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  • Arma III Tanks DLC Release

    Written by Avenging7Folds
    Art Edited by Samurai
    Bohemia Interactive released the Arma 3 Tanks DLC and revealed the DLC's content and features. Available as of April 11, Tanks DLC concludes Arma 3's current development roadmap by introducing a brand new Main Battle Tank, Armored Weapons Carrier, Tank Destroyer, a short singleplayer mini-campaign, and a singleplayer Showcase scenario. Tanks DLC is accompanied by a major platform
    20 April 18, 09:27
  • World of Tanks in April

    April Overview: Fools Rush In
    There's a lot happening this month in World of Tanks.
    So, get on your racing, um, treads, as things are off to a flying start in April!
    We begin with a special 24-hour-only tank sale you won’t want to miss and move into a four-day
    World of Tanks seventh anniversary celebration.
    We’ve also got surprise events so secret we couldn’t list them here!
    Rounding out the offerings are two On Tracks, four waves of Tank
    13 April 18, 13:42
  • Rainbow Six: Siege Company Announcement

    Written by Avenging7Folds
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Company Announced

    In February, it was announced that Rainbow Six Siege entered testing with The Vanguard to become a fully supported title. Phalanx, OIC of the Unsupported Games Division (the home of Siege since its reception) recommended to BWC C&S during a bi-weekly meeting that Siege “be stood up as a full title within the next two weeks.” The wait is over: Siege stands independent now. The title has been...
    06 April 18, 10:32
  • Sea of Thieves

    Sea of Thieves
    Become a Pirate Legend

    With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits.
    What will your legend be?

    Exotic islands. Hidden treasures. Riddles, battles and shanties. The essential pirate experience.
    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter...
    02 April 18, 22:26
  • Star Citizen: State of the Game
    Written by: Enelye_Che_Kly
    State of the Game: Star Citizen
    State of the Game is a new series of stories, designed to shed some light on each and every one of the games BWC supports through interviews with the chain of command. It's purpose is to shed some light on them, and generate interest to persuade members to try out some games other than their primary. We begin with a game that has raised many questions, hopes, and fears: Star Citizen. Sitting down with us is Star
    28 March 18, 03:47
  • BWC: New Recruiting Video

    Written by: Xzeno/John De

    New BWC Recruitment Video
    Attention Members, Streamers and Broadcasters
    BWC is in the final stages of production of a new BWC recruitment video.
    We lack new material from all our games and are asking you to get involved to help us complete it.

    Record a half hour to one hour of game play from all our existing games.
    Preferably video of exciting footage, stuff blowing up, visible BWC
    24 March 18, 06:55