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The Ballad of BWC


Men and women rise to stand
Side by side, heart in hand
Our battle cry brings forth the light
With a single voice
One Team, One Fight

We raise our swords and lift our shields
Drive our foes from bloody fields
The lamentations of their plight
Declare our cause
One Team, One Fight

When a soul has been brought low
By trials and fears we share and know
We brace together against the night
To prove again

Bound as family, never bending
Brothers, sisters, without ending
Our cries of joys ring oh so bright
With a single voice
One Team One fight
How the Ballad Came to Be

In 2014, one of our members told us of a little girl who played Mechwarrior with her father. She had lost her battle with the most insidious of opponents - cancer. She was five years old. There's little that can match the impotent rage of a group of gamers, especially a group of mostly real-life-combat-trained gamers. The full story can be found here:, but in short, we decided to do something and in about three days, we put together a 24 hr gaming marathon called Operation TLC (Target Lock: Cancer). It was meant to raise as much money as possible to assist St Judes Hospital.

At the end of that, worn out from the effort and touched to the point of tears, BWC Legionnaire Trouble wrote the lyrics to The Ballad of BWC. Even before Operation TLC, she'd seen the small ways this group of gamers went out of their way to help each other and those in need. Whether it was cobbling together a "new" rig for a member whose computer had imploded or sitting up all night on Teamspeak with someone having a rough time, BWC had proven itself to be family. TLC just brought it all together.

It is here that we meet an Irish music group called The Rogues. These well-known Texas lads tour the country at various Ren Faires and gatherings, and have several CDs to show for their efforts. Miki and Trouble had been to many of their shows. Miki had the idea of setting the lyrics Trouble has written to the style of music the Rogues perform and reached out to them to see if they would be interested. Pipes and drums! How he convinced Trouble to partake in this madness is a mystery, but after some back and forth and tweaking, The Ballad of BWC was a recorded song. Lyrics by Trouble, music and performance by The Rogues. Complete with the requested pipes and drums.

All because this gaming organization is so much more than pixels on screens.