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Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...

Division 2 - Expedition: DC Outskirts!

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Expedition: DC Outskirts

Listen up Agents! There is a new free game mode coming to the Division 2 called Expeditions! The general release will be July 30th for all players and July 23rd for holders of the Year One Pass. Expeditions will be a new game feature and in Episode 1 it will take us out of the city to the DC Outskirts. Each expedition will contain 3 new main missions; the completion of which opens...

PAO Wants You!

Written by: Chephen
Art by: Chephen



Ever want to move up within the BWC and hold a meaningful billet? Love talking about your favorite games and the going-ons in BWC? Well then have we got the billets for you!

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is looking for writers to help contribute to our front page articles and other ALCONs that you see throughout the forums and discord. The only requirements...

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend 13-16 June

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Chephen

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend
13-16 June

In a surprise offering during their presentation at E3, Massive Entertainment has announced a FREE to PLAY Weekend beginning this Thursday, 13 June through Sunday, 16 June. If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to purchase the Division 2, now is the time to give it a free trial. For those who enjoy the experience and want to continue their progression,



Attention to Orders.

It’s that time again when we recognize the effort put into the Black Widow Company by its members.

New Recruits to BWC are subjected to a mandatory two week trial period so they can test to see if BWC is what they’re looking for and for their C&S to see if they are a good fit. They complete a quick Onboarding to introduce them to how we run things in BWC such as Opserv and how their chosen gaming division works, and one operation where they have the opportunity to join fellow BWC members in a live-fire test of their skills.

During the months of May and June, 22 recruits fulfilled their requirements and became full members of the Company at the rank of E-2.

[Battle Division]
  • 7dsIra
  • 7ds Superbia
  • Threadcutter
  • Pharotek
  • Kitarin
  • Sharp-Cut
  • Juvat
[Warfare Division]
  • Dragonwulfufk
  • Maceman26
  • Bagobones123
  • NMOcelot
  • Rex Morgan MD
  • PyroKnigt
  • Wolkowski
  • Siropain
  • Serveris
  • TR71777
  • WasteOfPlayerSlot
  • Vasily 2013
[Conquest Division]
  • Zecheriah
  • Shath

Please join us in congratulating these new members to BWC. On behalf of all of us, welcome to the jungle!

We also saw 16 promotions this month within our meta game to both E-3 and E-4.

Jack Cole

Congratulations, and we hope you take the next steps towards the NCO ranks!

Speaking of NCOs, we have a few NBR NCO promotions to spotlight. Corrosyph broke into the NCO ranks and became an E-5, Paintcheck obtained his E-6, and Polyakev became our newest E-7. BWC is unique in that our members have the opportunity, as opposed to many gaming organizations, to advance to permanent positions of authority within our ranks. These members have proven via reputation, deed, and accomplishments to have both the desire and knowledge to help us maintain the standards of fun for all our members. They are the true backbone of who we are. Voted in by current NCOs in a review setting, these folks are the real heart and soul of BWC and we applaud anyone who takes that step.

Polyakev joined BWC in 4 years ago and was one of the founding members of the now extremely-successful ARMA 3 regiment. Poly's dedication to the regiment and BWC as a whole can be easily be seen from his jacket. 523 operations attended, 20,000 promotion points prior to the shelving of that system, 53 operations led, and literally countless more as an assistant curator for the ARMA regiment's missions. Very few other BWC members can boast activity like that.

I've known Polyakev for 8+ years as we played together at another community (may we never speak of it again, FullofBeans, Goose, and Poly all know it) prior to BWC and even then Polyakev was acting in a leadership role over there as one of the server administrators. He puts a lot of time and effort into everything he picks up, whether being a DI in Planetside 2 (his jacket lists an impressive amount of trainings in that game), being the first ARMA Regimental Sergeant Major when the unit was getting on its feet, or providing invaluable campaign support for our ARMA operations. It is hard to quantify the impact he has had on the Mission Curator Corps, because Opserv does not track Zeusing as Significant Leadership activity (so any operation in which he was an assistant Zeus and not the operation creator is not marked and I'm sorry but I'm not digging through 523 operations to get a total count, I'm not that dedicated) but he is an invaluable member of the S-6 department.

Polyakev meticulously researched the WWII campaign that finished back in February, setting up his missions to mimic the conditions of the actual battles in Poland in 1944, which added a lot to the overall campaign immersion. He did this from both sides of the war as well, so whether we played as Germany or Russia the mission setups would be historically accurate (or at least as much as you can do in ARMA). Poly's operations are famous for their attention to detail and degree of difficulty. Everyone knows when they sign up for a Poly op they are in for a fight, and that takes a level of practice to get the balance right that is truly rare.

Above all, Poly does this while being humble and industrious. As I've said in previous promotions for our Zeuses, the role is often thankless. People remember operations that did not go well, or bugged missions, but it's relatively rare that they show their appreciation for the effort the curators put into creating their fun. Polyakev never asks for recognition, is equally eager to run a mission or help someone else as the assistant, and is dedicated and loyal when it comes to ARMA activities with his truly impressive operation attendance numbers. After 988 days in grade as E-6 at the time of writing, it is high time Polyakev be promoted to E-7.

- Paintcheck // ArmA III RSM

Paintcheck joined the outfit in Feb 2015. He is currently an NBR E-5 within the ArmA 3 Regiment and the current sitting ArmA 3 RSM. He has led 45 trainings, 4 FTX’s and 1 operation under his belt. In addition to that, he has 117 significant leads over the course of six campaigns. These leads include everything from small fire-teams to full platoons.

Over the course of his various ArmA 3 billets, Paintcheck has received an OAR, a Commendation Medal, and last but definitely not least an Exemplary Soldier Citation. His dedication to the regiment is well documented by said awards, but his dedication to the game is absolutely insane. Here is a small example: In May of 2016 Paintcheck took the time to do a full comparative write up on small caliber ammunition in game. He individually tested each grain of ammunition in-game and recorded the measured results in a way that is easy for everyone, from a veteran player to a brand new recruit, to understand. That event earned him his OAR.

His current dedication to his unit is shown all the time. Over the course of the last year since accepting billet, Paintcheck has made it a routine to make sure our members are recognized for their badassery. He never falters when it comes to enforcing the SOP and ASOP and always maintains discipline before, after, and sometimes during operations.

Finally, while you’d probably never get him to admit it, he cares about the people in Arma 3 and knows that without the organization, structure, and rules we have in place, there would be chaos. He considers his decisions carefully so that they are not a detriment to the community while strongly adhering to his own conviction. At 120 days past his Time-in-Grade as an E-5, and multiple submitted NBR writeups for his own NCOs, it’s about time this promotion went through.

Warfare Division is proud to put forth Paintcheck for promotion! Congratulations!

Commitment. Leadership. Excellence. These are some of the many driving words that may describe Corrossyph and his dedication towards World of Warships as a game company within BWC as well as a community for those looking to meet new people. Corrossyph has built World of Warships from the base game into a shining example of a healthily progressing game within Warfare Division, on top of organizing a team for the community hosted Supremacy League, hosting skirmishes within the World of Warships community and a full re-write of his basic trainings and advanced training.

Corrossyph joined this community in February of 2016. He has led 69 trainings, 4 FTX,124 operations, 11 joint ops, 1 epic operation and 2 Special events, with a focus on what matters most - the activity of a community seen every day by having a constant turnout of members playing together in Teamspeak even outside of scheduled operations. That activity can be counted on OPSERV and witnessed every day as a part of what he has done as a leader and OIC.

As stated above, Corrossyph has worked hard to expand upon the older trainings. He has proposed and written Carrier, Battleship, Destroyer, Cruiser and Basic Ship trainings. He has expanded on these trainings further with the creation of Advanced coursework for each ship class. This has helped players get deeper into the meta of the game if they so choose. His hard work here is incalculable in hours, but from experience I am impressed at the hard work and QUALITY of the trainings.

His leadership in the Supremacy League has been incredible. He found out about the competition on the official game forums(which I swear he lives on), and immediately put up a post to garner interest here. For a pick up team, they have done incredibly well, making it to the finals. While they would lose the last match, and subsequently take fourth place, one cannot deny that a large part of this accomplishment is due to Corrossyph jumping in head first with essentially a pick up squad. He has learned a lot about managing a competitive team, while maintaining an open and positive attitude.

All of this and more has convinced me he deserves a promotion to NBR E-5. World of Warships has transitioned from a super casual, loose hangout spot that sometimes people worked together, to a very driven, vibrant and active community. It is one of the Juggernauts of Warfare Division, and I am proud of what Corrossyph has accomplished.

We in Warfare Division are pleased to put forth this member for promotion! Congratulations Corrossyph! o7

It is always a pleasure to recognize the dedication of members who continually show that they are driven by giving enjoyment to others, and selflessly dedicated to maintaining an aura of fun wherever they might be. We are a community of gamers first and foremost, and there wouldn’t be a community without the efforts of people like these gentlemen. Thank you all for your dedication to the continued excellence of the Black Widow Company, and thank you to everyone else for contributing to this community.

Xzenocrimzie, Ops 2IC
Elby, Ops 3IC
BWC Operations
Black Widow Company
Attached Files

A BWC Interview with
HighPlains Drifter
by John De, PAO Editor

HighPlains_Drifter in Real Life

Jason, aka HighPlains_Drifter in BWC and either High Plains or Drifter to his friends, lives in Missouri. He works in Drafting and Design work for an Engineering Company, and has two Associate degrees, one in Computer Assisted Drafting and another in Project Management. Drifter recently turned 41 years old this June. Sorry girls but Drifters been married for almost 16 years. He jokingly says he’s too poor to get a divorce. He says, "It’s not a Titanic love story but, we match up very well". Many times, those of you who have heard Drifter on Team Speak, can hear what sounds like many children in the background. Kids playing, Kids asking questions and just having a lot of fun. Drifter has four children, three girls and one boy ages 14, 12, 6 and almost 5. His boy is the youngest.

Besides work and kids, Drifter is really into Disc Golf. He hasn't played a lot since he joined BWC but was involved in tournaments the last few summers. He’d like to say that he did really well, because, he didn’t place last. Some call it Frisbee golf, but, they're really not like Frisbees. He says, "they're more like an Olympic discus with a sharp edge made actually for flight. You don’t want to catch one of these in the air".

Drifter says, "no I’ve never done any active military duty". Drifter spent his first 20 years growing up moving from Naval base to Naval base every few years and for him that was enough. His Father spent around 40 years in the Navy as an enlisted man and worked his way up through the enlisted ranks. Drifter may not have been active military but, we can all understand he did a long tour of duty with his family.

High Plains Drifter's call sign was chosen because he's always been a Clint Eastwood fan. He always liked him as an actor, his movies and his work as a director. The character High Plains Drifter in the movies was just the ultimate bad ass. Drifter has always been a fan of the old Western type gunslingers and the High Plains Drifter character is the best you can get.

When asked if there were any future BWC members among his kids he stated. "My oldest daughter is really into Overwatch and kind of joined BWC for a while to play. But like I said she’s 14. National Honor society, Orchestra and a lot of other stuff going on. She really didn’t have time for it. She may come back to it, it’s summer break. All my kids love video games. I bought one of those retro Sega kits. I didn’t know how well it was going to go but honestly was the best 30 bucks I ever spent. My son is 4 and is already a Sonic Master".

Drifter says he's not that super computer guy, but has been building computers since he was a teenager. "Every computer I've had I probably pieced together. I really enjoy custom building a rig instead of buying one. Because first of all (laughs) I got four kids and I’m on a budget no matter what we’re talking about. The Machine I have I built about 5 years ago and I’m running an i5 2400, 660 GTX, 16Gbs Ram, Foxconn Rattler Motherboard. The fanciest thing about my rig is I’ve got a sweet case. It’s a Thermaltake GT 10 and it’s a beast". Drifter doesn't plan to upgrade and will most likely do a new build with one of the older i7’s in the future.

How long have you been gaming?
I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. I'm 40 years old, so I'd say I've been gaming for about 38 years now. One of my earliest memories is visiting my Grandparents. They were located in the middle of no'where Oklahoma out in the sticks, but they did have an Atari original (new at the time) with the paddle controllers. Missile Command, Pong and Pac-Man were very close friends of mine during that visit. I'm not even sure how old I was, but the Atari was new and I remember my older cousins being impressed they got it. It only got worse from there. A lot of my lunch money and free time were spent at the Rec. Center pumping quarters into stand-up arcades. Narc, Gauntlet, and PaperBoy were some of my favorites. And of course we had a Calico-Vision, and a Nintendo when I was a kid.
I got into PC gaming around 10 or 11'ish. A friend of mine had a commodore 64 and we played a lot of Skate'or'Die and the first Ghostbusters game on it. That same summer I got a Tandy TRS-80, and played a lot of games on it. Shamus, Bedlam, etc. A year or so later I got my first IBM compatible PC, a Tandy-1000 (love you Radio Shack!). This eventually led me into C-RPG's and then Pen&Paper gaming. AD&D 2nd Edition is still the best D&D... That's not an opinion that's fact, scientific fact. It was proven in a clinical study.

HighPlains_Drifter and the BWC

Drifter has been in the BWC 16 months now and joined on February 18th of 2016. In fact, he just celebrated his first year here in BWC a few months ago. He received his Leadership Ribbon on December 1st 2016, just ten months after joining. Drifter currently holds the rank of E-5, Staff Sergeant. His Jacket shows he has attended over 240 Operations, 30 FTX's and 20 Trainings. He has significant lead in over 90 Operations, Squad lead in 41 Ops, 10 FTX's and 2 Trainings. He also has over 900 forum posts and recruited 2 members.

Drifter is currently the MWO Regimental CO. He was posted as the CO back in the end of December just as MWO was stood down to Vanguard status. Before that he did two tours as a N.A. OP-NCO running and scheduling Operations for the Jolly Rogers Company, and that lasted roughly 6 months in total. He says, "I actually enjoyed being the OP-NCO for J.R. it was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of new people, people in BWC but not MWO primaries. It really opened my eyes to how expansive BWC is".

What brought you to BWC?
I started playing MWO in January of 2016, and was surprised that somehow MWO slipped under my radar. Being a big BattleTech fan and loving the old MechWarrior games I jumped on MWO when it came to STEAM. It became clear that MWO was a teamwork based game and while there is sometimes teamwork in a random PUG group, I needed a real team. People dedicated to playing together. So I started looking through the Unit recruitment threads on the STEAM forums for MWO. I came across one for BWC, and was told it was current/active so I followed the link and applied.
Why do you stay?
The people I met. I really appreciated the team based mindset, and the camaraderie that was evident. People were welcoming and willing to teach a bad player how to get better. But it went deeper than that. I really felt like I was connecting to people and making friends. The organization, I really liked the military structure and way things were organized. BWC wasn't some half-baked group of morons who happened to be on at the same time. There was expectations and procedures, a defined way things work. I know it sounds silly to someone "outside" but it actually takes effort to get a couple hundred people playing together and on the same page. Just because X number of people want to play, doesn't mean they all want to play the same way or at the same time, etc. And getting that ironed out takes some amount of organization and over-sight. I stick around because we're a team, and that team extends outwards into a community. One I'm proud to be a part of.
Have you been in any other Gaming Communities?
Long time back when MMOs were still new to the scene in the early 2000’s I did play in other communities.
Any games played outside of the BWC at present?

I play a lot of Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, Payday 2, Need For Speed and StarWars:Rebellion, NeverWinter Nights 1 & 2, Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, and started the Divinity Original Sin remake.
How many hours of Gameplay are you getting a week or daily?
Lets just say if it was a second job I’d have a lot of overtime.
What's one of the funniest things happen to you in BWC?
We were in a match - domination mode. I was in a Griffin 2N. It came down to two people left in the match, myself and one enemy player. We were both pretty banged up, I had run out of ammo and had lost my arm with Med Pulse lasers on it. The other guy had maybe one small pulse laser and wasn’t going to kill me anytime soon. I didn’t have anything left to kill him with and someone on the Comm Link said “Just run into him, do collision damage”. So, I was trying to go around this building and jump down on him to do damage. This went on for some time. I think it was Makro who had made a video of it and put the Benny Hill soundtrack to it. Pretty funny to watch. Check it out here!

Here is Drifter's detailed Billet History, including promotions and some of his more prestigious awards.
The dates are linked to the forum posts that correspond to the comments made by his CO's and Peers.
(a must read)

2016-02-19: Promoted to E-1 2016-06-14: Promoted to E-5
2016-03-03: Promoted to E-2 2016-09-06: Remained as E-5
2016-04-04: Promoted to E-3 2016-12-18: Promoted to Captain
2016-06-03: Promoted to E-4 2016-12-30: Promoted to Captain MWO OIC
2017-02-02: Promoted to E-5 2017-05-05: Promoted to O-7 for MWO Regimental CO

(Hover over dates for forum links to these awards)
__________________________________________________ _____________

HighPlains_Drifter as MWO RCO

Brigadier General

Regimental Commanding Officers are responsible for the overarching success and member experience of a BWC game supported on a Regimental level. They are tasked with creating and sustaining victory conditions for their players, constantly striving to reflect the BWC commitment to Excellence In Gaming. They are responsible for maintaining a fun, healthy and engaging gaming environment through consistent operations, recognition, training, recruiting and by maintaining the overall health and sustainability of the game they are in charge of. BWC RCOs participate in regular bi-weekly meetings with other RCOs, S-Shop OICs and the BWC Command Team to ensure a continuity of player experience and communicate specific Regimental activities and needs. This billet is appointed by BWC Command and reports directly to BWC Actual. Review and renewal occur on a six month cycle unless otherwise stated.

Are there any games you would like BWC to get involved with?
BWC, when it comes to gaming, likes to get into games that have more competition. I'm a big fan of role playing games. I’d really like to try Red Orchestra 2 Rising storm by Trip Wire the new Vietnam game that’s coming out, looks pretty cool. They just came out with a new sequel called Red Orchestra 2: Vietnam. Which you can guess is the Vietnam Theater, it looks pretty interesting.
Any charities you’d like to see BWC involved with?
Wounded Warriors and Red Cross.
Hopes for BWC's future?

I'd like to see BWC keep growing and adding supported games to it's roster.
How were you able to turn MWO back into a full regiment?
I wouldn’t necessarily say it was me, honestly we just kept playing and enjoying the game. Everyone that plays MWO likes and enjoys it. Sometimes people get a little burned out playing a game and people move on to other games. But seeing there was still a group enthusiastic about playing it and playing it as a team really drew people back.
Would you say that the Battle of Tukayyid and MWO changing the skill tree within the game had an influence in your numbers and the return of older players?
Tukayyid was perfect timing. We were just looking at returning to a regimental standing. We had older players coming back and even people with other primaries coming over to play along side us. People were interested in the event itself and it was a major contributor to gathering a lot of people. Especially when we were able to show what we could do. We didn’t necessarily have the best win loss or kill death ratios. We were able to get a decent score and do it with a lot less games then others who scored higher than us. The number one place in Smoke Jaguar had like 5000 matches. We were able to take seventh place with a lot less matches. Especially when you compare us to many of the other Factions. I think that’s a pretty good example of what we’re capable of.
Any planned monthly events in MWO?
Not every month but that’s not the end of BWC MWO events. We have more stuff coming up. The Reg EX, Commee, is taking it on himself to organize a lot of that and its not the only thing coming up. We plan to have events be a continuous and expectable thing in MWO for BWC.
Anything coming up in MWOs Future?
There’s an MWO lance challenge coming up we’re wanting to get going by the end of June. It’s a lance Challenge. People are in designated teams keeping track of their score report back with scores and screen shots. Over time at the end of the period the lance with the highest scores will win. We are planning to have prizes for this so that’s pretty cool.
HighPlains_Drifters message to the BWC

To BWC, thanks for letting me be a part of this community. To new recruits I'd say you found a good place to game, with good people.

One Team One Fight

2017 “One Team One Fight” (OTOF) Campaign. Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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