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Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...

Division 2 - Expedition: DC Outskirts!

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Expedition: DC Outskirts

Listen up Agents! There is a new free game mode coming to the Division 2 called Expeditions! The general release will be July 30th for all players and July 23rd for holders of the Year One Pass. Expeditions will be a new game feature and in Episode 1 it will take us out of the city to the DC Outskirts. Each expedition will contain 3 new main missions; the completion of which opens...

PAO Wants You!

Written by: Chephen
Art by: Chephen



Ever want to move up within the BWC and hold a meaningful billet? Love talking about your favorite games and the going-ons in BWC? Well then have we got the billets for you!

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is looking for writers to help contribute to our front page articles and other ALCONs that you see throughout the forums and discord. The only requirements...

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend 13-16 June

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Chephen

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend
13-16 June

In a surprise offering during their presentation at E3, Massive Entertainment has announced a FREE to PLAY Weekend beginning this Thursday, 13 June through Sunday, 16 June. If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to purchase the Division 2, now is the time to give it a free trial. For those who enjoy the experience and want to continue their progression,



Sea of Thieves
Become a Pirate Legend

With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits.
What will your legend be?

Exotic islands. Hidden treasures. Riddles, battles and shanties. The essential pirate experience.
Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

A practical pirate's life is not without its share of dangers.
The sun-drenched shores that dot the horizon may seem tranquil and inviting, but it's never wise to let your guard down for long. Whether or not you choose to seek out confrontation during your adventures, an understanding of what awaits you can mean the difference between treasure and tragedy…

The setting of Sea of Thieves is an untamed pirate frontier.
Fit to burst with far-flung destinations, inspiring vistas and stirring sunsets, this world is portrayed in a distinctive painterly art style that brings out the best in its roguish residents and most deplorable denizens – not to mention some seriously #GreatWater befitting all kinds of epic high seas adventures.

Raise anchor and set sail for far shores and hidden hoards.
Whatever destiny a traveler on the Sea of Thieves chooses to follow, it begins with exploration. This ever-changing ocean realm is rich in islands, each curled protectively around its secrets, and outposts where hauls are cashed and tankards bashed with friends and strangers alike.

Social play on the seas in a new kind of multiplayer game.
Co-operation is your watchword in Sea of Thieves. The events you experience and the memories you make become the stuff of legend with friends in tow. Bring a ready-made crew or discover new partners in plunder, bonding under the Pirates' Code. Prefer to sail solo as you earn your sea legs? You can do that too!

Forge your own identity and set out to rack up renown.
You'll begin your journey across the Sea of Thieves as a ragtag wanderer ready to complete voyages, form bonds with other pirates and amass your very own hoard. Whether you prefer to sail solo or as part of an adventure-hungry crew, you'll soon find yourself on the way to becoming a stone cold pirate legend.
Pirate Code
Even the Scurviest of Pirates have rules

From the very beginning, we've been determined to make Sea of Thieves a truly welcoming world in which players of any creed, culture, age, skill level and circumstance can voyage without fear of friction or frustration. With that in mind, we've laid out a set of guidelines that we hope will help to keep the seas free of strife and grievance
(beyond that stirred up in the course of a pirate's everyday activities).
The sacred bond between crew mates should never be broken, but even when waging war across the decks of rival raiders, all crews should ultimately hold one another in respect. So here for you to read, reflect upon and remember is the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code!

Article 1
The Sea Calls To Us All
Everyone is welcome on the Sea of Thieves regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed.

Article 2
The Sea Unites Us as One Community
Outside the heat of battle or piracy on the high seas, all crews shall bond together as a community of like-minded souls.

Article 3
Disputes Are Settled upon the Waves
None shall quarrel or overly dissent against another crew, but let every engagement be settled by sword, pistol and good seamanship.

Article 4
All Crew mates Are Equal
Let each crew mate be respected as equal and free to follow their own bearing, speak openly and vote in affairs of the voyage.

Article 5
The Crew Bond Is Sacred
Those who betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig.

Article 6
Respect New Pirates and Their Voyage Ahead
May the old legends help to forge new ones: treat new pirates with respect and share your knowledge.

Article 7
Those Who Cheat Shall Be Punished
Pirates who show bad form and cheat their crew or others shall surely face bitter hardships and punishments.

Origins of the Pirate Code

Having involved Sea of Thieves' community so closely in the game's development, we wanted to ensure they had just as much say in the Pirate Code. So while we had some definite hopes of our own for how players would treat one another, we took these to the official Forums and invited all Insiders to contribute. You can see the discussion thread here, and hear Executive Producer Joe Neate introduce our Pirate Code at the New York Comic Con 2017 panel.
Sea of Thieves offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation.
Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging game play mixed with competitive elements, the Battlefield series espouses the
“One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.
One Team One Fight

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Written by: Enelye_Che_Kly
State of the Game: Star Citizen
State of the Game is a new series of stories, designed to shed some light on each and every one of the games BWC supports through interviews with the chain of command. It's purpose is to shed some light on them, and generate interest to persuade members to try out some games other than their primary. We begin with a game that has raised many questions, hopes, and fears: Star Citizen. Sitting down with us is Star Citizen's commanding officer - Trister.

Q: Star Citizen recently had a few new updates. What are the most eye-drawing additions that are worth noting?

A: The new planet tech is definitely a big one. Exploration of the universe is just vast now. You can seamlessly travel from space to planet without any loading screens. The fidelity in which this is done is also very impressive. The newest addition that has come up to Star Citizen is trading, in its first iteration. It's unique in that it prices commodities from supply and demand and trading volume, not based simply on distances. Right now the economy is player driven, but there will be a 9 to 1 AI to human ratio coming in. It's still alpha, and the trading system is still new and not yet finalized, and the same goes for the rest of the game. But for the most part, there is still a lot more to do with other players. You can kinda just do what you want. You can explore, fight, trade, and more.

Q: Star Citizen, as you just pointed out, is still in Alpha. It's not a completed game. Some say that the regiment of Star Citizen within BWC was started a little too early. What do you say to that?

A: In a way, we may have started the regiment a little too early. There was a lot of work that was put into it that quickly became outdated or non-viable as the game kept changing. We were at one point at around 600 members of BWC who had Star Citizen on their jacket. That number has declined over the years for a number of reasons, such as the game not panning out to expectations, the time of development, and that there seems to be no progression thus far. It did still benefit BWC in a way, as many people who joined BWC for Star Citizen went into other games, such as you [the author]. For now though, the ops are still very lively. We have some basic training, but for the most part we head into the game and mess around with the persistent universe. We do combat sims, trade, or just explore and have some fun.

Q: What would you like to see for the development of Star Citizen's regiment, working with what you got so far?

A: No doubt we need more participation. We need more recruiting, some new blood to build the regiment up. But also, within the game itself, we do need subject matter experts, like how Arma III has drill instructors who are designated subject experts, but we also need leaders. And also, just general participation. If you got the game, really, just come out once a month if not more! We would love to have you, and it is honestly a lot of fun with our ops.

Q: How do you envision BWC acting as the game eventually reaches the end of its development and moves into launch?

A: As BWC does in all games, we are going to kick ass. We're going to attempt to do anything and everything there is in the game, and we will aim at being the best at those things. But that isn't going to happen overnight, and we want to use the organization we already have in place from before the game even launches to put us at an advantage the moment comes out. We want to be dominant both in combat and in economics, as there will be that aspect in the game. We want to claim our own section of space, we want to be feared but respect, and we want to be able to have the community of that game recognize our group by looking at us.

Q: Do you have anything else to add about the state of the game, or the regiment?

A: There is a lot of passion behind this game, and there's a lot of strong emotions that stems from that. That leads to both positive and negative attitudes about the state of the game, and the state of the regiment. Good games take time, and all we can do on our end is be patient and manage expectations. But we can still have fun with the game so far - get in game, and play together. We joined BWC to play together - so let's do just that. Play together.

Star Citizen is a supported game in our Conquest Division and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, Star Citizen espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.

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