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WAR: Project VALOR




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  • WoWS: Hunt the Bismarck

    Get a brief look at the new Bismarck campaign and more on the website HERE.

    All Special Bundles End June 7 @ 08:00 EST
    Basic Bundle starts June 7 and ends June 16 @ 07:20 EST

    Hood isn’t required to unlock the Bismarck in Hunt For Bismarck, but this powerful tier VII fast battleship speeds up your progress and gets you there in style!
    Look for a new special
    Hood bundle each weekend until June 7, while the Basic Hood Bundle starts June 7 and ends
    23 May 17, 20:20
  • SC: Segment Three of 'Into the Verse' Epic Op is now live!


    The BWC fleet needs you for Segment Three of our 'Into the Verse' Epic Op in Squadron Battle from May 20th to June 2nd! Prepare for an arena-style action-filled dogfighting game mode with your squadron and prepare to slug it out with the other team in the cold, dark abyss of space. Each team will start with a certain amount of tickets, and will have to bring down the other team's tickets by damaging and destroying their ships! Lose all
    21 May 17, 03:38
  • MWO: The Third Battle of Tukayyid

    Black Widow Company Veteran Mercs take 7th place in Smoke Jaguar Clan!

    Three weeks before the Third Battle of Tukayyid, MWO BWC Veteran Mercs took a contract with the Smoke Jaguar Clan.
    With only a days notice to prepare for Battle and as swiftly as the Event started, the Third Battle of Tukayyid has now ended.

    The Clans have taken Planet Tukayyid from the Inner Sphere.

    Battle of Tukayyid
    19 May 17, 01:43
  • EVE: BWC moves to Nullsec 0.0 on May 18!

    The Black Widow Company Moves to Nullsec 0.0 on May 18!

    BWC's EVE Online Corporation has been planning logistics and preparing for an epic move from the Corporation’s previous base in the lowsec system of Thelan, to their new home in EVE Online’s Nullsec space. Nullsec is what players call the area of space that is not patrolled by the game’s NPC police, CONCORD - and players are free to engage each other at will. This area of space can sometimes be the most dangerous,
    16 May 17, 04:25
  • PAO: A Personal Interview with Jr4life24

    A BWC Interview with Jr4life24
    By John De, PAO Editor
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    Jr4life24 in Real Life

    Jr4life24, who is 19 years old, lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin and presently attends MATC, Milwaukee Area Technical College, studying Criminal Justice. He made a decision to take a Civil Service route instead of a Military one. JR supports himself as a Manager of a fast food restaurant
    13 May 17, 18:28
  • WAR: Project VALOR

    Show support during Military Appreciation Month! Support Military Families with Project VALOR!

    Wargaming has announced Project VALOR (Veteran & Loved Ones Responsibility), a four-part charity program that hits on what matters most: Family (May), Home (July), Remembrance (September), and Giving Thanks (November).

    May is Military Appreciation Month, where we recognize the heroic acts of our servicemen and women past and present. This includes
    11 May 17, 01:34