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Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...

Division 2 - Expedition: DC Outskirts!

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Expedition: DC Outskirts

Listen up Agents! There is a new free game mode coming to the Division 2 called Expeditions! The general release will be July 30th for all players and July 23rd for holders of the Year One Pass. Expeditions will be a new game feature and in Episode 1 it will take us out of the city to the DC Outskirts. Each expedition will contain 3 new main missions; the completion of which opens...

PAO Wants You!

Written by: Chephen
Art by: Chephen



Ever want to move up within the BWC and hold a meaningful billet? Love talking about your favorite games and the going-ons in BWC? Well then have we got the billets for you!

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is looking for writers to help contribute to our front page articles and other ALCONs that you see throughout the forums and discord. The only requirements...

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend 13-16 June

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Chephen

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend
13-16 June

In a surprise offering during their presentation at E3, Massive Entertainment has announced a FREE to PLAY Weekend beginning this Thursday, 13 June through Sunday, 16 June. If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to purchase the Division 2, now is the time to give it a free trial. For those who enjoy the experience and want to continue their progression,



The following is a declassified SitRep of Operation Monday Night Football, which occurred on 28AUG2017.

-Narrative from Bromines-

The mission was to secure a town out in the middle of nowhere. The squad was supported by a two man mortar detachment that I was in. We were following about 300m behind the squad and were mainly focused on the map and the hills above them. Enemy forces began moving from the West, opposite from the mortar team which was East of the squad. The enemy looked like Afghan militia types and so we thought we would mostly see infantry and some light vehicles. Eventually the enemy began major flanking maneuvers, pinned the squad inside the town and started taking shots at the mortar team. It was at this time the enemy flew overhead with a cargo plane and began paradropping reinforcements into town. The Squad Leader ordered a withdrawal to the East. Over the radio I heard that Evans was cut off from the squad and that KornBoy (KB) was unconscious. KB eventually woke up, and he and Evans attempted to escape to the rally point with the rest of the squad. HQ had ordered a general retreat from the area. Evans and KB were willing to stay behind as the platoon escaped. However, they somehow were able to evade the enemy and reach the rally point, taking out a few of the enemy with them.

-Narrative from Evans-

From my point of view, I saw Kornboy pop smoke in the middle of the town. After reviving four people that were fleeing the tidal wave of OPFOR coming in, I started running back towards the town only to realize I didn't have a working radio. Right around the whacky river is where I met up with KB and we implemented a fighting retreat back to a rock formation. The OPFOR closest to us were air dropped in while the guys on the road were laying down some nasty suppressive fire to keep us pinned.

That firefight lasted around 7 minutes until we were both nearing the point of being completely dry on ammunition. At that point, the OPFOR was so done with us being there that they called in mortars and artillery to try and hit us. The impacts had fell short on the southern side of the rock face. After the second barrage, KB and I start running NE to escape, using the barrage as a protection screen. We successfully make it past a little green grove with stone walls and into the ditch that we were going to follow out.

KB's story is a bit more extreme. He had to do a fighting retreat starting from the extreme end of the town while surrounded. Mine was just keeping people alive and tag teaming in the hold-out phase. The satellite image below is shortly before a second OPFOR squad was dropped on us. We shot those guys on the way in.

Satellite intel photo. - Chephen, image credit

I'd also like to add that this image was taken before the OPFOR in the town started to press hard onto our position for a rush. Shortly before this time, while I was running back with KB to try and flee, I was able to loot a radio from a blown humvee just up the road next to the whacky pond on our way down to the rocks. I called Sparrowtail telling him to leave us after a decent exchange of "we're waiting for you to get back!" because there was absolutely no way he was going to take out that much heat in a feasible manner. KB and I were trading well with the enemy and rendering aid to each other while putting fire down range to prevent an enemy rush. We went as far as using hand grenades as a blocking mechanism for the airborne paratrooper rush from uphill on the rock face.

I cannot describe to you the amount of fire we were receiving on a position that small by 2-3 squads of OPFOR. It was deafening.

KornBoy fighting his way out. - Chephen, photo credit

-Narrative from Chephen (Mission Curator/Zeus)-

Widow 1 was fighting for their life alongside a Bradley IFV trying to hold a strategic enemy strong point. After wiping out the forces occupying the town, Widow 1 dug in. A small group of enemy QRF were dispatched and promptly taken out. A large force was then sent in to try and wipe out Widow 1 with a selection of infantry, technicals, BTRs, and a T-55 tank. The Bradley held on as paratroops were dropped on Widow 1. The infantry was forced to retreat with the enemy stacked in between Widow's ground troops and the Bradley. Unfortunately, the Bradley was hit hard forcing the crew to bail without assistance from friendly forces. All but one were killed leaving KornBoy to fend for himself without comms to the ground team. More and more enemy paratroopers landed and around the strongpoint forcing Widow 1 to stay on the outskirts of town leaving only KB left. He fought his way through building after building, evading the enemy who was actively hunting him down.

As a show of force, the enemy fully encompassed the town. HQ ordered Widow 1 to cut their losses and retreat under fire. As KB was moving to the edge of town, Widow 1's medic, Evans, noticed KB straggling and still under fire. Due to a radio malfunction, Evans missed the retreat order from the Squad lead and went to collect KB.

Still being trailed, KornBoy held out behind some boulders with Evans and getting medical attention while still firing back. Mortars started to drop. The enemy wanted to crush the remaining pests that were Widow 1. As the mortars drew closer, Evans and KB sprinted for their lives back to the FOB. Unfortunately, they were too late as the rest of Widow 1's forces pulled out thinking they had lost their comrades. The official mission ended there with all comms dropped and satellite signal lost.

-Narrative from KoRnboy-

As the gunner of the Bradley, I was informed that there was an RPG on the hill to our North. One RPG was fired and missed, barely; then I acquired the target as he fired a second RPG. I put a 25mm round into his stomach as his RPG struck the Bradley from the top. Xev comes over the radio “We’re cooking off, get out, get out, get out”.

I bailed out of the Bradley on the south side and dashed to take cover in the corner of the compound between two barracks. I immediately lost sight of my crew members, and before hailing them on the radio, I wanted to assess my surroundings. At that time I heard a Ural pulling up on the other side of the fence. I moved to the end of the barracks and began to receive fire from the hill to the north where there were 2-3 squads when last I checked in the Bradley.

The Ural stopped on the other side of the wall from me so I tossed a frag over the wall and ran to the open barracks to my NW. The frag detonated, the Ural shut off and I heard no movement over the wall. I took a few rounds of incoming fire from the hill as I ducked into the barracks that had a door that opened to the North. I thought to myself that I saw one of my crew mates laying in the open to the west before I got into the door, but I was not able to confirm. As I mulled over this, a combatant crested the doorway, and I quickly fired three rounds and neutralized the threat. I grabbed blue smoke to toss out the door as I knew I needed to link up with the squad, but I did not know where they were or if they were pushing up. I moved to the doorway and more shots landed near me. I looked out at the hill and neutralized an enemy machine gunner and two more OPFOR on the hill. I panned down and two more came through the fence to my 12 O'clock and I quickly snapped to them, fired, and cleared. I reloaded and panned to my left as I tossed the blue smoke and confirmed that both my crew mates were dead.

I cleared 180 degrees and proceeded WNW not knowing what I'd be walking into. Hearing another Ural approaching quickly and seeing it pull past me at a break in the fence, I ducked into the next building and headed up the stairs to assess the situation. I looked through a window and saw soldiers dismounting. I tried to engage with two shots and quickly got suppressed. I then threw my last frag through the window… BANG… silence, no return fire. Moving back to the stairs I headed out the door I entered.

I looked left outside the door and saw two enemy soldiers with their backs turned to me. I quickly dispatched them and as I did a third peaks the corner and returned fire. I ducked into the door way; I had no other avenues of fire, nor did they exist. I peeked around the same corner again (Big No-No) and didn’t see him … I then heard a door open. I looked to the left slightly and there was a door to that building; after 2-3 seconds I realized he’s not coming through that door, he’s flanking me through the building.

I went around the corner to my left and into the open doorway. I proceeded up the stairs, reached the top and as I came to the doorway, there he was! Quick hip fire burst and he went down. I checked the windows and everything looked clear. I headed back down the stairs, out the door I came in and proceeded WNW. I came up to a dirt wall at the road near the intersection in the middle of the town. Before I checked the corner I took fire from behind, looked back at the building I just left, and saw three soldiers that had come around from the East. So, I sucked up against the building to my side and returned fire – 2 down, 1 moved out of sight.

I checked left and right at the doorway of the wall and saw two destroyed UAZs. Then to my left at the intersection, two more soldiers came around with their backs to me. Two quick bursts and they’re down. I headed out the doorway to cross the street heading in a similar bearing back towards the last location I knew of friendly contact. As I’m moving, I popped my only color smoke left, Purple. I needed to get across the street quickly as I knew the OPFOR was trying to flank me.

As I crossed into the compound into blue smoke, I thought, “there has to be friendlies, they saw my smoke!”. I yelled “Friendly! Friendly! Friendly!” as I came through the doorway of the wall and quickly realized those were not friendlies. Four OPFOR entered the compound, and I was in the open, so I fired and spot covered to my left. As I moved to cover I dropped two of them and the other two returned fire to the doorway. I headed inside to a window and dropped the other two and reloaded. I needed to get a lay of my surroundings because I now suspected that friendly forces are either dead or have fallen back outside the city.

I walked to the stairs and peaked over the sandbags, and took fire from an MG. I tried to peak out again to return fire but the volume of fire was too great. I retreated down the stairs and exited the building, proceeding through the compound to a Church-like building with a neighboring compound. As I moved past the tower and headed to the front door, three more OPFOR came into the compound. I’m low on ammo and I wasn't sure how much was left in my magazine, but I double tap two of them anyway. They went down and the third ducked behind the wall. I ran inside the building and headed to the area furthest from the door. I didn’t hear anyone approaching, so I started to repack my magazines.

Three quarters through re-packing my mags, I heard footsteps. I stop packing, loaded my weapon and flipped to full auto. I came to the door and received fire from the last OPFOR of the three I ran into. I shifted two windows down and put two in his chest. I moved back to the door, checked right, checked left then proceeded left to the MSR. I ran to the entrance of the wall and looked left to see the two Urals and no other movement. I then saw the HMMWV and some movement.

I popped my last two white smokes and then proceeded right out of the compound. I then realized the person on the hill was a friendly (Evans). I stayed low off the side of the road and sprinted up to the HMMWV and met up with Evans. We quickly came under fire and took cover behind the HMMWV and then heard a chopper. The door gunner quickly began firing on us as we were forced to rotate around the HMMWV using it as cover. While the chopper was turning, we sprinted to the North to the rocks for better cover; a squad of OPFOR dropped out of the chopper.

I asked Evans what his ammo situation was. It turns out we both had about two mags left. I started shooting at the paratroopers killing four of their squad in the air and then two more OPFOR squads dropped. We moved to the rocks and ran across. The forces left on the North hill had been moving up as well as the now two+ squads of paratroopers landing around us.

We took fire from back near the HMMWV, where we were exposed. Evans took a hit and went down. I returned fire and neutralized the threat across the road. Evans got back up and moved closer to treat his wounds. I looked up the hill to our North from around the rock as I knew one paratrooper had landed and a second was coming down. Evans tossed his two frags over the rock. I peeked around and took fire. Without taking cover, I spotted him and returned fire, neutralizing one while the second was landing. I snapped to him and drop him.

At this point Evans and I agreed we needed to GET OUT OF THERE. The OPFOR chopper came back and the gunner opened fire as OPFOR artillery began to fall. Evans threw all his smoke as we sprinted West to get out of the ravine. We headed towards a rock wall to use it as cover through the smoke while artillery was landing all around us …. Mission Completed. We survived.


ArmA III is a supported game in our Warfare Division and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, ArmA III espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly.

Attached Files

Attention to Orders.

It’s that time again when we recognize the effort put into the Black Widow Company by its members.

New Recruits to BWC are subjected to a mandatory two week trial period so they can test to see if BWC is what they’re looking for and for their C&S to see if they are a good fit. They complete a quick Onboarding to introduce them to how we run things in BWC such as Opserv and how their chosen gaming division works, and one operation where they have the opportunity to join fellow BWC members in a live-fire test of their skills.

During the months of July and August, 13 recruits fulfilled their requirements and became full members of the Company at the rank of E-2.

[Battle Division]


[Warfare Division]

[Conquest Division]

Please join us in congratulating these new members to BWC. On behalf of all of us, welcome to the jungle!

We also saw 8 promotions these two months within our meta game to both E-3 and E-4.


Congratulations, and we hope you take the next steps towards the NCO ranks!

Speaking of NCOs, we have a few NBR NCO promotions to spotlight. Piddles is the newest addition to the NBR NCO corps, getting his E-5. Travco was promoted to E-6, and Gyun has successfully obtained E-7. BWC is unique in that our members have the opportunity, as opposed to many gaming organizations, to advance to permanent positions of authority within our ranks. These members have proven via reputation, deed, and accomplishments to have both the desire and knowledge to help us maintain the standards of fun for all our members. They are the true backbone of who we are. Voted in by current NCOs in a review setting, these folks are the real heart and soul of BWC and we applaud anyone who takes that step.

Piddles has been in BWC for over three years now. In that time, he has shown a level of understanding, level-headed thinking and focused determination that is rare in these parts. Having worked previously in the MechWarrior Online regiment and battalion, he knows the territory well and currently sits as the Regimental Sergeant Major of MechWarrior Online regiment. Every billet he has been involved in has been a roaring success, no matter the situation of what was a turbulent time in the history of MWO within Black Widow Company.

Even when not billeted, Piddles has stood by the C&S team helping in any way he can. His constant love for the community has seen him operating lead in 60 operations, 12 trainings, 22 FTXs and 1 epic operation. He has also attended 176 live-fire operations as of this review. His workrate is second to none and he takes great care in maintaining a good mix of personal and unbiased input into his work when dealing with both intra-regiment and intra-personal issues. Piddles has the backing of many people in BWC. He is known outside of the MechWarrior Online regiment, despite focusing fully on the game he loves. His name seems to crop up in talks with senior leadership on a regular basis and is often mentioned alongside the words “mentor”, “reliable” and “selfless”. It is this reputation that sees Piddles appear before you today.

During his 3+ years so far with BWC, Piddles has received several meritorious awards, including an OAR, a Commendation Medal, Vanguard Regiment Service badge and not least of all, a Leadership Ribbon. He never looks for these awards. He simply does what is needed. If an award follows, it is always something that happens as an afterthought to him, and he sees the issue at hand being resolved as his reward instead. He deserves far more recognition than he has received to date, and is always the first to stand up and take the reins of any problem that appears.

MechWarrior Online has been through quite a period of upheaval in recent months, but at the helm of this have been three of the most flexible, understanding and focused people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Piddles is one of them, and shows me week-in, week-out what it means to care for this community.

It is plainly obvious he cares deeply not only about what he does, but about who he does it for. Piddles’ attitude to his responsibilities, his regiment and his community shows a level of commitment that borders on obsessive, and I would dearly love to see this man step foot into the NCO corps of Black Widow Company. He deserves it, and we owe it to the community to make sure leaders of excellent mettle and focus are put in place to keep BWC going.

Piddles is exactly the kind of NCO that I believe we need, and that I believe will continue to do great things for this community. I have no hesitation whatsoever in putting Piddles forward for E-5.

- Phalanx // GEO OIC

Travco has been a member of Black Widow Company since January of 2014. At that time, he joined Star Citizen, but also took part in Mechwarrior Online, Planetside 2, and eventually transferred to the Arma 3 Regiment. He is currently serving as Warfare Division's Executive Officer. In the past, Travco has proven himself as a leader by:

- Leading Squads in Arma 3
- Leading Operations in Arma 3
- Leading the Air Squadron Task Force within Arma 3
- Leading the S-6 Technical Department within Arma 3

To date, Travco currently has 109 Op Leads and 47 Squad Leads. During operations, Travco maintains the BWC NCO Bearing by reminding members to remain professional and follow the BWC SOP and the Arma 3 ASOP. Out of game, he has had his hand in Arma 3's training when it comes to fixed wing and rotary craft. He is quick to point out in our air training: What works, what doesn't work, and what should be expected out of our pilots in operations. He has left a legacy behind that ensures that our pilots can deliver troops and supplies to the front safely while keeping their birds intact. His strict adherence to BWC's professionalism has ensured a low casualty rate amongst our pilots.

As S-6 Technical Department Lead, it was his job to create campaigns spanning 3-4 months. This requires a significant amount of work with testing mods by testing soldier equipment, vehicles, planes, helicopters, and which OPFOR faction we will be fighting against. There is also overall campaign planning that goes into Arma 3's Campaign such as where they will be fighting, how they will be fighting, and the cause and effects that each individual mission has on the campaign as a whole. This difficult job also required him to manage the S-6 Mission Curators under him, making sure that our campaign operations kept running on the weekends. Whether he ran these missions himself or delegated the work others, Travco was able to manage and run the S-6 Technical Department ably and efficiently.

In closing, combining his leadership experience in-game, his ability to manage people, create campaigns, and his technical skill in all things gaming, I believe Travco will continue to do great things and he deserves recognition for the great things he has already done.

- Katou // Warfare DCO

Gyun has been around for about 3 years and has participated in 521 OPs, OpLead 178 of them. He had climbed up the ladder from PAO Services Officer to PAO OIC over 20 months, where he increased the level of standards, bringing back front page articles, spearheaded the BWC monthly podcast, setting up the Gameplanet partnership, developed policies for social media and increased presence in them that has earned him the Outstanding Service Ribbon and the Commendation medal.

Gyun is a can do, will do, member whether it’s something you give him or comes up on his own and sees it to the end. He is motivated and determined in getting things done and puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort into everything he does or is asked of. He recently spearheaded a never-before 8 week EPIC OP for Star Citizen “Into the Verse”, for the purpose of increasing attendance and operations. From proposal to creating the article, awards, to scheduling and running OPs. Additional to the OSR and Commendation award, he has received two LoTM, 1 for leading the most OPs across SC and WWS while fulfilling his PAO duties, the 2nd is for his initiative in executing and running the successful “Into the Verse” EPIC OP, a LoTQ for taking initiative in hosting FTX, teaching members the new control scheme, and an OHH AB medal. He is also one of 4 to earn the OTOF 4th level badge for both 2015 and 2016 demonstrating he’s here for more than just one game.

He continues to strive for gaming excellence and excelling BWC, with continued participation in all sorts of games, advertising BWC through social media, assisting members whether new to BWC or new to a game, and always looking for ways to improve games or BWC in any way he can. He reaches out to C&S inquiring if there is anything that he can do or to provide suggestions. During ARMA operations he willfully takes the roles that nobody wants. Follows orders, without hesitation or question, like a good member should. He takes the time to share his experiences such as this thread, an inside look at the good, bad, and the ugly, of being an ARMA Platoon Sergeant and still finding the fun in it. He continues to embrace the Core Values and the OTOF ethos and exemplifies them, helping make its members and BWC the best it can be.

- Trister // SC RCO

It is always a pleasure to recognize the dedication of members who continually show that they are driven by giving enjoyment to others, and selflessly dedicated to maintaining an aura of fun wherever they might be. We are a community of gamers first and foremost, and there wouldn’t be a community without the efforts of people like these gentlemen. Thank you all for your dedication to the continued excellence of the Black Widow Company, and thank you to everyone else for contributing to this community.

Xzenocrimzie, Ops OIC
BWC Operations
Black Widow Company
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