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Armistace Day Centennial

Written By: Evans
Art By: ByroniusMonk

Armistice Day 2018-Centennial Anniversary, the end of WW1

The Great War, an event that shaped the 20th Century, the likes of which was never foreseen or expected, a devastating maelstrom of which the known world had entered unprepared, ended one hundred years ago on November 11th, 1918, known today as Armistice day. This is not a day to celebrate but to remember those that paid the ultimate

[PS2] Rise of the Phoenix

Written by: IgniteGX
Art by: ByroniusMonk

Rise of the Phoenix

BWC has had a long illustrious history with Planetside 2. With that being said it was almost time to pull the plug on the game that allowed BWC to grow to prominence. Planetside 2 has a long history being released November 20, 2012 and still continuing to this day. Prior to Planetside 2, BWC was pushing the meta in the original Planetside. There are many reasons that could be

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Written By: IgniteGX
Art By: Samurai

Forsaken, the latest expansion for Destiny 2 is upon us. This is a massive expansion that the developers from Bungie are planning to change and build Destiny 2 in a new and greater direction. First of all, Forsaken is taking us Guardians in a more personal direction by killing are favorite and most beloved Vanguard in Cayde-6. This is going away from the old version of new enemy for x reason to a completely vengeance...

WoW: The Battle for Azeroth

Epic Operation
Monday, August 13th 18:00 OpServ

As a new age of warfare begins, the Heroes of the Horde must set out on a journey to recruit new allies, race the Alliance to claim the world's mightiest resources and fight on several fronts to ensure that the Horde will lead Azeroth into its uncertain future.

We have been tasked by the Warchief and her Advisers to secure allies and resources for the Horde War Effort. We must venture to


Dear Visitor and Operators!
Here you can find in-depth information about the project as it grows: LINK

Is a community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena-shooter with focus on creativity, currently in the making by Five Studios Interactive. Players compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with their own unique drone designs, to become the smoothest drone operators in the galaxy.

We are an independent game studio and...




The BWC fleet needs you for Segment Three of our 'Into the Verse' Epic Op in Squadron Battle from May 20th to June 2nd! Prepare for an arena-style action-filled dogfighting game mode with your squadron and prepare to slug it out with the other team in the cold, dark abyss of space. Each team will start with a certain amount of tickets, and will have to bring down the other team's tickets by damaging and destroying their ships! Lose all your tickets and the game will enter Final Kill, where you will have no respawns! As always, teamwork will be needed to win and bring glory to BWC!

For a detailed schedule of all of the operations available during this time, see this SCHEDULE of weekly operations. Multiple operations will be offered across time zones each week allowing players plenty of opportunities to participate.

This Epic Operation comes hot on the heels of the new patch, 2.6.2, which primarily consists of the ability to switch game modes without the long loading times, and a number of bugfixes that should allow for the operation to run more smoothly. 2.6.2 will also bring the release of a new flight-ready ship, the DRAKE Buccaneer.

Any BWC member who owns the game is invited to join! The following awards are up for grabs:

SC Into The Verse Ribbon - - This ribbon is awarded for attending at least six operations during the Star Citizen "Into The Verse" Epic Operation.

SC Into The Verse Medal 1 - - This medal is awarded for attending at least twelve operations during the Star Citizen "Into The Verse" Epic Operation.

SC Into The Verse Medal 2 - - This medal is awarded for attending at least eighteen operations during the Star Citizen "Into The Verse" Epic Operation.

All of the details of the operation can be found HERE.

What is Star Citizen?

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, Star Citizen is a 100% crowd funded game aiming to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion. More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay. For more details, please visit the official website HERE.

One Team One Fight

The Star Citizen regiment offers all BWC members a great opportunity for some increased gaming, team building and event participation. Attend Star Citizen operations, trainings, and FTXs and earn credit in the 2017 "One Team One Fight" (OTOF) Campaign. Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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Black Widow Company Veteran Mercs take 7th place in Smoke Jaguar Clan!

Three weeks before the Third Battle of Tukayyid, MWO BWC Veteran Mercs took a contract with the Smoke Jaguar Clan.
With only a days notice to prepare for Battle and as swiftly as the Event started, the Third Battle of Tukayyid has now ended.

The Clans have taken Planet Tukayyid from the Inner Sphere.

Battle of Tukayyid Participant / 1st Most Valuable Faction / Tukayyid Clan Victory

The year is 3052, the place is the Planet Tukayyid. With great loss and the destruction of Clan 'Mechs numbering in the tens of thousands combined, Clan Smoke Jaguar has shown to be victorious, now ranking 1st of the Most Valuable Factions. BWC Veteran Mercs were among the first to sign with Smoke Jaguar and have finished in 7th place within the Smoke Jaguar Clan, being under contract to protect and defend them at any cost. BWC has been awarded in game Banners with that same title and honor. By comparing the final scores to the other Clans and Houses, BWC would have come in 3rd 4th or 5th in those Factions had they been under contract to them. Half way through the 10 days of the event BWC was fluctuating between 7th and 12th place within Smoke Jaguar. But, they were also holding their own at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th compared to the scores of other Factions at that time. Record numbers of BWC Veteran Mercs responded to the call for Battle, including several past BWC members that joined in to fight along side them. BWC stood against many other top ranked and first place Units within the Inner Sphere and were victorious against them in many battles. BWC conducted 21 Operations in support of the ten day long Epic Op resulting in a 27-24 record for Invasion matches and a 20-14 record in scouting mode.

Incoming Messages from Piddles, MWO RSM:
Faction Warfare hasn't been something that has held much interest across the unit or a game mode that we've experienced much success in over the last year. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and commitment our members showed throughout the event. The teamwork and focus displayed throughout all the matches reminded me of why I joined BWC in the first place and the in-game display encouraged new recruits to apply and some older members to return to the game.

The event showed that our membership still has the interest in the game and the capability to surge for events they find worthwhile and rewarding. Our responsibility now is to try find ways to inspire the same level of activity and enjoyment without the benefits of the in-game rewards. However, as the event went on it also highlighted our need to find additional support to schedule and conduct Operations and develop Drop Leaders. We did get a few people posting operations on their own but the bulk of action was scheduled and run by the same people that selflessly shoulder most of the burden in MWO and towards the end of a high activity week the strain began to affect our capability a bit.

I am happy with our win-loss record, even though it was mostly against unorganized PUGs. Faction Warfare is a game mode we've struggled with in the past. We still have room for improvement, of course, and the event helped identify things to focus on to get there. Overall I am proud of BWC for its efforts and accomplishments and see us continuing to rise in MWO.

- MWO RSM, Piddles
(good job, all)
- MWO RSM Piddles
Incoming Message from HighPlains_Drifter, MWO OIC:
Where we are, with scores & comparisons !

Currently our score is 691, putting us in 8th place of Smoke Jaguar (no small feat considering how many other units switched to Smoke Jaguar at the start, and even more joined earlier this week. Which caused us to move down ladder but we climbed back up!)

Who are we out scoring :
We beat the second place for Clan wolf.
We beat the 6th place for Ghost Bear
We beat 6th place for Jade Falcon
We beat 5th place for Liao
We beat 3rd place for Davion (HHoD is #1 there with a 2000 score, FYI)
We beat the 1st place for Kurita
We beat 1st place for F.R.R.
We beat 5th place for Stiener
We beat 3rd place for Marik

-HighPlains_Drifter MWO OIC
(Incoming Message from BWC XO to MWO OIC)
Fucking amazing job.

I sat down the other day and saw a dozen or so of you folks in op channels, and remembered that you all had an epic op going on with the new Tuka-whatever thing going on and thought "Well, hell, I might as well reinstall and pop in for a second, see what's up." I got steam figured, reset my password 'cause I had NO idea what it was, and jumped in.

Immediately I was dropped into match by a welcoming group of folks who had their shit together, and were completely willing and even HAPPY to have another person along for the drop. We went on to beat the ever-living crap out of the bad guys, and it was obvious we won because our team was organized, listening to calls, and knew their shit. I can honestly say it was some of the most fun I had had in months while gaming, and I know it was because of the people I was playing with, not the game mechanics or because it was some new and shiny AAA title.

And you know what? I thought it was a fluke, I thought, well, it was just a good time to jump in, nothing big, but no, you all did it twice more on the same day. That evening I sat down and saw a group of you and sat in, listening to Comms and hearing the support you gave each other. Everyone had their serious-mode hats on for OP time, and STILL you all were laughing, having a good time, and kicking SERIOUS metal-clad ass. I jumped into game and got in with your third drop and we won that one too, it was a bit of a struggle, but drop lead pulled off some great calls, and everyone worked together to make shit go boom.

I just wanted to say, your effort in making MWO a supremely welcoming place has been noticed, you all (emphasis HPD) make BWC a better place to be a gamer.

Well done, keep it up.
-BWC XO Streetwise
(Incoming Message from MWO OIC to MWO Regiment)
Just wanted to say

Just wanted to tell you guys that the turn out, the dedication and the effort you guys have been putting into the PGI event ; And supporting your MWO Brothers & Sisters is magnificent. Really, you guys have impressed me. Since Friday night, we have had an almost factory-shift like turn out and play.

Almost 3 weeks ago now, we took the Smoke Jaguar Contract. The decision was based around the fact they had a 30% contract bonus, and no other Merc units were currently playing under that Clan. When the Battle of Tukiyyid began, it was just us. Before Friday night was over Smoke Jaguar had become one of the most staffed Clans in the event. In other words, the competition to be recognized under Smoke Jaguar went from guaranteed to cut-throat over night.

Keep this in mind because it means we are competing against a lot of people under S.J. A lot of people...

And despite the odds, BWC has maintained a visible presence on the S.J. Leaderboards ! While we have slipped here and there overall BWC has maintained a top ten position for the last 4 day cycles and including this morning. As I type this we are currently #9 in the event. Competing against Units like -SA- and Federation 420 Mercs.

I also want to give a pat on the back for how damn well we're doing in Faction Warfare over all. I don't like to admit it, but we were losing our edge and began slipping in the quality and ability of our team. That's over. I'm seeing effort, I'm seeing dedication, I'm seeing people who have really stepped up their game and try. TRY ! We won't win every match, every time but you guys are giving 110% and I'm proud of it!

Last night BWC went head to head on Boreal against HHoD. They are a very fine Unit with a lot of skill. We fought them to a stand-still with a lead in kill-counts while carrying two PUGs. Through-out the drop we maintained a 5 or better kill lead on HHoD, and ran the defense clock down to 6 minutes left. At the end, a well orchestrated light rush was able to drop the generator while we dropped in new mechs.

Final score was 43 to 46, and I'm not ashamed of that.

You guys are doing good, and you deserve to hear it. Keep it up.

Final Totals / Top Factions
Each House or Clan only listed their top five Units.
There were hundreds of others that participated.
Units BWC outscored are marked in RED.

1. SMOKE JAGUAR 78,734 1. LIAO 29,473
2. JADE FALCON 30,301 2. MARIK 28,006
3. GHOST BEAR 29,469 3. STEINER 23,584
4. WOLF 25,426 4. RASALHAGUE 20,022
5. DAVION 17,563
6. KURITA 17,298

1. [21JM] 21 CITSEJAM 4754 1. [CWI] Clan Wolf - International 1268
2. [420m] Federation 420 merc 4405 2. [RCW] Russian Clan Wolf 1042
3. [77BW] 77TH Black Wolves Company 2257 3. [WTAU] Tau Wolves 962
4. [331] 331st RBMD-The Minnesota Tribe-EU 1653 4. [SRPH] Seraphim Regiment 889
5. [-SA-] Smoke Adders 1371 5. [WB] Wolf Brotherhood 509
7. [BWC] Black Widow Company Veteran Mercs 937

1. [GCGB] German Clan Ghost Bear 1928 1. [KCom] Kell's Commandos 2182
2. [CWM] WidowMakers 1771 2. [R79T] 79th Raptor Talon Cluster 2145
3. [CGBI] Clan Ghost Bear International 1391 3. [DSx] Diamond Shark 1741
4. [RCGB] Russian Clan Ghost Bear 1262 4. [UN2] UNSTOPPABLE2 1176
5. [Dude] DudesClub 1160 5. [RJF] Russian Clan Jade Falcon 1087

1. [TCAF] Tikonov Commonality Armed Forces 2191 1. [HHoD] HeadHunters of Davion 3262
2. [PHL] Phoenix Legion 1838 2. [31HR] 31st Hussar Regiment 1693
3. [(MS)] Mercstar Gaming 1641 3. [502] 502 Pz Regt 851
4. [54MR] 54th Mechanized Regiment 1614 4. [C4] C4 693
5. [BBAR] Black Bands Armored Regiment 1275 5. [66AH] 66th Avalon Hussars 631

1. [NS] Night's Scorn 1436 1. [ISEN] Isengrim 1314
2. [BCMC] Bravo Company Merc Corps 1241 2. [LORS] Legion of Rising Sun 1187
3. [C0MA] The Colonial Marines 1158 3. [RSOR] Rasalhague Special Ops Regiment 930
4. [IDI] Independent Defence Industries 970 4. [-S0-] Sons of Odin 912
5. [CH] Cameron's Highlanders 655 5. [1stH] Hussar Remnants 640

1. [12DG] 12th Donegal Guards Battle Group 2473 1. [228] 228th IBR 2983
2. [EVlL] EVlL 2124 2. [)MM(] The Molten Metal Militia 1435
3. [SRoT] Skye Rangers of Terra 1574 3. [IREX] Indomitus ReX 1122
4. [CbR1] Cobra Command 1163 4. [-LAS] Letztes Aufgebot Steiners 1055
5. [LoDD] Legion of Dynamic Dischord 805 5. [PL] Praetorian Legion 839


MechWarrior Online is a fully supported game regiment and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, MWO espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly. Attend a MWO operation, training, and/or FTX and earn credit in the 2017 “One Team One Fight” (OTOF) Campaign. Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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