BWC Panel Accepted for PAX Prime 2013



Black Widow Company will be traveling to Pax Prime in September, and they won’t be going alone.  Pax has picked up the BWC submitted panel focusing on Veteran and Active duty service members in gaming.  BWC, a veteran owned and operated gaming community, will send representatives to sit on the panel alongside leading members of the gaming industry.  The panelists include the following -

Miki Rei Bell      [US Navy, Veteran, Black Widow Company Public Affairs] – Moderator

Chris Roberts      [Founder, CEO, Cloud Imperium Games]
Matt Higby      [Creative Director, Sony Online Entertainment]
Bryan Eckman      [Creative Director, Piranha Games]
Russ Bullock      [President, Executive Producer, Piranha Games]
Brent Russell      [US Army, Veteran, BWC Senior C&S]
Mark Christianson      [US Army, Veteran, Off Duty Gamers]
Charles Kibert      [US Army, Veteran, BWC Senior C&S ]

The Panelists will field questions regarding their games and how the experience of these service members plays into both community and game development.  The panel is tentatively set to take place on Monday, September 2nd at 3:30pm in the Unicorn Theatre.  Expect more information and updates as we get closer to the event and feel free to come on out and join us at PAX!

One Team, One Fight!