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    by Published on 26 June 16 18:00

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    As we all know, there are many games out there with cooperative/multiplayer functionality. I believe there are a few special once that we at BWC could be playing together a little bit more. Of course, not all of us have the opportunity to try every new game, nor have we heard of every game out there. With this list of recommendations I hope to highlight one old, new, and in-development title that you can play with friends. I hope to peak your interest if you have not heard of these titles.

    Resoula's Recommendations

    Guns of Icarus (GoI) is old but gold. GoI is a game where you get to take the helm, guns, or tools of an airship and sail it into battle against enemy teams in several different modes. It was released in 2012 by Muse Games. This game is very team-based as strategy and coordination is everything. A crew must communicate in order to prevail. It currently features up to 4v4 ships with four players per ship and sixteen per team. It is receiving its very own PvE expansion this autumn as well. GoI is a perfect game for those looking for a fast-paced competitive experience where teamwork is key. Whether your specialty is gunning, engineering, or piloting, Guns of Icarus has something for everyone.
    by Published on 22 June 16 06:00

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    Dedicated Artillery Makes Competitive Team Difference in 5th Place Finish.

    On Sunday, June 12, six BWC members from the BWC Armored Warfare PVE Competitive Team represented BWC and participated in an Armored Warfare Leagues Solstice PVE Tournament placing 5th out of 21 teams!

    This tournament was different from previous competitions in which BWC participated because players/teams from both NA & EU servers were now fighting in the same tournament -- meaning the competition was steeper and more representative of 'the best' teams in Armored Warfare. Given this new challenge level, Team Captain Pheonix Lucror went "back to the drawing board" and created a new plan of success (he hoped) for the tournament.

    The Devious Plan: Utilize a tank type that is often overlooked -- artillery. That is right! The BWC team decided to bring a dedicated tier 6 artillery unit into the tournament. This decision was based upon on one metric alone -- artillery's high boost to base reputation points, but using an artillery unit was a risky move. Doing so
    significantly raised the difficulty level because the BWC team would be playing one Main Battle Tank down. To offset some of that risk, intensive practices were run before the tournament where specialized tactics and communications were developed. (Continue Reading...)


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    ARTICLE: Looking for a new cooperative game to play? Check out Resoula's Recommendations and you might just find that missed gem you've been waiting for. Enjoy!

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    ARTICLE: Dedicated artillery makes a difference in 5th place Armored Warfare tournament finish for competitive BWC team. Congratulations!

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    ARTICLE: There has been a BWC Rank Promotion System update that impacts rank requirements, awards and trainings. No more promotion points!

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    ATTENTION: Star Citizen Alpha 2.4 is LIVE with persistence, port modifications, alpha credits, reputation, and shopping! Download and team up! Don't forget to put on your space suit!

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