Black Widow Company was officially founded in February of 2003 by four active-duty military guys stationed at Fort Meade Maryland. Traditionally, the BWC birthday had been celebrated as 01 April 2003, though the core members had been playing various shooters whilst wearing a [BWC] tag well before this. The founding member and first CO of BWC was BlackWidow, hence the name. BWC was formed with the premise of playing Planetside when it was beyond the Alpha stage. In the meanwhile, the team played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Battlefield:1942 in order to start building a teamwork base and get a feel for each other's playstyle.


A BWC member's PS1 Loadout
  • The original website went live on April 1st 2003, located at blackwidowcompany dot com.
  • Planetside launched with its retail release in May of 2003. By this time, BWC was well-known as a force to be reckoned with, and for its military-like organization and teamwork.
  • BlackWidow disappeared from the game and was notoriously absent from his little cubicle. Eventually Kazba, the acting CO, forced BlackWidow to turn over command to him. Firefly took over as BWC XO.
  • Kazba had to take a leave of absence to perform military duties so the outfit was left to Firefly, who served as Acting Commander.
  • BWC's ranks grew to roughly 200 people, most of them die-hard Planetside players. At this point, BWC opened its doors to Star Wars: Galaxies, and a separate platoon was formed for this new game.
  • Hard feelings arose between the members of SWG and Planetside, due to feelings that SWG players had betrayed them and abandoned them. Harsh words were exchanged, and a split occurred. The original website disappeared and a second website was developed from scratch.
  • The outfit's membership dropped to 32 official members with Brashin as CO. The SOP was created and the "Three Strikes" rule is put into place. Brashin eventually stepped down due to inactivity from an intense load of schoolwork in November 2003, and GrimReaper took over as CO.


  • Under GrimReaper, BWC rebuilt its ranks to 160+ people.
  • The initial Promotion Points system was created.
  • The Operations Server 1.0 was programmed.
  • The Legion of Honor was created
  • The first Fruit Salad display was created.
  • PS2 Task Forces were created.
  • Firefly took over as outfit leader and CO at the beginning of November 2004 when GrimReaper resigned


  • Task Forces were suspended with the brief rise in intense competition between task forces. Many members felt that they only knew people in their task force as opposed to across the entire outfit. This led to a disjointed effort at playing, and coordination and teamwork suffered greatly.
  • BWC adopts the policy of "Every Soldier a Rifleman First", and required Medium Assault to be in the certification list of every player. Task Forces eventually returned, though not with as much fanfare and with stricter guidelines. The playerbase began to rebuild the outfit, and things began to look up.
  • BWC brought in a second game, Battlefield 2, and the outfit was broken into Platoons and designated a Company. Each platoon served as home to a game.
  • BWC took part in several tournaments and ladder tourneys, placing third in the TGL series and placing highly (2nd and 3d place) in multiple other BF2 tourneys. BWC pioneered one of the tactics that began to dominate the TGL/BF2 tourneys.


  • BWC reworked the Planetside task forces and made them more specialty-oriented.
  • The Planetside branch was brought to full company status.
  • BWC filmed an "outfit movie" in Planetside, which won second place in a developer-sponsored contest.
  • BWC attended SOE's 2006 "Fan Faire", where eight of its members were among the eleven attendees who came just for Planetside.
  • BWC created a prototype scrimmage system using the Test Server (which it used in the ULTRA Alliance), which led to the implementation of "Outfit Wars" - a combat system in Planetside where outfits competed against each other in ladder matches.


  • BWC officially closed its doors to Planetside in early 2007.
  • BWC moved to EVE Online and BF2142, and began looking towards Huxley and Lost Colony as its next "main game.”
  • BWC entered Pirates of the Burning Sea at the beginning of Stress Test 2 and began recruiting.
  • In October of 2007 BWC held its first annual "real-life" get-together at Splat Brothers Paintball Park in Hopewell Virginia.


BWC Members of the Paintball Regiment
  • BWC ends its support for PotBS shortly after live retail launch
  • BWC entered Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (WAR or Warhammer Online) in August.
  • BWC began actively fielding large paintball teams at least twice a year, most prominently at West Point Military Academy's bi-annual Combat Classic.
  • BWC applies the same tactics and mentality at paintball scenarios that it does in online gaming. Its penchant for small-unit tactics, unconventional warfare and fluid mobile warfare has driven the Company to acquire three highly-sought Most Valuable Team awards and numerous recognition at multiple fields.
  • The Company's services have been sought by several "generals" when they hear that BWC is coming to their game.
  • Toward the end of 2008, an internal coup d'etat by five BWC members - Fohmyn, Rabbit, Wavern, Tasorin, and Talfaras occurred.
  • Firefly steps down as CO and returned to the ranks of the Legionnaires.
  • This lasted two weeks before a counter-coup effectively removed the new leadership and reinstated the old leadership.
  • As a result of all of this stupid-ass drama, BWC changed websites again, losing a bulk of its legacy and background information.


  • Website, OpServ and Fruit Salad are overhauled and updated.
  • BWC begins dominance at the West Point Combat Classic paintball game.
  • Toward the beginning of 2010, the gaming world was rocked by three critical revelations: Planetside was going to have a "sequel", Planetside 2; the world of MechWarrior would see a new MechWarrior online game; and Bioware was developing a Star Wars MMO.
  • BWC quickly adopted a preparation strategy for these games and began a campaign of information collection, learning as much about all the games as possible.


Members of TF Ranger hold Ranger Hill
  • OpServ, Personnel Jackets and the FruitSalad signature display banner are integrated into one application.
  • BWC actively participates twice a year in "Community Gatherings" where members meet up and play a weekend 26-hr Paintball scenario. Many of the members are friends in real life and thus unofficial ad hoc gatherings occur all the time. These gatherings can be found in the board marked "Team BWC Paintball". BWC has earned the Most Valuable Team for two years in a row at Splat Brothers park in Hopewell Virginia and has won the MVT award at West Point Combat Classic. Routinely members will meet for big scenario games, such as D-Day at Hogback Mountain in Hopewell Virginia or West Point Combat Classic in New York.
  • At the end of March, specifically 31 March and 01 April, BWC brought home its fourth Most Valuable Team award from the 25th anniversary Combat Classic game. BWC fielded (at the time) its largest team yet, and a significant portion of the team were first-time paintballers, lending credence to BWC's style of play.
  • Beginning in the summer of 2012, Black Widow Company began ramping up for MechWarrior Online and Planetside 2 beta. Dur13l was selected to lead the Planetside 2 game division, and Curon Hifor took the lead with MechWarrior Online, turning the entire game division from a company-strength unit all the way into a full-blown 'Mech regiment.
  • MWO produced three Legionnaires in very short order: Curon Hifor, Guido, and Thornn. They blew the doors off with recruitment. Three combat battalions in the North American area were in full operation 24hrs a day. A fourth combat battalion was in operation in the EU/UK region. A fifth battalion, for casual players and new recruits, was also in operation. The MWO regiment experienced growing pains but persevered, and has successfully competed in several MWO tournaments.
  • On the PS2 side of the house, task forces were beginning to coalesce and take shape, and BWC began re-devising its combat doctrine. Shortly before the end of PS2 open beta, Dur13l linked up with Sony Online Entertainment and began forging a working relationship with them that would include producing video content for the game.
  • This working relationship not only provided a massive publicity blitz that saw millions of hits across over twenty websites, and spawned a series of professionally-done videos from the PS2 developers, but it also opened the door to working relationships with Piranha Games (MechWarrior Online), Cloud Imperium Gaming (Star Citizen), and Trion Worlds (Defiance).
  • Under Dur13l's guidance, Planetside trainings were developed and revised to reflect the new game mechanics of PS2. Standards were instituted, and the bar was raised.
  • BWC members develop an API tool, a real-time map intelligence tool, and a LEAD program designed to train members in the fine arts of squad, platoon, and operation leading.
  • BWC develops “S-Shops” a full-blown support staff structure. Initial shops were S-1, S-2, S-3, S-6 and PAO. BWC has since both consolidated and expanded the S-Shop system as our needs have evolved.
  • BWC fields another scenario paintball team for West Point Combat Classic, securing our 5th Most Valuable Team award.


Members of BWC at the Planetside Live event in Los Angeles
  • Planetside 2 featured a live event in Los Angeles. NC and VS outfits were asked to work together and each faction was to field a ten-person team from several big-name outfits. Black Widow Company was asked to field a ten-man team for the Terran Republic.
  • Star Citizen stood up as Game Regiment.
  • SOE once again called on Black Widow Company to film portions of Terran Republic action for its industry-wide announcement that Planetside 2 was coming to the Playstation 4.
  • BWC active member count reaches over one thousand active players in three game divisions.
  • BWC Target Lock Cancer event is successful and launches BWC philanthropic brand – Play To Give Back. BWC raises over $16k for St. Judes Childrens Cancer Research.
  • BWC scenario paintball team secures its sixth Most Valuable Team award in five years of attending the West Point Combat Classic.
  • BWC adopts “One Team, One Fight” as it’s operational motto.
  • CIG invites a BWC unit to their office for the Jump to LA event. BWC is given a tour of the CIG offices, and allowed access to upcoming models and material.
  • CIG joins BWC in it’s veterans day fundraiser, matching our contributions.
  • BWC sends a delegation to PAX and launches its veterans in gaming panel, joined by Chris Roberts, Trammel Isaac, and BWC members.
  • BWC turns 10 years old!


Publicity Poster for the Be A Hero Fundraising Event
  • Firefly appoints Miki Rei as BWC XO and Pyras as BWC CSM.
  • BWC Attend Paintball event at Splat Brothers and has a huge turnout of over 30 members.
  • BWC launches operation Z-Com to raise money for Firefly’s live action movie Endeavor.
  • BWC continues its PAX attendance with another panel at Pax East.
  • BWC CO Firefly is found in violation of SOP and awarded his third strike. As XO Miki Rei is appointed interim BWC CO.
  • Leadership council is formed and it’s first act is to confirm Miki Rei as BWC CO. Baa is appointed as BWC XO and Pyras retains position as CSM.
  • BWC 2.0 “Excellence in Gaming” implemented with new TS, Age, Discipline and SOP policies.
  • Childs play and Extra 4 Life philanthropy events launch successfully.
  • BWC Sponsors an Honor Flight for 25 WWII and Korean War Veterans. All costs covered by BWC and our industry partners as part of our Philanthropic operation.
  • Vanguard Regiment program is developed to open new opportunities for BWC in games not explored.
  • ARMA3 stood up, after completing the Vanguard stand up process.


  • Finance department is re-organized into ORDO to support BWC’s outreach initiatives.
  • SWTOR stood up as a full game regiment after completing the Vanguard Process.
  • Fruit salad improvements made and OPSERV redesigned by Necrophyte to support more automation of awards and easier access of information.
  • PS2 Teams up with 4ACES to participate in St. Judes Play Live charity event.
  • BWC Concludes its first annual One Team One Fight Legendary Operation and members come together to recognize that this organizations true focus is on community achievement.
  • The PAO Team develops BWC’s first attempt at a regular Podcast.


  • World of Warcraft Regiment stood up as a full game regiment.
  • SWTOR Regiment stood down as a regiment.
  • BWC Beta Program is developed to help foster involvement with industry partners.
  • BWC Twitch sponsorship with is launched.
  • OPSERV is again upgraded by Necrophyte with a focus on including more in depth reporting functionality to aid game regiments with administration.
  • BWC Training Library established on OPSERV to remove all training administration from google docs and ensure continuity.
  • Promotion points system removed in favor of merit-based promotion system.
  • S-1 and S-6 are combined into a single support shop called Operations.
  • Wake the Jake Philanthropic event is completed to aid a member in need.
  • Mechwarrior Online Stood down as Game Regiment.
  • Legionnaires host the first annual BWC Summer Bash Legendary Operation and launches BWC’s renewed focus on Social Media presence.
  • Second annual One Team One Fight Legendary Operation is concluded.


  • BWC 3.0 is rolled out. Regimental structure is removed and replaced with Battle, Warfare, and Conquest Divisions.
  • Website is overhauled and brought up to VB 5 by our Operations team led by Necrophyte.
  • OPSERV is again overhauled to run seamlessly with the upgraded site.
  • Miki Rei stands down from BWC CO, and Streetwise is voted in as CO by the Leadership Council.
  • GEO is reformed into The Vanguard, creating a process in which new games can be quickly adopted into BWC.
  • Planetside 2 returns to full regimental status under the leadership of Metadrax and Changun.
  • Operations splits back into S-1 and S-6
  • Streetwise stands down from BWC CO, and Allisaria is voted up as BWC CO


  • The Vanguard system for standing up and down games continues to be active, standing up Destiny 2 to regimental status within several months of the regiment being re-introduced to BWC.
  • Allisaria is removed as BWC CO, and the Legion of Honour is removed from BWC from a perceived coup by BWC Senior C&S
  • Necrophyte is voted in as the new BWC CO
  • BWC Summer Bash returns this year
  • A strong effort to review and revamp aging internal documentation is led by Rectorol
  • Necrophyte stands down from BWC Actual, and Rectorol is voted in, assigning Xzenocrimzie and DarkVoidBoy as his XO and CSM respectively.


  • A process of reviewing and updating archaic, sometimes 3-4 year old policy begins to help clarify and solidify processes within BWC for an easier and less clouded C&S Corps.
  • Vanguard is retasked to handle major BWC events, the first of which being the 2019 BWC Birthday Bash in April.
  • The tri-ranking system of Army, Marine, and Navy is voted to be removed, and BWC returns to a single ranking system for all its staff and members. The community voted on which ranking structure will define BWC going forward, and US Army won the vote.
  • The Division 2 jumps to Regimental status with a strong BWC presence and a very successful release of the game.
  • Vanguard and PAO are merged into the new S-9 Civil Affairs Office, responsible for all inward and outward facing publicity and events.