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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

After grinding their gear for over a month, the Guardians of BWC are about to embark on Destiny 2's new and fourth expansion: Shadowkeep. On the 1st of October, Destiny and Bungie, will be heading into a new future which we all are excitedly waiting for. The Shadowkeep expansion is the first created by Bungie as an independent publisher. Though one will have to buy the...

Borderlands 3

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Borderlands 3

Are you a Vault Hunter? Like to get your hands on a billion guns? WAT... yep, over a BILLION guns! Well, if you are, Borderlands 3 maybe the game for you.

Borderlands 3, produced by Gearbox Software, takes place five years after the events of Borderlands 2. The game uses the Unreal 4 gaming engine and will feature gorgeous, high definition animated graphics. The

World of Warcraft - Classic

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

World of WarCraft Classic

Fifteen years after the launch of Blizzard's famous MMORPG World of Warcraft, the franchise is traveling back to where it all began. World of WarCraft Classic will be launching on the 27th of August. Classic will attempt to faithfully recreate the original World of Warcraft. The game will begin after the "Drums of War" patch which was originally released on August...

Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...



Compiled by John De, PAO Editor.

Buy your tickets and book your hotel now because Mech_Con is starting in a week! This year, Mech_Con attendees will have the opportunity to be among the first to play an early, never-before-seen build of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries! Check out all the details in the link below:

Have some fun facts from the Mech_Con Survey!

1952 Survey Responses
243 of the survey participants attended Mech_con 2016
763 people plan to attend Mech_Con 2017!

Everyone's favorite element of Mech_Con 2016?
#1 - MechWarrior Online World Championships Finals!
#2 - The Presentations! ( and the MW5 Reveal)
#3 - Meeting fellow MechWarrior and BattleTech fans as well as the Devs!

Where are People Traveling from?
#1 North America
#2 Europe
#3 Australia
#4 Local (Vancouver, BC)
People are coming from all over the globe including:
Asia, South America, and Africa!
Mech_Con is truly a Global Event!

Those who can't attend can watch and engage on Twitch!
More Engagement, More Fun, More Fans, More Hype, More Everything!


MechWarrior Online is a fully supported game regiment and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, MWO espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.

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A BWC Interview
with Streetwise

by John De, PAO Press Officer

Streetwise in real life

Brian aka Streetwise, and known as Street to his friends, is 27 years old. He is originally from Denver, Colorado and now living in Idaho. His education includes some college from University of Wisconsin-Superior, with studies in CIS and Political Science. Says he has no degrees and ended up taking an internship with IBM, building up certs and experience. Street is now a Systems Administrator for a government contracting company.

His hobbies include playing ImpGuard for Warhammer40k Tabletop, Shooting, and D&D/Tabletop games. He is not married and has no children he's aware of. Street uses a homebuilt computer with an old i5, a GTX 970 and will be looking to upgrade once Star Citizen releases the persistent universe with a bit more to offer. Street states "I'm also looking into some o' that sweet, sweet VR stuff".

What brought you to the BWC?
Planetside! I and a few others I joined with were looking for a good group to slay Planetmans with, found it here with the BWC. Great group of people, and good fun!
Why do you stay?

It's the people. Hands down the best group of individuals I've had the pleasure of gaming with. We have our ups and downs, those few folks who are total shitheads, but for the most part, we have a TON of really fantastic members who love being here as much as I do.
How long have you been gaming?
Since about 3rd grade, my dad owned an NES and I played the shit out of duck-hunt. Built my first computer with my dad in 7th grade and it's all been downhill since then!
What games have you played in the past, present?
Lots of RPGs and strategy games. My first PC game was either Fallout 1 or Diablo 2 (besides mega-math blaster in school). I like ARMA3 and Planetside right now besides every grand strategy and RPG that comes out.
Have you been in any other Gaming Communities?
Had been a part of the Old Timer's Guild prior to BWC, I was the youngest member by maybe a decade?
How many hours of game play daily/weekly?
This is a horrible question to ask, what's wrong with you?! (more than I care to admit?)
Any games played outside of the BWC at present?
Just single-player strategy and RPG's. Europa Universalis IV, Rimworld, Destiny 2, Divinity 2, Total War: Warhammer 2

Streetwise in the BWC

Streetwise joined BWC on March 28th of 2013, and in just four and a half years has become BWC's Commanding Officer. The list prior to this reads like a resume. TF Ranger XO, TF Ranger CO, Wolfspider Company CO, PS2 XO, PS2 CO, ORDO Outreach Director, Vanguard CO, BWC XO. Street at present alongside his BWC Actual position also holds one of our most honorable positions as a BWC Legionnaire, something very few members obtain.

Street to date has 688 Live-fire Ops attended: a total of 561 Operations, 234 Trainings, 95 FTX's, 142 Meetings, 4 24 hour Ops, 9 LegOps, 82 Joint Operations, 32 EpicOps and 11 Intoxi Ops. He has 87
Operations Led and 65 squad leads: 84 Trainings, 25 FTX's, 46 Operations, 1 24 hour Op, 31 Meetings, 31 Joint Ops, 6 EpicOps, 3 LegOps and 1 Intoxi Op. He recruited nine new members and has over 1750 forum posts.

Street can also be found on Steam as
[BWC] Streetwise and Twitch at:

hat are your favorite/funny BWC in game moments?
Any 3-tier hold when playing with the old PS2 Ranger crew. That or the crazy ARMA3 shenanigans we get into, see the following video(s):
Who is your favorite person in BWC that you enjoy busting? Why?
Asterix85, he's the Professor to my Gilligan.
What are your hopes for BWC's future?
I sincerely hope that we continue to be excellent to each other, and grow our numbers again. BWC is a fantastic place to be a gamer, and I think we have a lot to offer people who are looking for a place to call their online 'home'.
Are there any Charities you’d like BWC to be involved in?
I'm very excited about our current ventures, Extra Life and Child's Play are two charities that are an amazing thing, and I'm proud of the work we've done with both of them.
Why did you choose your BWC/gaming call sign/name?
I was a big fan of the Transformers, Streetwise has been my go-to call sign for years, and it's very rarely taken.
Do you do any Streaming, what do you like to Stream?
I have in the past under BWCStreetwise and Streetwisers, both of which was mostly a mix of strategy multiplayer games, ARMA and D&D games.

BWC Actual - BWC Commanding Officer:

BWC Actual is responsible for and accountable to all BWC Members for the timely, effective and efficient Overall Operation of the Black Widow Company. Through well-considered Regimental and Shop appointments, effective delegation and present, personal leadership, BWC Actual creates, vets and maintains all policies, structure and procedures that allow BWC members to achieve Excellence in Gaming and embrace the BWC Ethos of One Team, One Fight in a lasting, meaningful and sustainable manner. This position is selected from active, game playing BWC Legionnaires in Good Standing either by the existing CO stepping down and appointing a successor, or by the BWC Leadership Council in the event of a vacated billet.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________
Here is Streetwise's detailed Billet History, including promotions and some of his more prestigious awards.
The dates are linked to the forum posts that correspond to the comments made by his CO's and Peers.
(a must read)
2013-10-07: Billeted to Lieutenant 2013-03-28: Promoted to E-1
2014-01-17: Billeted to Captain 2013-04-04: Promoted to E-2
2014-02-27: Billeted to Lt.Colonel 2013-05-13: Promoted to E-3
2014-06-17: Billeted to Colonel 2013-07-26: Promoted to E-4
2015-02-16: Billeted to Chief Warrant Officer 5 2014-03-05: Promoted to E-6
2015-07-31: Billeted to O-7 2015-01-09: Promoted to E-7
2016-03-11: Promoted to BWC Executive Officer 2015-07-13: Promoted to E-8
2017-08-20: Promoted to BWC Actual 2016-03-04: Promoted to Legionnaire

BWC L.E.A.D. Graduation -

NCO Leadership -
. . . .

Commendation Medal -

Contributing Legacy -

Helping Hands -
. . . .

Industry Impact -

L.E.A.D. Honor Graduate -

. . . .

Executive Unit Citation
[Gold 3 Star] -

Game Support
C&S Tour 3 -

Leadership Ribbon -
. . . .

Outstanding Achievement
[AB Device]

(Hover over dates for forum links to these awards)

Some questions from our members

GrouchoNietzsche asks:
List your top 10 pc games of all time.
Fallout 1/2/New Vegas, Diablo II, Baulder's Gate, Shogun: Total War & Rome (the originals!), Neverwinter Nights, The Witcher III (one was awesome too!), Fable, Civilization III, Sim City 2000 (I never owned it, but I rented it from the library every other month!)
Asterix asks: Streetwise why are you bad at Tinder?
Cause I'm still working on being powerhawt. And you steal all the ladies.
Aardvark asks: What experience stands out for you while you led BWC in PS2?
Running the Child's Play Charity event (or any of our fundraising charity events) It's great to be a gamer, and be a part of a cool community, but actually using that to make a difference was amazing. Easily some of the coolest stuff I've done with my online career.
Dread Raider asks:
Do you think BWC has met or exceeded your original idea of what a veteran run gaming community could be?
My early expectations were pretty low, I had come from a 'community' where nobody really cared unless you were part of their group or had something to offer, here? I could step into ANY channel in Teamspeak and KNOW that the folks there would welcome me into game, get me situated, and I'd be having fun in no time.
How different was your experience in BWC from other game community you may have been a part of before?
See above! BWC has a whole different feel of a community, there's no real jerks or internet trolls, everyone is trying to be their best selves, and we don't have to deal with the dregs of internet society. It makes me happy to be here.
Now that you are in a leadership roll, can you share your vision of where BWC can/should go from here?
We are going to focus on GAMING. Simple, no-nonsense, no-bullshit. I hope and plan to simplify, reduce, and review everything we do with the following mantra in mind: "How does this thing we are going to do, make BWC a better place to be a gamer?" If we can't answer that simple question, there's no point to what we're doing. BWC is many different things to many different people, an online family, a part-time community, a place to find a better-than-average PUG, or a number of other things, but I think the MAIN thing we are, is fantastic place to be a gamer.
What will be the primary focus of your officers and staff to bring BWC forward in the gaming future?
Making sure that everything we do is for the betterment of our general members. Extra hoops, sticking points in our process, all those little quirks that confuse, irritate or frustrate need to be excised from our day-to-day. BWC should be simple: the best place to login after a hard day's work and find great people to game with.
What game(s) are you looking forward to BWC participate in, and what expectations do you have for BWCs roll in that game(s)?
I can't wait for Star Citizen to get up and moving hard into persistent worlds and universe, I'm excited to see how BWC can bring it's brand of awesome to an epic title like it. Beyond that, I think we have some great opportunities in the upcoming Battlefront and Destiny titles. Beyond that, who knows! It's up to our newly renovated Vanguard Shop to get out there and discover the next great thing!

On a personal note:
BWC is unique in that our members have the opportunity, as opposed to many gaming organizations, to advance to permanent positions of authority within our ranks. These members have proven via reputation, deed, and accomplishments to have both the desire and knowledge to help us maintain the standards of fun for all our members. They are the true backbone of who we are. Voted in by current leadership in a review setting, these folks are the real heart and soul of BWC and we applaud anyone who takes that step.

Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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