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Armistace Day Centennial

Written By: Evans
Art By: ByroniusMonk

Armistice Day 2018-Centennial Anniversary, the end of WW1

The Great War, an event that shaped the 20th Century, the likes of which was never foreseen or expected, a devastating maelstrom of which the known world had entered unprepared, ended one hundred years ago on November 11th, 1918, known today as Armistice day. This is not a day to celebrate but to remember those that paid the ultimate

[PS2] Rise of the Phoenix

Written by: IgniteGX
Art by: ByroniusMonk

Rise of the Phoenix

BWC has had a long illustrious history with Planetside 2. With that being said it was almost time to pull the plug on the game that allowed BWC to grow to prominence. Planetside 2 has a long history being released November 20, 2012 and still continuing to this day. Prior to Planetside 2, BWC was pushing the meta in the original Planetside. There are many reasons that could be

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Written By: IgniteGX
Art By: Samurai

Forsaken, the latest expansion for Destiny 2 is upon us. This is a massive expansion that the developers from Bungie are planning to change and build Destiny 2 in a new and greater direction. First of all, Forsaken is taking us Guardians in a more personal direction by killing are favorite and most beloved Vanguard in Cayde-6. This is going away from the old version of new enemy for x reason to a completely vengeance...

WoW: The Battle for Azeroth

Epic Operation
Monday, August 13th 18:00 OpServ

As a new age of warfare begins, the Heroes of the Horde must set out on a journey to recruit new allies, race the Alliance to claim the world's mightiest resources and fight on several fronts to ensure that the Horde will lead Azeroth into its uncertain future.

We have been tasked by the Warchief and her Advisers to secure allies and resources for the Horde War Effort. We must venture to


Dear Visitor and Operators!
Here you can find in-depth information about the project as it grows: LINK

Is a community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena-shooter with focus on creativity, currently in the making by Five Studios Interactive. Players compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with their own unique drone designs, to become the smoothest drone operators in the galaxy.

We are an independent game studio and...



World of Warcraft Operation Bloodhunt
World of Warcraft is holding an Operation for the Summer Bash July 28th at 13:00. They're trying to get as many people out to PVP as possible. In order to entice members the person with most kills gets a digital deluxe upgrade to the BfA expansion and a second prize of any vanity pet of their choice from the Blizzard Store.
Here it is folks. In honor of the upcoming XPack and the focus on Horde vs Alliance
(because who said anything about the old gods???)
we will be having a pvp oriented operation during Summer Bash.

Everyone that participates will have a chance of winning 1 of 2 prizes. The first prize is for the winner of the operation and is a digital deluxe upgrade for the BfA expansion (or $20 Blizzard store credits if they already own it). Second Prize goes to a random participant (but not the first prize winner) and is a choice of any vanity pet from the Blizzard Store.

Streamer Needed !!!

The Alliance has forgotten their Honor!

The combined might of the Horde and Alliance brought down the universe threatening power of the Burning Legion. Out of good faith, the Horde sent scientific teams to Silithus to find out what effect Sargeras' Coup de Gras had on our planet. But the Alliance is not satisfied with peace. They have sent their spies among our operations and their heroes attack our civilians. Word comes that expeditions have been sent to the Dupicitous Dark Irons and the Island nation of Kul Tiras.
This could only mean one thing: The Alliance is gearing for war!

Disrupt Alliance efforts to gather resources and train more heroes by calling a Blood Hunt.

A blood hunt is a tradition where each player goes out and collects as much kills as they can during the event. During the course of the 2 hours, each player will go out into the broken isles and kill as many alliance players as possible. You may be solo or in a team. Prior to the start and at the end of the event all participants will meet in Dalaran to tally their kill count. The winner will be the person with the most kills and will receive a digital deluxe upgrade to the BfA expansion. Streaming is encouraged!!
One Team One Fight

Attached Files

Patch and download your games guys!

Summer Bash will include a week-end event, raffles for games and codes for in-game credit, as well as a possible 'grand prize' TBD.

During the Summer Bash, we'll be announcing our next Charitable event, which will either be Child's Play or another of the children's charities we've done in the past, depending on when/if any of them are doing an event later in the year.


As gamers, many of us run into or purchase extra keys to giveaway. Asterix85 will be coordinating the giveaway and raffle. Members wishing to spread the love of giving should contact Asterix85. (LINK) There will be a separate post as we get closer to the Summer Bash detailing the various things members have donated and Asterix will be coordinating any keys/gift cards that members wish to give away.

Summer Bash 2018 this year will be about promoting BWC publicly through the creation of OC (Original Content). During the month of July, we want members to produce OC such as streaming, compilation videos, high-quality gifs or screenshots, game training videos, reviews, or any content that can be consumed out of a game in a public way that ties back to BWC. We'll be sharing this OC on social and gaming media platforms in order to drive our name recognition back up.

Operation Leaders over the course of the weekend will be encouraged to try to run public-facing operations or operations that allow for OC to be created from them in a fun and engaging way for its members. Regimental COs have more details on those wishing to get involved at this level.

We will have three awards, one of which has multiple tiers,
handed out during the Summer Bash.

BWC Summer Bash 2018 Medal
Awarded for participating in the Summer Bash 2018 through
attending an [SB18] tagged operation.

BWC Summer Bash 2018 Original Content Creator Ribbon
Awarded for producing Original Content leading up to, during, or as a direct result of
Summer Bash 2018 that ties back to BWC.

BWC Summer Bash 2018 One Team One Fight Tier 1
Awarded for participating in 3 different games' operations during Summer Bash 2018.

BWC Summer Bash 2018 One Team One Fight Tier 2
Awarded for participating in 6 different games' operations during Summer Bash 2018.

BWC Summer Bash 2018 One Team One Fight Tier 3
Awarded for participating in 9 different games' operations during Summer Bash 2018.


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