15 09:00

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    The War of Sahrani Unification (WOSU) Campaign

    The WOSU Campaign took place during the start of a civil war between "The Kingdom of South Sahrani" and the "Democratic Republic of North Sahrani." The time period for the campaign was set in the mid-2000s. The US had already been involved in the area in a military advisement capacity as well as providing air recon patrols over the Kingdom of South Sahrani. The US increased their involvement by providing additional ground forces and other assets to help prevent the DRS from taking the country though bloody and forceful conflict. Due to the tension throughout the country, insurgents also took up arms adding to the turmoil in the region and dangers faced by US soldiers.

    The WOSU Campaign began with a 3 day Epic Operation on February 6-8, 2015. The campaign was fought through out the Sahrani Archipelago which included SMD Sahrani, Panthera, and Stratis maps. Black Widow Company's (BWC) Arma 3 Regiment, allied with the Kingdom of South Sahrani, fought in this campaign as the United States military.

    The WOSU Campaign Concludes

    The WOSU campaign ushered in some important changes and surprising challenges for the A3 Regiment. (Read more below)


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