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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

After grinding their gear for over a month, the Guardians of BWC are about to embark on Destiny 2's new and fourth expansion: Shadowkeep. On the 1st of October, Destiny and Bungie, will be heading into a new future which we all are excitedly waiting for. The Shadowkeep expansion is the first created by Bungie as an independent publisher. Though one will have to buy the...

Borderlands 3

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Borderlands 3

Are you a Vault Hunter? Like to get your hands on a billion guns? WAT... yep, over a BILLION guns! Well, if you are, Borderlands 3 maybe the game for you.

Borderlands 3, produced by Gearbox Software, takes place five years after the events of Borderlands 2. The game uses the Unreal 4 gaming engine and will feature gorgeous, high definition animated graphics. The

World of Warcraft - Classic

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

World of WarCraft Classic

Fifteen years after the launch of Blizzard's famous MMORPG World of Warcraft, the franchise is traveling back to where it all began. World of WarCraft Classic will be launching on the 27th of August. Classic will attempt to faithfully recreate the original World of Warcraft. The game will begin after the "Drums of War" patch which was originally released on August...

Summer Bash 2019

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Last Friday Knight

Summer Bash 2019

Summer has arrived and we know what that means! It is time to PARTY! Traditionally, here in BWC we call that the Summer Bash, and we also call it an EPIC Operation.

This years Summer Bash will be conducted on the 24th and 31st of August. The first part (and kickoff of the event) will center on Community Games. Community Games are games which are not supported by

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Written by: L A V A
Art by: Byronius Monk

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

Calling all Guardians! Have you spoken to Eva Levante? Have you meditated at the Statute of Heroes? If not, it's time to get going as the Solstice of Heroes has begun and will be running until 27 August. The event, which honors Guardian Heroes of the past, is designed to allow players to earn new armor sets which they can transfer over to the Shadowkeep expansion due...



The Black Widow Company Moves to Nullsec 0.0 on May 18!

BWC's EVE Online Corporation has been planning logistics and preparing for an epic move from the Corporation’s previous base in the lowsec system of Thelan, to their new home in EVE Online’s Nullsec space. Nullsec is what players call the area of space that is not patrolled by the game’s NPC police, CONCORD - and players are free to engage each other at will. This area of space can sometimes be the most dangerous, but with that risk comes great reward. Miners will have an infinite supply of the most valuable ores that the game can offer, combat PVE pilots will have a long list of pirate sites to warp in and clear out, and exploration pilots will have an entire constellation of signatures, anomalies, and wormholes to explore. The corporation will be joining a player alliance called FUBAR, a large Nullsec alliance which is allied with EVE heavyweight alliance Fidelas Constans. Black Widow Company will be entering in the alliance as a full member of FUBAR, with all the perks and requirements that come with it. The move is planned to begin on May 18th.

Previously, BWC tried to stake its claim in Lowsec, an area of EVE Online space that has a reputation of being the stomping grounds of pirates and lone wolves looking for a quick kill. The reputation is correct, and BWC had quite an interesting debut into the game. In true EVE fashion, many BWC players learned through trial by fire - losing ships, and then coming back with a new one. Shortly after our introduction in lowsec system Taff, we joined a Lowsec Pirate Alliance called It Burns when I PVP through contacts within the corporation. Activity stagnated, as much of their corp’s membership were industrial players - and anyone who has played EVE any significant amount of time knows that Lowsec is not the most friendly place for miners. However, BWC’s PVP pilots flourished, participating in many intense fleet engagements.

Links to some of the kills made by BWC members can be found here:

This move is part of a larger reorganization of BWC’s involvement in EVE Online. The previous OIC of the Company, Technique, recently stepped down and is being replaced by Tarlo7. Tarlo, along with Xzenocrimzie and Hornet1314 have had their noses to the grindstone organizing the logistics required to make such a significant move. The team has overhauled leadership organization and corp logistics, made a set of shiny new doctrine ships, and set in place an ore buyback and manufacturing plan to build capital ships for the alliance. The team is also in the midst of writing a comprehensive training plan for new pilots and veteran pilots alike, to make sure that the process of learning the game is as quick and pain free as possible. For a game such as EVE Online, this is no easy task. The game has over 450 unique ships and over 4,000 unique modules that can be fitted to them. EVE Online has been named, whether lovingly or disparagingly, the most difficult MMO to play - often joked that EVE does not have a learning curve, but a learning cliff. Nonethless, BWC hopes to have a program in place that will help players new to the game to join in on the fun as quickly as possible.

BWC’s focus after arriving in Nullsec will be to establish a core of industry inclined players in order to manufacture many of the ships and tools that the corporation will require such as combat ships and industrial command ships. When we’ve settled in, members will be free to make in game currency in whatever manner they prefer - whether it’s mining, ratting, or PI. For those that are more PvP oriented, BWC is expected to participate in Alliance deployments and fleets - which there will be plenty of. FUBAR is currently engaged with Test Alliance Please Ignore in friendly border skirmishes, however the idea of a full deployment is not far out of the question.

BWC’s move to Nullsec is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the meat of EVE Online, and the part of the game that makes it truly special. Many games allow you to have guild holds or strongholds where you can meet up. In EVE Online, our corporation will own a real section of space, unique from all the others, and not instanced off or private. Its benefits and its responsibilities will be ours to bear, and that is a position that not many corporations ever find themselves in. The best opportunity to join in on what EVE Online has to offer is quickly coming upon you. If you played EVE with us while we were in Taff, or have never played the game before with BWC - now is the time.

Add the game to your jacket, and read the EVE Online section on our forums for more information, or approach Tarlo7, Xzenocrimzie, Hornet1314, or Facefisted.


EvE Online is a supported game in our Conquest Division and offers all BWC members a great opportunity for quality gaming, team building and event participation. Featuring tactical variety, fun and engaging gameplay mixed with competitive elements, EvE Online espouses the “One Team, One Fight” ethos that BWC centers itself upon perfectly. Attend a EVE operation, training, and/or FTX and earn credit in the 2017 “One Team One Fight” (OTOF) Campaign. Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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A BWC Interview with Jr4life24
By John De, PAO Editor
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Jr4life24 in Real Life

Jr4life24, who is 19 years old, lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin and presently attends MATC, Milwaukee Area Technical College, studying Criminal Justice. He made a decision to take a Civil Service route instead of a Military one. JR supports himself as a Manager of a fast food restaurant working second shift. Between School, work and the BWC, JR doesn’t find much time for himself but when he can he does what he calls Urban Exploration. Takes a drive, winds up in a Park at 4am, watches a sunset or explores some abandoned building somewhere.

He has been gaming for approximately 15 years since he was about three years old, starting on the original PlayStation. He started to take gaming more serious when the PlayStation 2 came out, when he was about 7-8 years old at that time, with games such as SoCom Combined Assault and Syphon Filter. Nowadays, he doesn’t get too much time to game anymore maybe between 10-15 hours a week. Sometimes, if he’s lucky, he’ll get 20 hours in.

Before BWC, he had previous outfit leadership experience with a PlanetSide2 NC account where he was essentially the lead of several platoons and was the only reason the outfit continued to play. Back in the day he’d lead 2-3 platoons with one other person, which is why Leadership comes to him naturally.

JR’s call sign, Jr4life24, was derived way back when he was playing on PlayStation 2. Because he was such a little kid he called himself “Junior Sniper” for a while in one of the games and he just kind of kept it as JR and then stuck a few numbers in and decided he would keep it. It has stuck with him ever since.

BWC was recommended to him by BWC member Sofo. He came to play Arma 3 and stayed for the environment and the people. People such as Xzeno to Plalanx to Ostagon and everyone in between. All great people and a great environment.

The biggest game he plays outside of BWC is Overwatch. Although BWC does play Overwatch and he does play alongside them, JR plays competitively at a higher level and is in the top 3% with other friends outside of BWC.

I asked him, "what’s one of the funniest things that’s happened to you in the BWC?" He says in Arma 3 there’s a continuous joke with him, that when he says one thing that same thing will immediately happen. There are clips of him saying “hey there aren’t any landmines around” and will then walk into a minefield and pop several mines. In Battlegrounds he'll make a statement of how great this vehicle is and won’t flip over and then two seconds later flips it. Says he has this bad habit where he thinks something is going right, but, knowing himself he messes it up.

Jr4life24 and the BWC

Jr4life24, also known as JR to his friends, joined Black Widow Company in June of 2015. Though some would say JR has only been here a short time, he hasn't wasted any of it just playing games. JR's Jacket will show you his total of 316 Live-fire Ops, 78 Trainings, 17 FTX's and Significant Lead in over 100 Ops. Those of which he led 96 Ops, 39 Trainings and 6 FTX's. All of this in just under two years with 12 people recruited into the BWC as well during this time. But, what his Jacket doesn't tell you is the dedication or passion this person has for Gaming and BWC.

JR's present Billet is the Division Commanding Officer of Battle Division but has held several other billets before this one.

He was appointed to his first Billet as PlanetSide 2 Recruiter, Rank of Staff Sergeant, in January of 2016. He held this position for several months until May of 2016. He was then appointed to his second Billet as NCOIC of PS2, Rank First Sergeant. Seven months later he was promoted to Captain OIC of PS2. He changed his Primary game from Vanguard (Arma 3) to PlanetSide 2, January 14th 2017 in order to take command as OIC of PS2. His present Primary Game shows as Black Widow Company but you'll most likely find him in Team Speak playing Arma 3, PS2 or Eve Online. You can also find JR on Steam, as his name is the same, Jr4life24, and he has over 100 games in his account.

His current time in service rank is E-5 Sergeant. He received his BWC Leadership Ribbon on November 2nd 2016 and passed the NCO peer review board not two months ago on March 5th 2017, thereby obtaining NCO status. Which is something that not too many can do in such a short period of time in BWC.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Here is Jr4life24's detailed Billet History, Promotions and some of his more prestigious awards.
The dates are linked to the Forum posts that correspond to the comments made by his CO's and Peers.
(a must read)
Billet History
2016-01-20: Promoted to E-6 Staff Sergeant, as PS2 Recruiter
2016-05-05: Promoted to E-7 Sergeant First Class, as PS2 NCOIC
2016-11-07: Promoted to Captain for PS2 Battalion OIC
2016-12-31: Promoted to Division Commanding Officer Battle Division
2015-06-03: Promoted to E-1
2015-06-17: Promoted to E-2
2015-07-17: Promoted to E-3
2015-10-15: Promoted to E-4
2017-03-05: Promoted to E-5

Promoted to E-5 and NCO Corps Medal of Excellence Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Operations Leadership [90 Ops] Leader of the Month Ribbon Leadership Ribbon Leader of the Quarter Badge
Awarded: 2017-03-05 Awarded: 2016-05-14 Awarded:
Awarded: 2016-11-14 Awarded: 2016-08-24 Awarded: 2016-11-02 Awarded:
(Hover over dates for forum links to these awards)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Jr4life24 as Battle Division OIC

Divisional Commanding Officers are responsible for the overarching success and member experience of all genre-specific BWC games supported within the Division. They are tasked with shepherding games and helping them to create and sustain victory conditions for their players, constantly striving to reflect the BWC commitment to Excellence In Gaming. They are responsible for maintaining a fun, healthy and engaging competitive environment by maintaining the overall health and sustainability of all of the games they are in charge of. BWC DCOs participate in regular bi-weekly meetings with other DCOs, S-Shop OICs and the BWC Command Team to ensure a continuity of player experience and communicate specific Divisional activities and needs. This billet is appointed by BWC Command and reports directly to BWC Actual.

How has your billet been going?
The billet has actually been really great. There's always something new to look forward to every day as with the wide variety of games that we cover and people we manage there's never really a dull moment.
How do you feel about so many under your command?
As for all the people under my command? It's not really an issue when you have the right people in the right spot doing the best work they do and I wouldn't have it any other way.
You climbed the ranks within BWC very fast, what do you contribute that to?
Just knowing my stuff and putting everything I wanted to do into action. When I had started with Planetside 2, much of the old leadership was either getting burned out on the game or had moved onto other games in where it was left with me and one other person left to build Planetside 2 back up after it had been stood down into Vanguard. I had worked week by week and had built a team from the ground up into the game that it is today, still thriving and going strong.
Why did you leave as PS2 OIC and step up to Division Leader?
I knew Ostagon was able to handle it. I felt as a Division Leader I’d have more of a say with BWC. PS2 was still under my command and I could watch and maintain over it. The game was going nowhere without me in it. I’m not going to let that fail anytime soon.
What do you see happening for Battle Division?
Battle Division is the largest Division in BWC at this time. We have games such as PlanetSide2, Battlefield, MechWarrior Online and that game is still growing ever since HighPlains_Drifter took over. We just stood up Ghost Recon Wildlands. Which will include the Division, Rainbow Six Siege and a few other games like that. We just changed Overwatch into what’s called the Action Arena and that will be Battle Divisions casually supported games gameing area.
What are the best and worst games in Battle Division?
Objectively, PlanetSide 2 and MWO there really is no better game out of the two. Overwatch didn’t really take off the way we wanted to and was just recently stood down.
Any games in the future you’d like to see in BWC?
One of the games on my radar is Titan IM. I think it would be a great complement to Arma 3 maybe even replacing it in time if it has a good enough engine and runs properly. Elite Dangerous has been getting picked up slowly but surely by a few members. I really wish that one day we can do a really big Europa Universalis IV or Stellaris game play.
Are there any charities you would like to see BWC get involved with?
Childs Play or anything related to Cancer Research I think that both of those always need love and attention and effects families all around the world.
Is there anything you would like to include or a message to the BWC?
If you ever see me in channel gaming don't be afraid to stop in and say Hi. I'm not going to kick anyone out and always looking to game with someone
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

On a Personal Note
I was truly amazed at how young JR is. Before and during his interview I was under the impression I had researched and was speaking to someone much older. I was shocked at his interview when he told me he was 19 years old; I thought he was joking. JR presents himself as a very confident, strong spoken individual who is very passionate about BWC, it's members and gaming. He is seriously knowledgeable about the games he's involved in, always looking to improve his game play. He encourages others to improve theirs as well not just by words but by example. BWC Regimental, his past CO's and his peers could not have made a better decision by putting this young man in charge of Battle Division and I am proud to have been able to interview him and be under his command.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Learn more about the OTOF Campaign HERE.

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