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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

After grinding their gear for over a month, the Guardians of BWC are about to embark on Destiny 2's new and fourth expansion: Shadowkeep. On the 1st of October, Destiny and Bungie, will be heading into a new future which we all are excitedly waiting for. The Shadowkeep expansion is the first created by Bungie as an independent publisher. Though one will have to buy the...

Borderlands 3

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Borderlands 3

Are you a Vault Hunter? Like to get your hands on a billion guns? WAT... yep, over a BILLION guns! Well, if you are, Borderlands 3 maybe the game for you.

Borderlands 3, produced by Gearbox Software, takes place five years after the events of Borderlands 2. The game uses the Unreal 4 gaming engine and will feature gorgeous, high definition animated graphics. The

World of Warcraft - Classic

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

World of WarCraft Classic

Fifteen years after the launch of Blizzard's famous MMORPG World of Warcraft, the franchise is traveling back to where it all began. World of WarCraft Classic will be launching on the 27th of August. Classic will attempt to faithfully recreate the original World of Warcraft. The game will begin after the "Drums of War" patch which was originally released on August...

Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...



Attention to Orders.

The BWC is driven by volunteers, and today we honor those of us who have gone above and beyond to make this gaming community the best one out there. Though this is a regular announcement for BWC, what we showcase here is nothing short of extraordinary.

The following soldiers and leaders have demonstrated through their words and actions to have the desire and knowledge to ensure the standards of our community are upheld for all our members. They have all not only met minimum criteria requirements, but have also been recommended by their C&S and passed a review by Regimental and Divisional C&S. We are proud of those of you who have had such a positive impact on BWC, and thank you for stepping up to the plate. Without further ado, we present the recipients of the following awards, and display their command write-ups detailing their actions:


Vanibanez RoflcopterV22
VIK1NG prozone
For Operation attendance during June, Vik1ng has been awarded for Soldier of the Month.
- HighPlains_Drifter, MWO RCO
For leadership credits during Operations in June, Prozone has been awarded for Leader of the Month.
- HighPlains_Drifter, MWO RCO

Seler Gyun
Seler had volunteered to take Squad Leader a number of times for the Into the Verse EPIC Operation when
no one else would. He also assisted in running the new themed operation during the EPIC's break week
several times. For his willingness to step up and contribute, we award Seler the Solider of the Month.
- SC Game C&S
Gyun approached C&S with an idea of an EPIC Op (Into the Verse) and presented his written proposal. Gyun,
C&S, and a few other members collaborated on finalizing the Operation and approved. Not a moment later, he
worked with PAO to publish the ALCON, Front Page Article, and the Pixel Warriors to create the awards.
He also coordinated with various members to set up a schedule to host the Operations. For his time and effort
in leading the charge on this, we award Gyun the Leader of The Month.
- SC Game C&S
StarVenture Aniron
Soldier of the month goes to StarVenture for assisting members with loadouts and tactics. But more
importantly for showing up to OPs he normally wouldn't have in order to have more participants to increase
the fun factor. The success of BWC in Star Citizen is going to include doing things we might not want to in
order to complete our goals. With this, we know StarVenture will jump to any task needed without question or
- SC Game C&S
Leader of the month goes to Aniron in stepping up to conduct someone else's scheduled OPs that couldn't make it.
Backing each other up is what we're all about, whether it be in-game or real life. There will be many instances were
someone isn't going to be able to do something and we need people who is not afraid to step up and take the reigns.
- SC Game C&S

John De IgniteGX
JohnDe is a great asset to the PAO shop. The man is a machine turning out articles left and right, with five articles
just in the month of April. He has also taken the initiative to jumpstart our interview project, and has already produced
results. With his steadfast contributions, we in PAO have been able to expand our article creation base into other arenas,
and thus we are proud to award him the SotM ribbon.
- Samurai, PAO OIC
IgniteGX is our Press Officer and has done an exceptional job for April. He has scheduled a consistent stream of front
page content and proactively worked with game regiments to help promote their Operations and generate interest for
them. He has also expanded the press team by reaching out to writers and done a great job answering people's
inquiries and recruiting them into PAO. For his consistent activity and motivation in operating such a clean shop, we
are proud to pin him the Leader of the Month ribbon.
- Samurai, PAO OIC
BigZach Makro
BigZach has done a tremendous job with our media section. As a video editor, he has gone above & beyond his
billet requirements and created video content, not just editing existing content. And the existing content that is sent
to him is quickly prepared and uploaded to our youtube channel for public consumptions. He has also expanded
the office by finding and bringing in new sound clips and presentation styles that make our video content more
enjoyable and exciting. We are proud to pin him the SotM ribbon for his work.
- Samurai, PAO OIC
Makro is our Media Officer and has done a great job for June. He has kept tabs on his streamers and made
sure the schedule for both streaming and video uploading is smooth and without conflicts. He also looks out
for pertinent news and shiny things that might be of interest to BWC, and we are very grateful for his
continued vigilance in keeping us up-to-date and relevant in the fast-moving world that we operate in today.
For his consistent activity and motivation in operating such a clean shop even with his busy life and being
halfway across the world, we are proud to pin him the Leader of the Month ribbon.
- Samurai, PAO OIC

It is always a pleasure to recognize the dedication of our soldiers and leaders who selflessly dedicate themselves to helping their fellow peers and maintaining the principles upon which our organization was founded upon. We are a community of gamers first and foremost, and there wouldn’t be a community as great as ours without the efforts of people such as those named above. Once again, thank you all so much for your service to the continued excellence of the Black Widow Company.

Attached Files

Attention to Orders.

It’s that time again when we recognize the effort put into the Black Widow Company by its members.

New Recruits to BWC are subjected to a mandatory two week trial period so they can test to see if BWC is what they’re looking for and for their C&S to see if they are a good fit. They complete a quick Onboarding to introduce them to how we run things in BWC such as Opserv and how their chosen gaming division works, and one operation where they have the opportunity to join fellow BWC members in a live-fire test of their skills.

During the months of May and June, 22 recruits fulfilled their requirements and became full members of the Company at the rank of E-2.

[Battle Division]
  • 7dsIra
  • 7ds Superbia
  • Threadcutter
  • Pharotek
  • Kitarin
  • Sharp-Cut
  • Juvat
[Warfare Division]
  • Dragonwulfufk
  • Maceman26
  • Bagobones123
  • NMOcelot
  • Rex Morgan MD
  • PyroKnigt
  • Wolkowski
  • Siropain
  • Serveris
  • TR71777
  • WasteOfPlayerSlot
  • Vasily 2013
[Conquest Division]
  • Zecheriah
  • Shath

Please join us in congratulating these new members to BWC. On behalf of all of us, welcome to the jungle!

We also saw 16 promotions this month within our meta game to both E-3 and E-4.

Jack Cole

Congratulations, and we hope you take the next steps towards the NCO ranks!

Speaking of NCOs, we have a few NBR NCO promotions to spotlight. Corrosyph broke into the NCO ranks and became an E-5, Paintcheck obtained his E-6, and Polyakev became our newest E-7. BWC is unique in that our members have the opportunity, as opposed to many gaming organizations, to advance to permanent positions of authority within our ranks. These members have proven via reputation, deed, and accomplishments to have both the desire and knowledge to help us maintain the standards of fun for all our members. They are the true backbone of who we are. Voted in by current NCOs in a review setting, these folks are the real heart and soul of BWC and we applaud anyone who takes that step.

Polyakev joined BWC in 4 years ago and was one of the founding members of the now extremely-successful ARMA 3 regiment. Poly's dedication to the regiment and BWC as a whole can be easily be seen from his jacket. 523 operations attended, 20,000 promotion points prior to the shelving of that system, 53 operations led, and literally countless more as an assistant curator for the ARMA regiment's missions. Very few other BWC members can boast activity like that.

I've known Polyakev for 8+ years as we played together at another community (may we never speak of it again, FullofBeans, Goose, and Poly all know it) prior to BWC and even then Polyakev was acting in a leadership role over there as one of the server administrators. He puts a lot of time and effort into everything he picks up, whether being a DI in Planetside 2 (his jacket lists an impressive amount of trainings in that game), being the first ARMA Regimental Sergeant Major when the unit was getting on its feet, or providing invaluable campaign support for our ARMA operations. It is hard to quantify the impact he has had on the Mission Curator Corps, because Opserv does not track Zeusing as Significant Leadership activity (so any operation in which he was an assistant Zeus and not the operation creator is not marked and I'm sorry but I'm not digging through 523 operations to get a total count, I'm not that dedicated) but he is an invaluable member of the S-6 department.

Polyakev meticulously researched the WWII campaign that finished back in February, setting up his missions to mimic the conditions of the actual battles in Poland in 1944, which added a lot to the overall campaign immersion. He did this from both sides of the war as well, so whether we played as Germany or Russia the mission setups would be historically accurate (or at least as much as you can do in ARMA). Poly's operations are famous for their attention to detail and degree of difficulty. Everyone knows when they sign up for a Poly op they are in for a fight, and that takes a level of practice to get the balance right that is truly rare.

Above all, Poly does this while being humble and industrious. As I've said in previous promotions for our Zeuses, the role is often thankless. People remember operations that did not go well, or bugged missions, but it's relatively rare that they show their appreciation for the effort the curators put into creating their fun. Polyakev never asks for recognition, is equally eager to run a mission or help someone else as the assistant, and is dedicated and loyal when it comes to ARMA activities with his truly impressive operation attendance numbers. After 988 days in grade as E-6 at the time of writing, it is high time Polyakev be promoted to E-7.

- Paintcheck // ArmA III RSM

Paintcheck joined the outfit in Feb 2015. He is currently an NBR E-5 within the ArmA 3 Regiment and the current sitting ArmA 3 RSM. He has led 45 trainings, 4 FTX’s and 1 operation under his belt. In addition to that, he has 117 significant leads over the course of six campaigns. These leads include everything from small fire-teams to full platoons.

Over the course of his various ArmA 3 billets, Paintcheck has received an OAR, a Commendation Medal, and last but definitely not least an Exemplary Soldier Citation. His dedication to the regiment is well documented by said awards, but his dedication to the game is absolutely insane. Here is a small example: In May of 2016 Paintcheck took the time to do a full comparative write up on small caliber ammunition in game. He individually tested each grain of ammunition in-game and recorded the measured results in a way that is easy for everyone, from a veteran player to a brand new recruit, to understand. That event earned him his OAR.

His current dedication to his unit is shown all the time. Over the course of the last year since accepting billet, Paintcheck has made it a routine to make sure our members are recognized for their badassery. He never falters when it comes to enforcing the SOP and ASOP and always maintains discipline before, after, and sometimes during operations.

Finally, while you’d probably never get him to admit it, he cares about the people in Arma 3 and knows that without the organization, structure, and rules we have in place, there would be chaos. He considers his decisions carefully so that they are not a detriment to the community while strongly adhering to his own conviction. At 120 days past his Time-in-Grade as an E-5, and multiple submitted NBR writeups for his own NCOs, it’s about time this promotion went through.

Warfare Division is proud to put forth Paintcheck for promotion! Congratulations!

Commitment. Leadership. Excellence. These are some of the many driving words that may describe Corrossyph and his dedication towards World of Warships as a game company within BWC as well as a community for those looking to meet new people. Corrossyph has built World of Warships from the base game into a shining example of a healthily progressing game within Warfare Division, on top of organizing a team for the community hosted Supremacy League, hosting skirmishes within the World of Warships community and a full re-write of his basic trainings and advanced training.

Corrossyph joined this community in February of 2016. He has led 69 trainings, 4 FTX,124 operations, 11 joint ops, 1 epic operation and 2 Special events, with a focus on what matters most - the activity of a community seen every day by having a constant turnout of members playing together in Teamspeak even outside of scheduled operations. That activity can be counted on OPSERV and witnessed every day as a part of what he has done as a leader and OIC.

As stated above, Corrossyph has worked hard to expand upon the older trainings. He has proposed and written Carrier, Battleship, Destroyer, Cruiser and Basic Ship trainings. He has expanded on these trainings further with the creation of Advanced coursework for each ship class. This has helped players get deeper into the meta of the game if they so choose. His hard work here is incalculable in hours, but from experience I am impressed at the hard work and QUALITY of the trainings.

His leadership in the Supremacy League has been incredible. He found out about the competition on the official game forums(which I swear he lives on), and immediately put up a post to garner interest here. For a pick up team, they have done incredibly well, making it to the finals. While they would lose the last match, and subsequently take fourth place, one cannot deny that a large part of this accomplishment is due to Corrossyph jumping in head first with essentially a pick up squad. He has learned a lot about managing a competitive team, while maintaining an open and positive attitude.

All of this and more has convinced me he deserves a promotion to NBR E-5. World of Warships has transitioned from a super casual, loose hangout spot that sometimes people worked together, to a very driven, vibrant and active community. It is one of the Juggernauts of Warfare Division, and I am proud of what Corrossyph has accomplished.

We in Warfare Division are pleased to put forth this member for promotion! Congratulations Corrossyph! o7

It is always a pleasure to recognize the dedication of members who continually show that they are driven by giving enjoyment to others, and selflessly dedicated to maintaining an aura of fun wherever they might be. We are a community of gamers first and foremost, and there wouldn’t be a community without the efforts of people like these gentlemen. Thank you all for your dedication to the continued excellence of the Black Widow Company, and thank you to everyone else for contributing to this community.

Xzenocrimzie, Ops 2IC
Elby, Ops 3IC
BWC Operations
Black Widow Company
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