As every MechWarrior in the ‘Sphere knows, the last few patches have been real game changers, and the boat’s not done rocking yet. LRMs are the new flavor of the month, turrets have been deployed and tweaked, and as always, new shiny toys have arrived to play with … sort of. So what does “sort of” mean here? It means a couple of things.

First, the Wolverine was released for C-Bills, which was the last of the Saber ‘mechs. It’s been around for a couple months already, but only in the hands of those who pre-ordered them. It’s also an old Star League ‘mech, dating back as far as 2575 (current era is the 3050′s), hence the “sort of new.”

The Wolverine is the fourth ‘mech weighing in at 55 tons, making it a peer to the Kintaro, Shadow Hawk, and Griffin. Its hardpoints are generally a good mix of missile and energy, with one variant offering some ballistics as well. (more…)


It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed an MMORPG as much as Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. The revamped version of the original FFXIV doesn’t try to seduce you with one-off modifications to tried-and-true game systems. It doesn’t tweak gameplay just so it can claim to be different from one of the MMO juggernauts. FFXIV rekindles your excitement for Final Fantasy games and reminds you why you love MMORPGs.

Visually, the game is superb. There aren’t any angsty glam-rock teenagers here – well, maybe if you use the expanded customization options. And like past Final Fantasy games, FF14 relies more on skillful artwork and less on Crysis-beating technology to get it’s visual point across. The result is a game that can handle dozens of detailed player models, spell effects, and creatures at once. Some systems may chug like a frat party, but for the most part, the game runs very solidly given the scope of its graphics. (more…)


Trailing behind the news of the Idris Corvette changes, as we wait with baited breath for the dogfighting module set to come out next month, we have a reminder about our Play it Forward initiative (under our Play To Give Back™ philanthropy brand).

As Play It Forward was never intended to be a permanent arrangement, it will be shutting down 01APR14. So, if you still meet the following criteria:

–You have been with BWC for three months minimum.
–You are a Private or higher in rank.
–You are in good standing with the outfit (no strikes).
–You have Star Citizen in your jacket.
–You do not already have a ship pledged.
–You have financial need.

You will still be eligible for consideration of what ships we have available until the 01APR deadline. None of the ships have LTI or Alpha/Beta access, but if you are in need of a ship to play with us at launch, we may be able to help. Inquire with the Finance Office OIC, Trouble, for further details.


Currently, BWC is participating in the MRBC tournament. This is a new tournament in MWO, set up in a format that simulates mercenary contracts for its matches. But let’s back up for a second. What the heck does “MRBC” stand for? Well, the MRBC is the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, an organization in Battletech lore that oversees contracting, ethics, and judicial arbitration of Mercenary units for the entire inner sphere.

Headquartered on the planet Outreach, prospective Mercenaries can register new units with them, recruit members there, and take on contracts. So how does this organization from lore apply to the MRBC league? (more…)


The fall of the Prime Evil wrote a fitting end to Diablo III, despite at least one conspirator vanishing into the unknown. A new enemy rises in place of the Prime Evil: Malthael, fallen Angel of Wisdom, now cloaked as the Angel of Death. Claiming the Black Soulstone just as it reaches its place of eternal rest, Malthael will bend the stone’s power to his own purposes, shattering hope for an era of peace.

If you haven’t bought the expansion yet, or just compulsively purchased it and resisted the urge to comb through every last bit of the Reaper of Souls official site when you did, the perfect time is right before the storm.

Quite a few Black Widow Company members have been anticipating the Diablo III expansion release, so if you think you’ll want to play, hop into our Diablo III channels to connect with other members and party up for better loot and better challenges. Ready to be a night owl? We’ll see you in TeamSpeak.


Elder Scrolls Online launches in a little over a week for those with headstart access, so if you’re interested in picking it up, you have the potential to do so tomorrow at 3 PM EST. For the past few weeks, we’ve been running a promotion exclusively for Black Widow Company members allowing them the opportunity to sign up for a chance to win a digital copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition.

You can check out all of the perks for the Imperial Edition versus the Standard Edition by clicking here. In order to sign up for the event, simply visit this post in the general discussion forum and reply to it indicating you’re interested (and also be at least rank Private in good standing with the outfit). It also gives the full details for the requirements to participate.

The winner will be picked via Twitch TV broadcast at 3 PM, tomorrow, Saturday 22MAR, so make sure you show up if you want to be eligible to claim the prize if your number is picked.

Whether you win or you don’t, we have Skysz to thank for this gracious donation, so show your support for the game regiment he worked so hard to stand up in the weeks leading up to the Elder Scrolls Online release. Take a number, and if that number doesn’t win, we hope we’ll eventually get to see you in game.


This past Friday, 07MAR, Battlegroup Mattherson’s beta test run smashed the competition, almost continent locking the entirety of Amerish. Black Widow Company and several of the other organized TR outfits of Mattherson’s Terran Republic faction banded together, resolved to fight the encroaching hordes of New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty, and conquered.

903rd Marauders, DOG, VG, 1TR, Honeybadgers, Bacon and Bullets, and Wolverines, each a fully fledged member of the Battlegroup Mattherson cooperation effort, also participated. 07MAR was VG’s Friday Night Ops spotlight and Honeybadgers’ charity operation, and the successes met there on the field were a direct result of a month and a half of planning and collaborative discussion.

The majority of the effort isn’t anything along the lines of an Alliance, however. Battlegroup Mattherson began as and will remain a cooperative effort, but a few key features set this association apart in its own, perhaps far stronger, category. (more…)


On the Frontier in the outreaches of space, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation has been slowly reaching out to secure resources across the galaxy, inexorably gaining control of the planets, one at a time. After so many injustices at the hands of Profit over People, a Militia rises up in revolt against the IMC, fighting for control of each planet, the very technology which helped oppress them now helping to win their cause: the Titans.

Titanfall is set to release at midnight tonight. In recognition of that, our very own Tankopotomus will be leading an operation celebrating the release starting at 2330, with actual gameplay starting as soon as the servers go live. Pull up a seat and buckle in for the ride: we’d love to have you join us for the fun.

We’re pumped about the release of this game, but if you don’t own it yet, what can you expect? Read below to find out everything you need, and if you like what you see, you better get to downloading – each hour that passes is another hour less you have to be ready for launch! (more…)


One year has passed since the founding of Black Widow Company’s Star Citizen Regiment: one year of careful obsession, quiet excitement, restless anticipation, and excruciating patience. To celebrate the SC Regiment’s one year anniversary, we’re going to let off a whole stack of that fidgety steam and direct it right at Star Citizen C&S for a chance to win a couple of prizes — and for a chance to TK our fearless leaders, of course.

Members, you can find the op schedule and the stipulations for sunderer racing and teamkills by clicking here, in addition to other general information. In order to receive credit for this epic op, you must be present for either the first half or the second half of the operation. Op leadership will be taking attendance via screenshots, both of TeamSpeak and in-game formations. (more…)