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SC: 'Into The Verse' Epic Operation




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  • SC: Segment Two of 'Into the Verse' Epic Op is now live!


    The BWC marine corps needs you for Segment Two of our 'Into the Verse' Epic Op in Star Marine from April 29th to May 12th! Prepare for some team on team FPS action with Star Marine! With maps having various areas of zero-gravity and zero-atmosphere, solid coordination will be needed to bring the classic FPS skills to this game mode. As always, teamwork will be needed to capture and defend points from the other team to get po
    29 April 17, 01:36
  • A3: Scanning the Horizon

    Attention BWC pilots, the new ArmA III Jets DLC is due for release in May and can be pre-ordered with a 10% discount exclusively on the Bohemia Store HERE. In a splendid video, we get to see all of the new aircraft in the upcoming Jets DLC for the first time. The development team is now working on the last bits of Jets DLC content so it can be deployed on Dev-Branch soon.

    The devs also evaluating the state of the game overall, following the significant Update 1.68 (and
    26 April 17, 00:31
  • SWTOR: The War for Iokath has begun!

    The age-old rivalry between the Republic and Sith Empire reignites in Star Wars: The Old Republic - ‘The War for Iokath.’ As the Outlander, you must choose your side in an explosive new story-driven conflict and fight to secure a deadly superweapon… before it’s too late. SWTOR's latest update brings a new planet and storyline, a new Operation raid boss, and new/old companions to interact with.

    The Resource War

    Even in the years before the Eternal Empire’s reign,...
    22 April 17, 15:46
  • WoW: Epic Operation - Broken Shore Assault

    Champions of the Horde! Your War Chief Commands You!

    The Legion is upon us! It is time to bring the fight to the Legion with our advancement on the Broken Shore and destroying the gateway that protects the Tomb of Sargeras!

    Patch 7.2 has dropped new content over the next few weeks. This begins with the unlocking of new artifact traits, appearances, Mythic +, and a new dungeon called the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Join...
    18 April 17, 20:25
  • MWO: Easter Challenge Event

    Greetings Mechwarriors,
    Time for a fun and light weekend event to celebrate Easter! The spring chicks are chirping... the bunnies are hopping around...and the smell of large lasers melting armor drifts across the fields of the Inner Sphere. So grab your melting chocolate and strap into your cockpit, because these prizes aren't going to find themselves. You can read the full contest rules HERE.

    Starts: Apr 13th 13:00 EST
    Ends: Apr 18th 13:00 EST

    16 April 17, 05:13
  • SC: Calling all Forum Warriors!


    The BWC fleet is recruiting all forum warriors for a special mission! With our combat operations currently in full swing for our Star Citizen Epic Op, we are requesting logistical support from all BWC members who have a Star Citizen account to jump start our new Spectrum recruiting thread. We know what you're thinking, "But I thought we already had a recruiting thread for our forums?"

    Well guess again flyboy, because
    13 April 17, 03:40