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In loving memory of Rich "Mischief" Stark


  • In loving memory of Rich "Mischief" Stark

    Title: In loving memory of Rich "Mischief" Stark

    Black Widow Company has always been more than just a gaming community, it’s a family. So it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Rich "Mischief" Stark, one of our very own. For the last six years he was living with Multiple Myeloma. This never slowed him down, or stopped him playing games and enjoying life. He joined BWC as an Elder Scrolls Online player over five years ago, and performed exemplary service to us in S-1, ending his time there as Officer In Charge of Administration. He was also a Legionnaire, not only a rank, but also a position of trust and respect within BWC. Many of us have won victories together with him in multiple games, ranging from Star Citizen, Elder Scrolls Online, PlanetSide 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. He was outspoken and strong of character, a person who you would want in your corner when the chips were down. He displayed his leadership qualities by always being willing to help anyone he could at any time, and by being a true role model to those under his wing, even including Executive Officer Xzenocrimzie. We give our condolences to his family and friends, those in real life and here in BWC.

    Let us all take a knee, offer a toast, whatever is your style, for our fallen brother. Mischief shall not be forgotten.

    May you rest in peace Rich, we will always remember you until we meet again one day.

    • Sorin
      Sorin commented
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      Rich "Mischief" was a man of chracter. No matter the battlefield, either in game or doing admin stuff, I believed his character to be flawless. This says a lot for a man. Many of days and nights were spent in game wrecking havoc on a variety of adversaries. The time spent sitting in voice chat getting to know this man on a personal level was something I admired most about him. He was true, honest, and loyal. Not only to those he worked and served with among BWC, but to his family and friends as well. "Mischief" will be surely missed... on and off the battlefield. Rest soundly my friend. We will see you again in that great game in the heavens.

    • Dread Raider
      Dread Raider commented
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      He is already missed.
      God Speed Mischief, We'll see you when we get there.

    • Pyras
      Pyras commented
      Editing a comment
      Well written, Terry. Rich was not everyone's favorite person. He had a brash attitude, and could absolutely come off as abrasive. But, he saved that stuff for his friends because we knew him best, and knew that he had quite a sense of humor. He was a blunt person, didn't hold much in reserve, and had a lot of opinions too. In many cases, he made damn good points, and he swayed my opinion on more than one subject. I had the opportunity to work with Rich a lot when he was in S-1, and we became very good friends. He was my healing buddy in Star Wars, introduced me to, and was the only one that would play Vermintide with me, and raided with my team in WoW. Even when I left, I always stayed tight with him.

      This is a guy who fought off blood cancer for 5 years. He wasn't quiet about it, you knew when it was a good day and when it was a bad one. But regardless of what was going on, when he was here, he was on point. He helped tons and tons of new members, helped to shape policy and, put in a ton of effort towards this community. I never could thank him enough for everything he did. Whether you knew him, or not, you should all know that he had a profound impact on many lives here.

      This one was hard for me. The guy never let on that it was nearing the end. Many of us spoke to him recently, I spoke to him what was now a couple of weeks ago. Was trying to find out what we could play next, and trying to convince him back into VT2. I always knew Rich was sick, and that he was in and out of treatment centers. But I honestly never thought we had so little time. I am going to miss him tremendously, and I want to thank you guys for honoring his memory.

      We'll catch up again soon, Mischief!
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