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Division 2 Free to Play Weekend 13-16 June

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Chephen

Division 2 Free to Play Weekend
13-16 June

In a surprise offering during their presentation at E3, Massive Entertainment has announced a FREE to PLAY Weekend beginning this Thursday, 13 June through Sunday, 16 June. If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to purchase the Division 2, now is the time to give it a free trial. For those who enjoy the experience and want to continue their progression,

Destiny 2 The Season of Opulence

Written by: L A V A
Art by: ByroniusMonk

Destiny 2 The Season of Opulence

The last and third installment of Destiny 2's current Season Pass content is dropping on June 4th and there are tons of stuff to be excited about! Right at the top of the list is the new Raid: The Crown of Sorrow. The Raid will be taking place on the mighty Leviathan Spaceship and will feature a power level cap during the first 24 hours for those teams looking to be...

Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

Thanks to the Drifter, the Guardians of BWC have been acquiring new armor sets to play Gambit in Destiny 2. Whether it be a Reaper, Sentry, Collector or Invader Set, it is time to put those armor sets to the test. Using the new Private Gambit Matches feature, the Destiny 2 Regiment lead by KayLous and dwk001, have announced an internal BWC Gambit Tournament to be...

Directive 51 Activated – BWC Agents Respond!

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk


As the Green Poison runs rampant wrecking havoc in its wake, a collapse of the Strategic Homeland Division's (SHD) Command and Control System sparked a distress call from Washington, D.C. In response, the President activated Directive 51 for all agents of the Division to move to secure the Nation's Capital. Here at BWC many of those covert agents...


Written By: L A V A
Art By: Chephen


In a stunning surprise, forces of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China launched a successful attack on the West Coast of the Continental United States. Although the PLA continues to advance in some sectors, Higher Authority tasked BWC to prepare an Operational Plan (OPLAN) code named "Homefront" to regain the initiative. This plan has been approved and the Operational...



Happy Holidays!

It is the holiday season once again. This includes many events that will be occurring within games to celebrate that holiday spirit. So grab that present from the winter veil tree or cook those random cookies for the Sleigh Sparrow. Have fun and enjoy these holidays. To everyone in BWC have a great Christmas, Hanakkuh, New Year, or any other happy event/holiday.

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Written By: Evans
Art By: ByroniusMonk

Armistice Day 2018-Centennial Anniversary, the end of WW1

The Great War, an event that shaped the 20th Century, the likes of which was never foreseen or expected, a devastating maelstrom of which the known world had entered unprepared, ended one hundred years ago on November 11th, 1918, known today as Armistice day. This is not a day to celebrate but to remember those that paid the ultimate price both military and civilian and to take a few minuets to remember all those lost in conflicts around the world since then.

The aftermaths from many of the battles in The Great War remain to this day in the form of desolate trench-filled wastelands, unexploded ordnance, and most importantly, fields of tombstones dedicated to service members of all nations who gave their all for citizen and country. The most prominent records to survive the war are individual journals, writings, and letters inscribed by those who were closest to it. Consequently, the struggle of these brave souls is recondite to most today, as these battles are from an age set before the rise of photography and videography.

In spite of the passage of time, The Greatest of Wars is not forgotten – especially by the Black Widow Company. As a veteran-founded and operated organization we carry and remember these stories with us as tribute to those who sacrificed before. As such, BWC venerates those who give of themselves for their fellow man from all walks of life and culture. We celebrate the freedoms and lifestyles protected by service and honor that same sacrifice as a necessary tragedy.

In correspondence to the 100th Anniversary to the end of The Great War and our esprit de corps as a unit, live life as those before use fought for – with freedom on your heart and peace in your mind. Have a blast meeting people from around the world, strengthen bonds with other members of the community, and recognize the daunting effort put forth by those who protect it – no matter the nation, flag, or creed.

Armistice Day 2018 Leg Op

2018-11-09 17:00

2018-11-11 22:00

Ribbon: Participate in 1 Armistice Day 2018 Op.
Medal: Participate in 3 Armistice Day 2018 Ops in 2 different games.

An extract from the poem.
For the Fallen.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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