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Black Widow Company help


Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I apply to BWC?

Welcome to Black Widow Company and thanks for looking into joining us! You are here for one or more reasons -- most likely, you saw our battlefield shenanigans and wanted to be with a top-notch team. Or perhaps you saw one of our recruitment posts where we told you how bad-ass it is being in BWC! Quite possibly you were invited or you know someone who games with us. Maybe you heard about our reputation and had to see this for yourself.

There's a little bit of required reading because we do not just allow anyone into our ranks. If you read this entire thing and agree that this is the place for you, feel free to apply. BWC is not for everyone -- we don't ask for 24/7 commitment, but we do expect loyalty, teamwork, discipline, and effort. You are volunteering to become part of an elite group of gamers whose sole purpose is to find targets and destroy them. Our application is fairly lengthy and in-depth -- you are not joining BWC for just a game, you are joining a community that believes in, and practices,"Excellence in Gaming." For this reason, applications that are not completely and correctly filled out will receive a prompt from one of our admins. If it doesn't get filled out to our satisfaction, we won't waste any more time and will deny your application.

If you're applying to be a recruit for BWC in any of our games, then your first stop on the forums is this FAQ. Failure to read this entry and the related recruiting ones, and adhere to it all, will very likely result in your application being noted, locked, and filed away for future reference. We're not here to zerg and we're not here to take everyone. We are selective in our recruitment. A little bit of intelligence and effort goes a long way, and that's what we want in our recruits (and following instructions is a win/win for everyone).

Currently, we do not allow guests access to our forums. We are a private group, and there isn't anything on this forum for general public consumption. If your name is pink, this is the only board you can see. This means you are a registered visitor. You are here either to apply for membership in BWC or you are a visitor to our forums. Please understand that our forums are an important communication tool and are here strictly for members and certain esteemed colleagues. As such, you will be incredibly limited in what you can view until such time as you achieve one of the previously-mentioned statuses.

Things to pay special attention to (aside from this post):

  • One, the BWC Expectations of Recruitment. If you can't agree to these terms, DO NOT submit an application. Be on your merry way.
  • Two, the instructions that we provide to you after you post.
  • Three, during this 2-week trial period, we are watching to see if you are a fit. You will be required to attend a BWC Orientation and attend at least one operation with BWC. If you are unable to complete these simple requirements within the two-week period you will be pink-named. Communication is a two-way street. If there are extenuating circumstances that will preclude you from completing evaluation during the two-week period, such as military duty/drill, illness, or your internet got shut off because you didn't pay your light bill, please post a Leave of Absence via OpServ (click the "Your Jacket" link).

When you are prepared to apply, please use the "Join BWC" button at the top of the forums!