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Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays!

It is the holiday season once again. This includes many events that will be occurring within games to celebrate that holiday spirit. So grab that present from the winter veil tree or cook those random cookies for the Sleigh Sparrow. Have fun and enjoy these holidays. To everyone in BWC have a great Christmas, Hanakkuh, New Year, or any other happy event/holiday.


Armistace Day Centennial

Written By: Evans
Art By: ByroniusMonk

Armistice Day 2018-Centennial Anniversary, the end of WW1

The Great War, an event that shaped the 20th Century, the likes of which was never foreseen or expected, a devastating maelstrom of which the known world had entered unprepared, ended one hundred years ago on November 11th, 1918, known today as Armistice day. This is not a day to celebrate but to remember those that paid the ultimate

[PS2] Rise of the Phoenix

Written by: IgniteGX
Art by: ByroniusMonk

Rise of the Phoenix

BWC has had a long illustrious history with Planetside 2. With that being said it was almost time to pull the plug on the game that allowed BWC to grow to prominence. Planetside 2 has a long history being released November 20, 2012 and still continuing to this day. Prior to Planetside 2, BWC was pushing the meta in the original Planetside. There are many reasons that could be

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Written By: IgniteGX
Art By: Samurai

Forsaken, the latest expansion for Destiny 2 is upon us. This is a massive expansion that the developers from Bungie are planning to change and build Destiny 2 in a new and greater direction. First of all, Forsaken is taking us Guardians in a more personal direction by killing are favorite and most beloved Vanguard in Cayde-6. This is going away from the old version of new enemy for x reason to a completely vengeance...

WoW: The Battle for Azeroth

Epic Operation
Monday, August 13th 18:00 OpServ

As a new age of warfare begins, the Heroes of the Horde must set out on a journey to recruit new allies, race the Alliance to claim the world's mightiest resources and fight on several fronts to ensure that the Horde will lead Azeroth into its uncertain future.

We have been tasked by the Warchief and her Advisers to secure allies and resources for the Horde War Effort. We must venture to



Written by: Avenging7Folds

The Vanguard Approves Testing

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege shows no signs of slowing down, with three more seasons still to come which will include six additional operators and two new maps. The title has truly arrived as of 2018. In other Siege news, The Vanguard has officially accepted Rainbow Six into testing as of January 10, 2018. We have seen an increase in [BWC] members hosting operations late in the evening, having multiple teams playing concurrently. Being a title set tightly around its learning curve, good communication, and good knowledge of the map and operators at hand, a community presence such as Black Widow Company with the “One Team, One Fight” mindset can help improve the skills of everyone. The arrival of Siege to Vanguard testing was highly anticipated, with Phalanx writing, “It brings me great pleasure to tell you that Rainbow Six: Siege is the latest game being tested within The Vanguard.” Phwoarr will be taking the mantle of Game Champion, leading the members in operations and being mentored by the Vanguard team.

If you haven't already tried Rainbow Six: Siege, the free weekend is February 15th-18th,
and “Avenging7Folds” is hosting an operation on Friday, February 16th open to everyone.
Keep an eye out for more operations and give one a shot.


Just over two years ago, Ubisoft released the hit FPS Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and the title has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon. It was only two months ago, after all, that the game achieved a whopping 100,000+ concurrent players, an achievement the title did not come anywhere near in its first two years. As we enter Season One of Siege in 2018, it remains the 4th most played game on Steam, and Ubisoft is rewarding us this month with the launch of Operation Chimera. The operation will see new operators, a brand-new, limited-time gamemode, and a healthy amount of seasonal cosmetic items. Ubisoft is also giving the players who have not tried Rainbow Six: Siege a chance to try it out for themselves. The free weekend begins on February 15 and runs until February 18, and will include access to the full game, including all maps, modes, and Operators, so if any of you do not have a date on the weekend of Valentine's, we in the [USG] Rainbow Six: Siege department would love to have you!

Let us take a closer look at what Operation Chimera offers to the players:

The New Operators:
The new operators are part of a newly formed CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Threat Unit. They will be playable both in multiplayer and the limited-time cooperative gamemode, Outbreak. There will be two operators, one French and one Russian, named Lion and Finka. The French operator, Lion, uses a drone to maintain the perimeter in quarantined areas. The Russian Operator, Finka, employs "self-dissolving nanobots.” More information will be revealed during the Six Invitational, which will run February 13-18.

The New Game mode:
Lion and Finka will join Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Ash, Doc, Tachanka, Glaz, and Recruit in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, which has fallen prey to an “extraterrestrial parasite called the Apex,” delivered to our neighborhood courtesy of an old Soviet space capsule. Only these operators will be playable in Outbreak. Alien organisms have transformed the population into ‘horrific creatures’ spread across five unique archetypes, each with its own unique abilities. In response, the government has cordoned the town and issued orders for a team of three Operators to go in and clean house. The Outbreak event will launch to coincide with Operation Chimera.

The New Maps:
The new mode will also have three exclusive maps, which will be much larger and open than the competitive maps because they are designed specifically for co-op play.

Exclusive Seasonal Content:
Within the duration of the 4 weeks event, an exclusive collection of cutting edge cosmetic will be available. The Outbreak Collection contains 50 cosmetic items ranging from Rare to Legendary quality. The items include weapons skins, headgear, BDUs, charms and a unique Elite skin. They are found in Outbreak Packs, which each contain one item. The packs will be available for 300 R6 Credits each ($2.50), with Ubisoft promising that “no duplicated will be dropped.”


The Vanguard is BWC's research and development arm for games Gaming Division and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, The Vanguard espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.

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World of Warships C&S have been holding a weekly Operation on Sundays at 15:00 with a new twist to training and fun.

Ship Shenanigans are meant to have fun in a crazy, unpredictable way and get the team spirit juices flowing abundantly. If you have some kind of weird association with that last phrase ... well that's all your fault heh.

World of Warships C&S have decided to continue weekly Operations because of attendance and the awesome level of fun for the last two weekly Operations.

(description below for our last two ops)

Little Mouse
Bring your highest tier BB and one poor soul will bring a low level T1-2 ship. Every BB goes in the middle (guaranteed mayhem ensured) and they will try to stop the poor little mouse. Sluggish BB's vs a single nimble ship in a narrow passage. Who will come out victorious? Oh btw ..... Ramming only allowed, secondaries off.

Torpedo Funfest
We will hit the training room with T4-5 destroyers (most should have them) in the epicenter mode. Everybody must get in the inner circle and after the starting signal: let those torps fly. King of the hill rules, last man standing is victorious. Yes, friendly torping is encouraged, gunfire is forbidden at penalty of horrible shaming and naming. Let's practice your torp dodging skills to the extreme. We should probably start spread out, but we will arrange the details depending on the numbers available. Protip: i would leave your Pan-Asian DD in port (but it's your choice).


World of Warships is a supported game in our Warfare Division and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master mechanics, addictive game play, and competitive league play, World of Warships espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.

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