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  • USG: Squad

    USG: Squad

    Written by Nomad
    Squad Up

    “Hey Squaddies,

    With summer in full effect in the Northern Hemisphere, we've adopted a "sun's out, guns out" policy and would like to announce a free weekend for Squad! The free weekend will begin on Thursday, June 21 at 13:00 OpServ time and run through to Sunday, June 24th 16:00 OpServ. In addition to that, Squad will have a 40% discount for the duration. Head over to our Steam page to take advantage...
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  • USG: Destiny 2: Warmind

    USG: Destiny 2: Warmind

    Written by Nomad

    Warmind is Destiny 2’s second expansion and with it came a reemergence in
    the game’s popularity in Black Widow Company.

    Here’s the new content breakdown:

    New Story

    New Endgame Activity “Escalation Protocol”

    New Raid

    Factions, Rallies, and Renown
    The new story, on the
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  • SC: Star Citizen 2948 Tournament

    SC: Star Citizen 2948 Tournament

    BWC vs. ORGs Tournament

    BWC vs WSC and possibly LAMP and ACESHIGH in Squadron Battle

    2v2 Double elimination
    Game Mode:
    Arena Commander Squadron Battle
    16 JUN 2018
    1300 OpServ (EST) - until it's over
    Any one can participate
    BWC teams will be randomly paired for the duration of the tournament
    BWC Tournament Winner Medal
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  • MWO: The Little Mech That Could

    MWO: The Little Mech That Could

    NASA’s Opportunity Rover Withstands Another Harsh Winter on Mars

    When the Opportunity rover landed on Mars on January 25th, 2004, its mission was only meant to last for about 90 Earth days. But the little Mech that could has exceeded all expectations by remaining in operation for over 14 years and traveled a total of about 50 km (28 mi).
    Basically, Opportunity has continued to remain mobile and gather scientific data 50 times longer than its designated lifespan.
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  • MWO: Operation Ilva

    MWO: Operation Ilva

    Operation Ilva
    You all must have heard by now of HoppinRavens four year old daughter Ilva.
    If not please refer to these two threads
    Calling all MechWarriors
    We're putting together an Op for Ilva to watch.
    Op will be streamed *LIVE* and recorded by Prozone on

    Wednesday May 30th 2018 @ 20:00
    so Ilva can watch it over and
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  • BWC Social Media and You

    BWC Social Media and You

    Black Widow Company
    has been around for over 15 years now.
    We're as old, if not older than YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Instagram and even Facebook.
    Some or most of us subscribe to one, some or even all of these Social Medias.
    Black Widow Company posts to them all!
    I've been retired for several years and in the real world people ask me, "What do you do to occupy your time?" Well, there's always the typical answers. Kids and the endless activities
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  • SC: Get your CitizenCon 2948 Tickets Now!

    SC: Get your CitizenCon 2948 Tickets Now!

    CitizenCon is coming to Texas this year y'all, and there is still time to get your tickets now! Join your fellow Citizens on Wednesday, October 10th at the Long Center in Austin, Texas, for a full day of presentations and interactions and exploring the current and future developments in Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Building off your favorite elements from last year’s event, and taking advantage of everything the venue has to offer, CIG is excited to bring the event back to where...
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  • Battletech Tournament

    Battletech Tournament

    We're going to give members time to enjoy and practice the game.
    Then we'll be holding a tournament starting on the 15th of May.
    We're getting a roster together and starting a thread in the Mechbay comments section. (LINK)
    Compiling a list of pilots and pairing them off for a basic double elimination tournament facing off with each other with 1 full lance each. This won't be done all in one night but instead the pilots will be given 3 days to meet
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    Last edited by John De; 05 May 18, 16:21.

  • Rainbow Six: Siege Company Announcement

    Rainbow Six: Siege Company Announcement

    Written by Avenging7Folds
    Art by Samurai

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Company Announced

    In February, it was announced that Rainbow Six Siege entered testing with The Vanguard to become a fully supported title. Phalanx, OIC of the Unsupported Games Division (the home of Siege since its reception) recommended to BWC C&S during a bi-weekly meeting that Siege “be stood up as a full title within the next two weeks.” The wait is...
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    Last edited by John De; 06 April 18, 10:51.

  • Arma III Tanks DLC Release

    Arma III Tanks DLC Release

    Written by Avenging7Folds
    Art Edited by Samurai
    Bohemia Interactive released the Arma 3 Tanks DLC and revealed the DLC's content and features. Available as of April 11, Tanks DLC concludes Arma 3's current development roadmap by introducing a brand new Main Battle Tank, Armored Weapons Carrier, Tank Destroyer, a short singleplayer mini-campaign, and a singleplayer Showcase scenario. Tanks DLC is accompanied by a major platform
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  • Division 2 - Expedition: DC Outskirts!

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Byronius Monk

    Expedition: DC Outskirts

    Listen up Agents! There is a new free game mode coming to the Division 2 called Expeditions! The general release will be July 30th for all players and July 23rd for holders of the Year One Pass. Expeditions will be a new game feature and in Episode 1 it will take us out of the city to the DC Outskirts. Each expedition will contain 3 new main missions; the completion of which opens...
    30 June 19, 12:03
  • PAO Wants You!
    Written by: Chephen
    Art by: Chephen


    YES YOU!

    Ever want to move up within the BWC and hold a meaningful billet? Love talking about your favorite games and the going-ons in BWC? Well then have we got the billets for you!

    The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is looking for writers to help contribute to our front page articles and other ALCONs that you see throughout the forums and discord. The only requirements...
    25 June 19, 07:30
  • Division 2 Free to Play Weekend 13-16 June

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Chephen

    Division 2 Free to Play Weekend
    13-16 June

    In a surprise offering during their presentation at E3, Massive Entertainment has announced a FREE to PLAY Weekend beginning this Thursday, 13 June through Sunday, 16 June. If you have been on the fence as to whether or not to purchase the Division 2, now is the time to give it a free trial. For those who enjoy the experience and want to continue their progression,
    11 June 19, 08:20
  • Destiny 2 The Season of Opulence

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: ByroniusMonk

    Destiny 2 The Season of Opulence

    The last and third installment of Destiny 2's current Season Pass content is dropping on June 4th and there are tons of stuff to be excited about! Right at the top of the list is the new Raid: The Crown of Sorrow. The Raid will be taking place on the mighty Leviathan Spaceship and will feature a power level cap during the first 24 hours for those teams looking to be...
    01 June 19, 18:38
  • Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Byronius Monk

    Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

    Thanks to the Drifter, the Guardians of BWC have been acquiring new armor sets to play Gambit in Destiny 2. Whether it be a Reaper, Sentry, Collector or Invader Set, it is time to put those armor sets to the test. Using the new Private Gambit Matches feature, the Destiny 2 Regiment lead by KayLous and dwk001, have announced an internal BWC Gambit Tournament to be...
    17 April 19, 11:31
  • Directive 51 Activated – BWC Agents Respond!

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Byronius Monk


    As the Green Poison runs rampant wrecking havoc in its wake, a collapse of the Strategic Homeland Division's (SHD) Command and Control System sparked a distress call from Washington, D.C. In response, the President activated Directive 51 for all agents of the Division to move to secure the Nation's Capital. Here at BWC many of those covert agents...
    15 April 19, 07:33