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  • SC: Star Citizen is looking for Pilots and Marines!

    Written by: Garro,
    Edited by: John De

    SC: Star Citizen is looking for Pilots and Marines!
    BWC-SC is looking to increase its presence and recruitment.
    We're looking for able-bodied Citizens looking for a home in BWC.
    Specifically those willing to make a difference, join our Star Citizen Regiment
    and to fly with us not only in the PU but in all facets.
    We want to boost our numbers and therefore have more pilots on a regular
    21 March 18, 13:09
  • MWO: Solaris 7 Hero Pack

    Written by: John De

    Solaris 7 Hero Pack / $30.00
    Ships Apr. 17th 2018

    The Solaris 7 Hero Pack Includes:

    7 Solaris Hero 'Mechs with Unique hardpoints and 30% C-Bill Boost
    7 'Mech Bays
    3 Warhorns featuring Taunts, Folly FX, and Crowd Reactions
    1 Boosted Standing Item that gives you 5% Accolades Boost (Premium Time will also grant a 5% Accolades boost)
    6 Solaris based “Sponsor Decals”

    *All art ('Mechs,...
    13 March 18, 22:26
  • PlanetSide 2: The Unstable Update

    Written by Nomad

    Planetside 2: The “Unstable Update”

    Originally posted by “ps_nicto” here.

    On February 8th, 2018 Planetside 2 saw a new PC update. The update includes the addition of Unstable Warpgates system, Kolytr VR, New Empire Specific Light-machine guns, adjustments to Vehicle Bases and Lattices and infantry, and vehicles. As well as several bug fixes and miscellaneous changes.

    What are Unstable Warpgates?
    13 March 18, 21:51
  • VAN: Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Chimera

    Written by: Avenging7Folds

    The Vanguard Approves Testing

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege shows no signs of slowing down, with three more seasons still to come which will include six additional operators and two new maps. The title has truly arrived as of 2018. In other Siege news, The Vanguard has officially accepted Rainbow Six into testing as of January 10, 2018. We have seen an increase in [BWC] members hosting operations late in the evening,...
    14 February 18, 13:44
  • WoWS: Ship Shenanigans!

    World of Warships C&S have been holding a weekly Operation on Sundays at 15:00 with a new twist to training and fun.

    Ship Shenanigans are meant to have fun in a crazy, unpredictable way and get the team spirit juices flowing abundantly. If you have some kind of weird association with that last phrase ... well that's all your fault heh.

    World of Warships C&S have decided to continue weekly Operations because of attendance and the awesome level of fun for
    09 February 18, 15:28
  • PAO: Join BWC's Public Affairs Office today!

    Written by John De, PAO Press Officer.

    The Public Affairs Office now has openings and needs you!

    Are you interested in writing, streaming, audio/video recording, generating social media content, creating art in support of BWC and its members and have a passion for detail?

    Then BWC-PAO is the place for you! Are you wanting to do all that, but are new to PAO or even BWC? No worries! A Corporal billet is exactly what you're looking...
    31 January 18, 02:15