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BWC: Keeping the Lights On - 2017 edition




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  • EVE: War in the East - Update

    If you feel lost while reading this article, consider reading the previous article about EVE Online published by PAO HERE.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Russian

    Drone Region Federation reinforcements have arrived in the friendly fleet staging system of 4-GB14. They arrived earlier this month in force bringing hundreds of capital and super capital ships in tow, and loading jump clones into our staging system. Their reinforcements on the frontlines in Immensea...
    18 October 17, 01:08
  • PS2: Join us for Critical Mass!

    //Incoming transmission for BWC-PS2 Regiment//

    Planetside 2 players of BWC, be prepared to improvise, adapt, and overcome once more with a bunch of new changes in the new update. The Critical Mass update will give you all plenty of new tactics to counter, or to carry out yourselves! If you are thinking of joining or returning to the PS2 regiment, well now is the best time to do it. These new additions will definitely pique your interest, so hop on and try out the new stuff
    13 October 17, 13:49
  • SC: Avenger Assault 2v2 Tournament

    2v2 Star Citizen Squadron Battle Tournament
    Date: October 14
    Time: 13:00 - 19:00

    • Team Registration (2 things: forum post and Challonge! sign up) by 10/12.
    • REC operations start 9/14. (6,000 REC needed to rent an Avenger Stalker)
    • Registration CLOSES on 10/12.
    • Team check in (REQUIRED) on Challonge! starts 12:00 on 10/14.
    • Tournament start 13:00
    Sign Up
    • Respond below with your team (name) and who is in your team.
    • Ideally, we
    10 October 17, 15:22
  • A3: Looking back and the way forward

    Funny old things, anniversaries. An occasion to both commemorate a journey made together and - one hopes - to reaffirm that commitment. Indeed, the big gemstone corporations romantic types would have us mark the occasion with a blue topaz. But that seems a little gaudy for the PC's premier military experience.

    Instead, on the day of its 4th - let's say, rather - birthday, we'd like to cerebrate with an Arma 3 retrospective that broadly charts our adventure thus far, and
    05 October 17, 00:35
  • BWC: Keeping the Lights On - 2017 edition

    The Black Widow Company is a vibrant community and home to at least 500 active members. We maintain game servers for supported companies and regiments and carry the weight of these forums, which are continually updated them to make your experience here better. None of this is free. None of this is cheap. Our expenses top $1,600 a year. We don't charge our members monthly dues or fees and we never will. But once a year, we reach out to you and ask for your help. And guess what?...
    27 September 17, 18:10
  • WarG: Second Historical Naval Campaign - Dawn of the Carriers

    On September 23 - 24th, there will be three sorties organized featuring a re-enactment of the Pacific War that established the dominant role of carriers over battleships.

    The three operations planned will be:

    Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor / Battle of the Coral Sea / Battle of Midway

    Setting of each battle will be created and several launches will be held.


    It is generally considered that the Pacific
    21 September 17, 22:56