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PS2: Faction Smash Incoming!




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  • A3: Good Morning Vietnam!

    Goooooooood morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test! This is rock and roll! Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.!

    BWC is gearing up to take our fight to the jungles of Vietnam with a brand new campaign! Our Vietnam campaign, titled "Good Morning Vietnam," is set to kick off with Epic Operation Peppin on January 19th from 1930 - 2230 and January 20th from 1930 - 2230. Play as ARVN troops in this Epic OP to set up for the arrival of US...
    13 January 18, 05:13
  • PS2: Faction Smash Incoming!

    The BWC PlanetSide 2 regiment is mustering all planetmans to join us for an upcoming community event, Faction Smash!

    We're currently slotted for 10 planetmans and would like to double that number. This is an open invite to all PS2 veteran players.
    Come see what we've been up to!

    me of Faction Smash is on JAN 06, 2018 @ 21:00 EST. BWC will form up in BWC-PS2 TS3 channels at 20:30 EST.

    Since TR-Emerald is full, we're going to be running
    21 December 17, 14:17
  • MWO: Leadership Tournament

    BWC-MWO will be holding a drop-leader tournament and EpicOp on Dec. 16 @ 14:00 EST to celebrate the leadership over the last year of Highplainsdrifter, CommEE, Piddles and those that stood up to make MWO as successful as it is.

    Participants will gather in a private lobby for one of three games modes:

    The Good (where players can run any mech).
    The Bad (where players must all run the same trial mech).
    The Ugly (where all players run the same mech, and
    11 December 17, 12:52
  • Battle: BWC officially welcomes Destiny 2 to the fold!

    BWC is proud to announce our official support of Destiny 2 as a game company under Battle Division! Kilmark, a two-year veteran of our ArmA III regiment, will be our new Destiny 2 OIC and tasked with BWC's mission in protecting the Last City and its inhabitants. Join us starting December 5th for an EpicOp to celebrate our Destiny 2 game company and the release of the first of two new expansions, Curse of Osiris! Kilmark will also be doing a GAME GIVEAWAY during the EpicOp, so now's...
    03 December 17, 17:23
  • MWO: Get Ready for Mech_Con 2017!

    Compiled by John De, PAO Editor.

    Buy your tickets and book your hotel now because Mech_Con is starting in a week! This year, Mech_Con attendees will have the opportunity to be among the first to play an early, never-before-seen build of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries! Check out all the details in the link below:

    Have some fun facts from the Mech_Con Survey!

    1952 Survey R
    28 November 17, 20:40
  • BWC: Personal Interview with Streetwise

    A BWC Interview
    with Streetwise

    by John De, PAO Press Officer

    Streetwise in real life

    Brian aka Streetwise, and known as Street to his friends, is 27 years old. He is originally from Denver, Colorado and now living in Idaho. His education includes some college from University of Wisconsin-Superior, with studies in CIS and Political Science. Says he has no degrees
    19 November 17, 06:05