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    by Published on 08 September 14 12:26

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    Thank you to all who participated, who watched and donated, and who were involved in the planning of the Labor Day is Child's Play Epic Operation! This op was a HUGE success. Our coordination with the Angry Joe Army, AoD and our many other allies resulted in some great numbers in our AO's, Leader Chats, and Stream! We had well over 100 viewers for a significant portion of Friday's main events, and our total collected donations reached over $1700!

    The full donation has now been made to the Child's Play Charity. I would like to thank each and every community member who was able to participate, either live or otherwise.

    The Black Widow Company brought together the majority of outfits in the Emerald TR; between the thousands of AoD/AJA members and the BattleGroup Emerald Allliance, we were able to control the battlefield to an unprecedented level. We chose great fights, and we went up against some of the most numerous and tough opponents the server has to offer. Times got a little tough when we were up against both enemy factions, but when we applied our forces, we tended to prevail. Throughout both nights of gaming, we pushed lanes, fought in fantastic battles, and had a blast.

    PS2 Regimental Team is extremely happy with the results of the operation, and we can't wait to see you all for the next one!

    by Published on 03 September 14 09:57

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    The History of The Black Widow Company and Secondary Games

    Since its formation, the Black Widow Company has had one mission: Excellence in Gaming. That motto has carried us from a few friends banding together to an outfit of over 1,000 active members. The Black Widow Company has become a leader not only in the communities of our primary games but in the gaming industry as a whole. Our activities include PAX Panels, helping developers with promotional videos, collaborating on charity drives, and other community outreach programs. Black Widow Company is always at the forefront of gaming.

    As our community grew, it became apparent that a process was needed to find “The Next Big Thing” for our members and to unify all of the smaller communities within the Black Widow Company that play games that are not part of our primary games group. The S-4 Games Development Shop was created to run this process.The mission of S-4 was simple: set up a junior leadership team for smaller games and build a process through which those games could become primary games for Black Widow Company. Some of these initial games were League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, Battlefield 4, and War Thunder.

    The S-4 Shop proved a success, giving players of these less-represented games within the Black Widow Company a banner to rally around and access to resources like dedicated TeamSpeak channels, forum space, and leadership support. With the early success of the S-4 Shop, however, came some challenges. ...

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