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EvE: Phoenix Federation at War in Immensea




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  • A3: Operation Monday Night Football - An ArmA III Story

    The following is a declassified SitRep of Operation Monday Night Football, which occurred on 28AUG2017.

    -Narrative from Bromines-

    The mission was to secure a town out in the middle of nowhere. The squad was supported by a two man mortar detachment that I was in. We were following about 300m behind the squad and were mainly focused on the map and the hills above them. Enemy forces began moving from the West, opposite from the mortar team which was East of the squad....
    14 September 17, 21:12
  • BWC: July and August Promotions

    Attention to Orders.

    It’s that time again when we recognize the effort put into the Black Widow Company by its members.

    New Recruits to BWC are subjected to a mandatory two week trial period so they can test to see if BWC is what they’re looking for and for their C&S to see if they are a good fit. They complete a quick Onboarding to introduce them to how we run things in BWC such as Opserv and how their chosen gaming division works, and one operation where
    09 September 17, 04:15
  • EvE: Phoenix Federation at War in Immensea

    Phoenix Federation (PF), the coalition of alliances that BWC is a member of, is currently engaged in a two front war in its own space. Phoenix Federation, led by ex-CFC alliance Fidelas Constans (FCON) has set up shop in the Eastern regions of Immensea and Tenerifis. To the south in Impass lies ex-CFC alliance Circle-Of-Two (CO2). Previously, CO2 and PF had negotiated a ceasefire pact between their rental alliances - so they could keep the fighting between themselves, and not impact the...
    02 September 17, 20:26
  • A3: Introducing Acts of War Campaign -AoW-

    Gentlemen, prepare for WAR! The ArmA III regiment will be hosting a brand new campaign starting September 1st @ 19:30 EST, Opserv time. Defend Queen and Country with a selection of new toys coming to this campaign, as seen HERE.


    1940 CE. The second great war is in full swing, with Germany tangled in a fierce conflict with Soviet Russia and Imperial Japan bogged down in China. Nothing is certain but an endless stream of...
    28 August 17, 16:57
  • TwitchCon 2017: Tickets are on sale now!

    This October 20 - 22, Join Twitch at Long Beach, CA in celebrating the stories, people, and games that make Twitch, Twitch. So pack your bags for the biggest streaming event of the year as the long wait is finally over and it’s time to get those TwitchCon tickets!


    From the most established streamers, to those brand new to the scene, to the viewers, chatters, & emote spammers, we’ve all had a hand in creating
    25 August 17, 04:21
  • SC: Merlin Tournament is Almost Here!

    MERLIN MAYHEM - 2v2 Star Citizen Squadron Battle Tournament
    - Date(s): August 26
    - Time: 16:00 - 20:00


    - Team Registration (2 things: forum post and Challonge! sign up) by 8/23 (2 pilots)
    - Racing for REC operations start 8/7. (2,000 REC needed to rent a Merlin)
    - Registration CLOSES on 8/24.
    - Team check in (required) on Challonge! starts 14:00 on 8/26
    - Tournament start 16:00

    Sign Up

    - Respond...
    19 August 17, 21:12