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  • SC: Star Citizen is looking for Pilots and Marines!

    SC: Star Citizen is looking for Pilots and Marines!

    Written by: Garro,
    Edited by: John De

    SC: Star Citizen is looking for Pilots and Marines!
    BWC-SC is looking to increase its presence and recruitment.
    We're looking for able-bodied Citizens looking for a home in BWC.
    Specifically those willing to make a difference, join our Star Citizen Regiment
    and to fly with us not only in the PU but in all facets.
    We want to boost our numbers and therefore have more pilots on a regular
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    Last edited by John De; 21 March 18, 22:05.

  • MWO: Solaris 7 Hero Pack

    MWO: Solaris 7 Hero Pack

    Written by: John De

    Solaris 7 Hero Pack / $30.00
    Ships Apr. 17th 2018

    The Solaris 7 Hero Pack Includes:

    7 Solaris Hero 'Mechs with Unique hardpoints and 30% C-Bill Boost
    7 'Mech Bays
    3 Warhorns featuring Taunts, Folly FX, and Crowd Reactions
    1 Boosted Standing Item that gives you 5% Accolades Boost (Premium Time will also grant a 5% Accolades boost)
    6 Solaris based “Sponsor Decals”

    *All art ('Mechs,...
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  • PlanetSide 2: The Unstable Update

    PlanetSide 2: The Unstable Update

    Written by Nomad

    Planetside 2: The “Unstable Update”

    Originally posted by “ps_nicto” here.

    On February 8th, 2018 Planetside 2 saw a new PC update. The update includes the addition of Unstable Warpgates system, Kolytr VR, New Empire Specific Light-machine guns, adjustments to Vehicle Bases and Lattices and infantry, and vehicles. As well as several bug fixes and miscellaneous changes.

    What are Unstable Warpgates?
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  • VAN: Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Chimera

    VAN: Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Chimera

    Written by: Avenging7Folds

    The Vanguard Approves Testing

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege shows no signs of slowing down, with three more seasons still to come which will include six additional operators and two new maps. The title has truly arrived as of 2018. In other Siege news, The Vanguard has officially accepted Rainbow Six into testing as of January 10, 2018. We have seen an increase in [BWC] members hosting operations late in the evening,...
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  • WoWS: Ship Shenanigans!

    WoWS: Ship Shenanigans!

    World of Warships C&S have been holding a weekly Operation on Sundays at 15:00 with a new twist to training and fun.

    Ship Shenanigans are meant to have fun in a crazy, unpredictable way and get the team spirit juices flowing abundantly. If you have some kind of weird association with that last phrase ... well that's all your fault heh.

    World of Warships C&S have decided to continue weekly Operations because of attendance and the awesome level of fun for
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  • PAO: Join BWC's Public Affairs Office today!

    PAO: Join BWC's Public Affairs Office today!

    Written by John De, PAO Press Officer.

    The Public Affairs Office now has openings and needs you!

    Are you interested in writing, streaming, audio/video recording, generating social media content, creating art in support of BWC and its members and have a passion for detail?

    Then BWC-PAO is the place for you! Are you wanting to do all that, but are new to PAO or even BWC? No worries! A Corporal billet is exactly what you're looking...
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  • A3: Good Morning Vietnam!

    A3: Good Morning Vietnam!

    Goooooooood morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test! This is rock and roll! Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.!

    BWC is gearing up to take our fight to the jungles of Vietnam with a brand new campaign! Our Vietnam campaign, titled "Good Morning Vietnam," is set to kick off with Epic Operation Peppin on January 19th from 1930 - 2230 and January 20th from 1930 - 2230. Play as ARVN troops in this Epic OP to set up for the arrival of US...
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  • PS2: Faction Smash Incoming!

    PS2: Faction Smash Incoming!

    The BWC PlanetSide 2 regiment is mustering all planetmans to join us for an upcoming community event, Faction Smash!

    We're currently slotted for 10 planetmans and would like to double that number. This is an open invite to all PS2 veteran players.
    Come see what we've been up to!

    me of Faction Smash is on JAN 06, 2018 @ 21:00 EST. BWC will form up in BWC-PS2 TS3 channels at 20:30 EST.

    Since TR-Emerald is full, we're going to be running
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  • MWO: Leadership Tournament

    MWO: Leadership Tournament

    BWC-MWO will be holding a drop-leader tournament and EpicOp on Dec. 16 @ 14:00 EST to celebrate the leadership over the last year of Highplainsdrifter, CommEE, Piddles and those that stood up to make MWO as successful as it is.

    Participants will gather in a private lobby for one of three games modes:

    The Good (where players can run any mech).
    The Bad (where players must all run the same trial mech).
    The Ugly (where all players run the same mech, and
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  • Battle: BWC officially welcomes Destiny 2 to the fold!

    Battle: BWC officially welcomes Destiny 2 to the fold!

    BWC is proud to announce our official support of Destiny 2 as a game company under Battle Division! Kilmark, a two-year veteran of our ArmA III regiment, will be our new Destiny 2 OIC and tasked with BWC's mission in protecting the Last City and its inhabitants. Join us starting December 5th for an EpicOp to celebrate our Destiny 2 game company and the release of the first of two new expansions, Curse of Osiris! Kilmark will also be doing a GAME GIVEAWAY during the EpicOp, so now's...
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  • Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Byronius Monk

    Destiny 2 Gambit Tournament

    Thanks to the Drifter, the Guardians of BWC have been acquiring new armor sets to play Gambit in Destiny 2. Whether it be a Reaper, Sentry, Collector or Invader Set, it is time to put those armor sets to the test. Using the new Private Gambit Matches feature, the Destiny 2 Regiment lead by KayLous and dwk001, have announced an internal BWC Gambit Tournament to be...
    17 April 19, 11:31
  • Directive 51 Activated – BWC Agents Respond!

    Written by: L A V A
    Art by: Byronius Monk


    As the Green Poison runs rampant wrecking havoc in its wake, a collapse of the Strategic Homeland Division's (SHD) Command and Control System sparked a distress call from Washington, D.C. In response, the President activated Directive 51 for all agents of the Division to move to secure the Nation's Capital. Here at BWC many of those covert agents...
    15 April 19, 07:33

    Written By: L A V A
    Art By: Chephen


    In a stunning surprise, forces of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China launched a successful attack on the West Coast of the Continental United States. Although the PLA continues to advance in some sectors, Higher Authority tasked BWC to prepare an Operational Plan (OPLAN) code named "Homefront" to regain the initiative. This plan has been approved and the Operational...
    10 April 19, 06:11
  • 2019 Birthday Bash - 6 April 2019

    Birthdays. Ugh. I hate them. I’d much rather be playing a game at my PC with a drink and some snacks. So I suppose if we’re going to have to have a birthday for BWC, at least we get to play games doing it! YAY! BWC’s annual Birthday Bash is coming up, and this time, it’s different! A scheduled itinerary of events is available below, and you are all invited! Make sure you’ve got your browser pointed at our Twitch channel, where Phalanx will be conducting events throughout...
    27 March 19, 13:59
  • Happy Holidays 2018

    Happy Holidays!

    It is the holiday season once again. This includes many events that will be occurring within games to celebrate that holiday spirit. So grab that present from the winter veil tree or cook those random cookies for the Sleigh Sparrow. Have fun and enjoy these holidays. To everyone in BWC have a great Christmas, Hanakkuh, New Year, or any other happy event/holiday.

    25 December 18, 17:06
  • In loving memory of Rich "Mischief" Stark
    Title: In loving memory of Rich "Mischief" Stark

    Black Widow Company has always been more than just a gaming community, it’s a family. So it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Rich "Mischief" Stark, one of our very own. For the last six years he was living with Multiple Myeloma. This never slowed him down, or stopped him playing games and enjoying life. He joined...
    01 December 18, 17:08